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  1. If physical coercion were unlawful, a conscienceless nation would take advantage of this at the expense of other nations, and thus a premium would be set on iniquity.

  2. According to natural law, violence invalidates a contract, unless we suppose that it is only concomitant, as when Sempronius uses coercion to make Balbus sign a contract which Balbus is really willing to sign.

  3. Wayne, who had lived his life so far with a woman who did not believe in the use of force in human relations, viewed these symptoms of coercion with the utmost indifference; but Mathilde had not so far freed herself as to ignore them.

  4. She had even loved it, but she had loved it when he had seemed to her a superior being; coercion from one who only yesterday had been under the dominion of nerves and nurses was intolerable to her.

  5. She had never rebelled against coercion from Vincent.

  6. Bismarck therefore acted as "honest-broker" between his two allies; and it has yet to be proved that Bismarck did not sincerely work with the two other Empires to make the coercion of Turkey by the civilised Powers irresistibly strong.

  7. Even the problem of coercion will go on to solve itself without our aid.

  8. If I may repeat a phrase already much abused, we are under coercion to do one of them; and we have no power, by the exercise of our discretion, to prevent the consequences of a choice.

  9. It is neither just nor manly to complain that the treaty-making power has produced this coercion to act.

  10. Petitions against coercion were presented from London, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, and other trading towns, and were virtually shelved.

  11. Chatham had repeatedly declared that it was impossible for us to conquer them; yet he proposed that if his basis were rejected we should use coercion after putting ourselves at a disadvantage by withdrawing our army.

  12. Among all these different views, the one which raises the deepest issue is the Anarchist contention that all coercion by the community is unnecessary.

  13. It is to be suspected that Syndicalists also, much as they object to the existing State, would not object to coercion of individuals in an industry by the Trade Union in that industry.

  14. Parts of his speech, and particularly his peroration, seemed far more suitable to a Coercion Bill than to a measure which is designed, however imperfectly, to grant Home Rule to Ireland.

  15. Drop coercion by all means, but "let the murderers begin.

  16. As if to prove that British statesmanship can never in this respect set aside precedent even for once, Mr. Montagu's proposals have been followed by a measure of coercion unique even for India.

  17. In that respect India is feeling the reaction of world forces and no amount of political coercion or repression can stop it.

  18. It is not possible even if the legislature devotes all its sittings to the drafting and passing of one hundred coercion acts.

  19. That the country is no longer prepared to let measures of coercion pass and take effect without making their protest and dislike known to the authorities in a manner, the significance of which may not be open to misunderstanding.

  20. The lessons of history make it clear that the most effective way to prevent its falling into channels of violence is to have as little recourse to coercion as may be consistent with the preservation of general order and peace.

  21. The only question is, Shall it be a coercion of law, or a coercion of arms?

  22. No coercion is applicable to such bodies, but that of an armed force.

  23. But this legal coercion singles out the guilty individual, and punishes him for breaking the laws of the Union.

  24. Where will those who oppose a coercion of law come out?

  25. I am for coercion by law; that coercion which acts only upon delinquent individuals.

  26. The grievances and protests of the workers aroused no response save the ever-active one of contumely, coercion and violent reprisals.

  27. But a far more powerful engine of repression was the coercion exercised by employers in forcing their workers to remain submissive on instant peril of losing their jobs.

  28. It was purely as a means of blackmailing coercion that he started a steamship line to California to compete with the Harris and the Sloo interests.

  29. Crime was rife and to remedy the serious state of affairs a stringent Coercion Bill was introduced by the government.

  30. Coercion was a word perfectly comprehended there--a drastic dose which never failed.

  31. Then Mr. Gladstone showed the necessity of the Coercion Act from the condition of Ireland, where during the past year there had been a great increase of crime, and the outrages were agrarian, and not connected with the distress.

  32. After paying a glowing tribute to John Bright, and expressing an earnest desire for his recovery to health, he condemned the Coercion Act.

  33. But while passing the Coercion Act, Mr. Gladstone accompanied it by a great and beneficial measure--a second Irish Land Bill, which instituted a court for the purpose of dealing with the differences between landlord and tenant.

  34. What we can avoid by the Poll of the People is coercion by the minority.

  35. Here is how I ended it: Conciliation or Coercion was the cry everywhere.

  36. The mixture of coercion and cajolery which Mr. Lloyd George knew so well how to employ in his Radical days, in order to induce the House of Commons to accept his various measures, was particularly abhorrent to us.

  37. The criminal is treated according to the same maxim as that of his action--that coercion is allowable.

  38. The same system of espionage and coercion prevails there; especially since that fatal proclamation has sown distrust between master and slave, it is hard to say how many spies there may be in any man's household.

  39. If further proof were needed of the Southern sympathy prevalent in Baltimore, such would be found in the measures of coercion and prevention employed by General Schenck, when Lee's army was thought dangerously near.

  40. Herein lies the impossibility of compromise and the necessity of coercion and constraint; one must think so and so, there is no other way.

  41. Some monarchs might have preferred to lose a crown rather than be forced into political concession under coercion of an invading army.

  42. He no doubt keenly regretted the officiousness of the sailors who had defeated James's first attempt at flight, and resolved to do all in his power short of downright physical coercion to induce him to repeat the attempt.

  43. Freycinet seems to shrink from the idea that actual coercion may be required, but his only distinct limit to the action of France is that she will not do more than England.

  44. Finally, the resources of diplomacy becoming exhausted, a policy of coercion was decided upon, and an international fleet assembled off the coast of Albania in the month of September, under the command of Admiral Sir Beauchamp Seymour.

  45. Waddington suggests as a means of coercion against the Khedive that MM.

  46. To meet the growing power of the Land League, Mr. Forster demanded a Coercion Bill, and after long struggles in the Cabinet he prevailed.

  47. We who have been through the mill know what the effect of coercion is.

  48. Lang might be offended, even shocked by the action of those who claimed to be England's garrison in Ireland; but they would be very slow to use force against such a section, although quite ready to justify coercion of the Irish majority.

  49. I will go further and admit that there is one condition which would justify in my mind His Majesty's Government in running the risk of the forcible coercion of Ulster.

  50. You are going to enact a Coercion Bill against the peasantry and the tenantry, and my object is, that you should turn to the landlords, and enact a Coercion Bill against them.

  51. This party being of opinion that there was sufficient necessity for the Government Coercion Bill were in "great difficulty to find a plausible pretext for opposing it.

  52. The speech was a bold denunciation of the system of evictions, carried out by Irish landlords, to which O'Connell attributed the murders the Government relied on, to justify them in bringing forward the Coercion Bill.

  53. The Peel Government was defeated on the Irish Coercion Act on the 25th of June, and the Duke of Wellington and Sir Robert Peel announced their resignation on the 29th in the Upper and Lower Houses respectively.

  54. Sir Robert Peel's defeat on the Irish Coercion Bill made it a matter of course that Lord John Russell, the leader of the Opposition, should be called upon to form a Government.

  55. Neither was it the result of chance or good fortune; it was solely brought about by the nice calculation of the anti-Corn Law party, who had resolved to prolong the debate on the Coercion Act until the Corn Bill would be passed.

  56. But this was only the old stereotyped liberality of a beaten minister--beaten on an Irish Coercion Act--speaking by anticipation from the Opposition benches, and endeavouring to plant thorns in the path of his successful rival.

  57. He quoted Parliamentary reports to prove what tyrannical use had been made of the powers conferred by Coercion Acts, and he enumerated those passed since 1801, under some of which trial by jury was abolished.

  58. Here we have male coercion at its height; law and government wholly arbitrary.

  59. I entirely agree with you in believing that children should be governed by reason, and that coercion is a mistake; but how would you suggest dealing with a child before it can possibly understand reason?

  60. He marked the allusion to the man supposed to have been killed in the skirmish with the raiders, and he appraised its value as coercion in any altercation that he might have in seeking to take Leander from his present guardians.

  61. Nor is there any such thing as coercion or compulsion when God, in conversion, bestows faith and a good will upon man.

  62. There was no coercion or compulsion involved when God, creating Adam, Eve, and the angels, endowed them with a good will.

  63. The impossibility of being able to will otherwise than one really wills, does, according to Flacius, not at all involve coercion or compulsion.

  64. This, however, does not imply that God is not able to create or restore a good will without coercion or compulsion.

  65. Luther: "But pray, are we disputing now concerning coercion and force?

  66. But the latter replied: As far as his own powers are concerned, the natural will of man indeed sins and resists inevitably and of necessity (voluntas repugnat necessario et inevitabiliter), but not by coercion or compulsion.

  67. However, as stated, also in Electoral Saxony coercion was not employed.

  68. We expected, too, some effect from coercion of interest.

  69. Municipal regulation was merely the cloak, beneath which France concealed her military coercion of states helpless against her policy.

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