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Example sentences for "brawled"

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bravoes; bravos; bravura; braw; brawl; brawler; brawlers; brawling; brawls; brawly
  1. And to us, poor fugitives, even these were less cruel than the thickets at the very head where the river brawled into the loch with a sullen surrender of its mountain independence.

  2. If she love him--" To the left a little stream brawled through frosty meadows; to the right rose a low hill black with cedars.

  3. Below brawled the Shenandoah, just to the east sprang the Massanuttens.

  4. Towards them brawled the impetuous stream through a wonderful gorge.

  5. Cary brought water from the brook that brawled at the foot of the steep hillside, and Unity wet the brow and lips of the unconscious man, but he had given no sign of life when the relief party arrived from Fontenoy.

  6. A delicious coolness proceeded from the water, which in some parts brawled over stones or rippled fleetly over white sand, and in others glided softly over blue pools of considerable depth.

  7. But almost the tall man got up and brawled miscellaneous information.

  8. A man and a dog came from the laurel thickets of the valley where the white brook brawled with the rocks.

  9. Having crossed the moor, I came rather abruptly upon a convent, overhanging a deep ravine, at the bottom of which brawled a rapid stream.

  10. And no trees like those in the Vale of Towy, and no waters that brawled and foamed like thy mountain brooks, and no music like the twanging of thy bardic harps, and no birds sang so sweet, and no flowers bloomed so fair.

  11. On leaving the Council Hall, Pabo tarried but for a few minutes in converse with Howel, and then ascended the glen down which brawled the Annell.

  12. Soon they plunged deeper and deeper into the woods by a narrow path, descending till they reached one branch of the Baraudee, which, foaming and dashing amidst rocks, brawled on its way to the plain.

  13. There was tumult in the streets, where soldiers brawled with citizens and enraged their hosts by insults.

  14. Chapter II Dante, the Divine Poet There were still Guelfs and Ghibellines in 1265, but the old names had partially lost their meaning in the Republic of Florence, where the citizens brawled daily, one faction against the other.

  15. Mountain streams came plunging, headlong down the ravines, or brawled along through stony channels beside the winding way.

  16. Beyond the curve that swept San Pablo into the past a stream brawled down out of the hills.

  17. The night was fine but dark; in places a thin, low-lying mist that hung over the meadows obscured the hedgerows, and it grew more dense as Herbert approached the river, which brawled noisily among the stones.

  18. By and by they ran down into a narrow dale in the depths of which a river brawled among the stones, and climbed a long ascent, from which they could see a moving dust-cloud indicating that Mrs. Kettering's car was only a mile or two behind.

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