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Example sentences for "hypochondria"

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  1. The phobias are so closely allied to hypochondria that it will not be out of place to discuss them here.

  2. The victim of hypochondria may present the picture of health, or may have some real ill regarding which he is unduly anxious.

  3. This does not, however, preclude his having had hypochondria also, and in view of the violent and reiterated complaints running through his letters it seems quite credible that Froude's estimate of his condition was not far wrong.

  4. For me this malady came in the hypochondria which was misery not less real because at the end of the ends I knew it to be the exaggeration of an apprehension without ground in reality.

  5. I was still sometimes haunted by the hypochondria which had once blackened my waking hours with despair; I dare say I was always overworking, and bringing my fear upon me out of the exhaustion of my nerves.

  6. To fits of hypochondria and deep dejection he had, as he himself tells us, been subject from his earliest manhood, and he attributes to overtoil in boyhood this tendency which was probably a part of his natural temperament.

  7. A bibliographical study of such works would probably reveal a larger number of titles in the nineteenth century than in the previous one, but by this time the nature and definition of hypochondria had changed significantly.

  8. Toward the middle of the eighteenth century, hypochondria was so prevalent in people's minds and mouths that it soon assumed the abbreviated name "the hyp.

  9. In the two following Stanzas, the dropsy and hypochondria are beautifully described.

  10. It is evident from many passages in his letters that he had his share of the hypochondria which goes with an imaginative temperament.

  11. In these cases of fatty liver a very considerable mental inquietude, despondency, even hypochondria and melancholia, result.

  12. Hypochondria is undoubtedly closely connected with the constipated habit, and the failure to secure a daily movement becomes the subject of unceasing thought and anxiety.

  13. And it is even possible that a condition of hypochondria bordering on insanity may be brought about by long-continued defective action of the bowels.

  14. On Obscure Abscesses of the Liver, their association with Hypochondria and other Forms of Mental Derangement, and their Treatment.

  15. Since Dittmar's death his attacks of hypochondria had disappeared.

  16. I feel that horrid hypochondria pervading every atom of both body and soul.

  17. My body, too, was attacked by the most dreadful distemper, a hypochondria or confirmed melancholy.

  18. But though the patient knew these facts, his hypochondria persisted, basing itself upon the suicidal wound.

  19. Hypochondria causes a man to be always searching for and racking his brain about things that either irritate or torment him.

  20. Hypochondria shows itself in a perpetual hunting after things that vex and annoy, and then brooding over them.

  21. All the county of Cork was in a commotion to see this extraordinary physician, who certainly operated some very great benefit in cases where the disease was heightened by hypochondria and depression of spirits.

  22. One of the kindest of them whom I know, and I think the most sensible, told me that he had once under his care a lady who was suffering from hypochondria in a severe form.

  23. Burton’s account of the horrors of hypochondria is truly graphic.

  24. Herewith we have the origin of Heathcliffe's miserable hypochondria and monomania--his digging for Catherine in the grave till his spade scraped the coffin, in Wuthering Heights, Chap.

  25. It also shows plainly the connexion of hypochondria with the weather.

  26. When he had become a Methodist, his hypochondria took a religious form, but so did his recovery from hypochondria; both must be set down to the account of his faith, or neither.

  27. It yielded to the remedies to which hypochondria usually yields, air, exercise, sunshine, cheerful society, congenial occupation.

  28. His hypochondria was sure to return, unless he was allowed to set forth.

  29. As was to be expected, the discovery of the microbe of hypochondria gave quite a new direction to the study of the treatment of this disease.

  30. A severe scientific critic might, however, object that the above-mentioned experiment on the influence of high altitude on hypochondria was not pursued long enough to make its negative result absolutely conclusive.

  31. The explanation of the relative rarity of hypochondria is probably to be found in this fact.

  32. We finally know that hypochondria is an infectious disease, caused by a microbe which has been isolated, and named Bacillus niger (A.

  33. The tendency to bite, which characterises hydrophobia, is also encountered in certain forms of hypochondria (Schopenhauer).

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