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Example sentences for "brawling"

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braw; brawl; brawled; brawler; brawlers; brawls; brawly; brawn; brawny; braws
  1. Nor did the Chippewa come in empty-handed; he had killed not only a buck, but he had knocked over a bear in his rambles, besides taking a mess of famously fine trout from a brawling stream at no great distance.

  2. Fortunately, the cabin of Whiskey Centre stood on the brow of a sharp descent, at the bottom of which ran a brawling brook.

  3. Such a canyon was the Royal Gorge of the Arkansas; in one portion an iron bridge hangs suspended from strong supports fixed in the solid walls, and the train glides along it, swaying as in a hammock, over the brawling river.

  4. Bryant's River" is a brawling little stream which flows through a very picturesque region.

  5. So Thunderbolt began to abuse the Roman Catholics generally, and the priests particularly, and that brawling bigot Johnny Hughes most particularly.

  6. Anon it traced the crooked windings of some brawling mountain stream through thicket tangles where, you would think, no woman-ridden horse could penetrate.

  7. But in the interval the scene had shifted from the open savanna to a thinly set grove of oaks with the stream brawling through the midst.

  8. But, brawling wolves, you cannot bite the moon, For Sylla lives, so forward to revenge, As woe to those that sought to do me wrong.

  9. You saw in Rome this brawling fencer die, When Spectacus by Crassus was subdued.

  10. Again the brawling stream and the whispering leaves fill the gap of silence; and as before, Lansdale is the first to speak.

  11. Yet wrong hath risen to blast his praise; Breath of injustice, breathed from men insane, Who seek in brawling strain The echo of his virtues mild to drown, And with their violent deeds eclipse the days Of his serene renown.

  12. Low in the glen, Down which a little stream hath furrow'd deep 'Tween meeting birchen boughs, a shelvy channel, And brawling mingles with the western tide.

  13. You may be thrown among the gay and reckless sons of life, But will not love the revel scene or head the brawling strife.

  14. I counsel thee to rein up thy brawling humour, lest I curb it for thee!

  15. A fountain bubbles forth at the top of the mountain; its brawling waters leap down into the valley, where they are received into an aqueduct, and thus conducted into a large and populous city, to supply the wants of its inhabitants.

  16. Around us, in the depth of the woods, the noise of the torrents was mingled with the wild harmony of the brawling winds, that seemed to blow from every point of the compass.

  17. The Achaeans were angry and disgusted, yet none the less he kept on brawling and bawling at the son of Atreus.

  18. Lamb confesses to a brief sojourn in the stocks at Barnet for brawling on Sunday, an incident for the broad truth of which we have the testimony of his friend Brook Pulham.

  19. Here brawling and the shuffling of rude feet are eternal.

  20. Nothing but restraint would keep him at a distance from the haunts of brawling and debauchery.

  21. The path sloped up gently before me, with a thick hedge upon my right, and, after crossing a brawling stream, lost itself in the small wood or coppice, that crowned the ascent.

  22. Where naked ignorance Delivers brawling judgments all day long On all things unashamed.

  23. I would deliver "brawling judgments all day long; on all things unashamed.

  24. But this is a sad story about Lenny brawling and fighting on the Sabbath-day.

  25. Nor was it till a brawling stream came foaming down on the right, and the river took a twist south-west, that it dawned on them that they were on the Tavy.

  26. Two brawling rivers, the East and the West Ockments, dance down from the moors and unite at the town; and if each be followed upwards scenes of rare wildness and picturesque beauty will be found.

  27. At the head of the marsh stands Steeperton Tor, 1739 feet, rising boldly above the marsh, with the Taw brawling down a slide of rock and rubble on the right.

  28. The maintenance of order in a church or other place of worship, whether Divine service is being performed or not, and in a churchyard or burial-place, is also provided for by the Act against brawling passed in 1860.

  29. A clergyman can be proceeded against for brawling either under that Act or in the Church courts as an ecclesiastical offender.

  30. Thus things Down to the vilest lees of brawling mobs Succumbed, whilst each man sought unto himself Dominion and supremacy.

  31. And a good water-supply, pumped from Rat River, a brawling mountain stream that flows just south of the town, has encouraged the care of lawns and trees.

  32. Leaving Scott in the trees, the little party trotted smartly up the road, picking their way through the pools and across the brawling streams that tore over the trail toward Duke Morgan's place.

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