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Example sentences for "hypochondriacal"

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  1. Under the influence of precocious sexual irritation he becomes hypochondriacal and self-centred, and often suffers, not merely from fanciful fears and fanciful pains, but from actual neuralgia, which is sometimes severe.

  2. To understand what hypochondriac pains are, we must first be familiar with the general character of the hypochondriacal temperament, for the pains are only a subordinate and ever-varying phenomena of the general disease.

  3. Apona before all artificial baths whatsoever in this disease, and would have one nine years affected with hypochondriacal passions fly to them as to a [2976]holy anchor.

  4. I have found (saith he) by experience, that many hypochondriacal melancholy men have been cured by the sole use of clysters," receipts are to be had in him.

  5. Brande both agreed, that the patient's disease was hypochondriacal melancholy.

  6. Of hypochondriacal or windy melancholy are, [Subs.

  7. The upper of the hypocondries, in whose right side is the liver, the left the spleen; from which is denominated hypochondriacal melancholy.

  8. The stomach and mesaraic veins do often concur, by reason of their obstructions, and thence their heat cannot be avoided, and many times the matter is so adust and inflamed in those parts, that it degenerates into hypochondriacal melancholy.

  9. A proper remedy in hypochondriacal cases.

  10. All readers of the novel of the period will recall the hypochondriacal Matt Bramble's tirade against the stench of London air.

  11. Besides, their car had deteriorated to a rattling mass of hypochondriacal metal, and a new one was financially inadvisable.

  12. It was as a concession to his hypochondriacal imagination that he formed the habit of reading in bed--it soothed him.

  13. I was not at all hypochondriacal or fanciful, I think, but that was the moral effect of an interview with him.

  14. I felt far more anxious about her than about her husband, who appeared to me at that moment to be nothing more than a somewhat nervous and hypochondriacal person.

  15. May children are far more cheerful: I never saw a hypochondriacal son of the Spring.

  16. I admit, however, that a hypochondriacal constitution predisposes somewhat to onanism.

  17. It is obvious that onanism, by its depressing effect, aggravates a mind beset with hypochondriacal anxieties.

  18. Hellebore formerly grew in great abundance on the Island of Anticyra, in the Gulf of Corinth: hence Naviga ad Anticyram was a common proverb applied to hypochondriacal persons.

  19. The bruised leaves were believed to cure persons bitten by mad dogs, and the juices of the plant were considered efficacious in complaints of the eyes, and in hypochondriacal cases.

  20. St. John's Wort was by old medical writers deemed of great utility in the cure of hypochondriacal disorders, and B.

  21. What is certain is that for the present my studies, without method and without stint, began to tell upon my health, and that my nerves gave way in all manner of hypochondriacal fears.

  22. It has been a matter of dispute with medical men whether hypochondriacal affections have their origin in the mental or physical portion of the economy.

  23. He never appears to have been free from hypochondriacal disorder.

  24. But as I truly never could succeed, I at last took to laughing at myself, threw away all these hypochondriacal crotchets, and determined to live.

  25. The plant has lost the little credit it once possessed as a remedy for hypochondriacal affections.

  26. Hypochondriacal disorders, under the name of vapours or spleen, were then the fashionable complaint, and as they often presented no definite bodily symptoms they could be readily feigned.

  27. These have been called the prodromal or initial period, which is also, because of the set of symptoms usually most prominent in it, often called the hypochondriacal stage of the disease.

  28. The dried leaves are occasionally used by the hysterical and hypochondriacal as a substitute for China tea.

  29. It is extremely useful in costiveness, with flatulency, occurring in hysterical and hypochondriacal subjects.

  30. He complains that during the Scotch tour in 1803 'Wordsworth's hypochondriacal feelings keep him silent and self-centred.

  31. Hypochondriacal misery is apt to take an intellectual shape.

  32. Is extremely hypochondriacal and shows a marked tendency to exaggeration of actual ills.

  33. They are constantly after the physician with numerous hypochondriacal complaints, such as a nervous heart, digestive disturbances, insomnia, etc.

  34. Gustavus plays at this moment more softly, and his tones arrest my breath which passes over more and more easily into hypochondriacal intensity.

  35. But soon he fell into my own condition and was obliged himself to do one after the other--when we came to a history which put us, namely the whole hypochondriacal committee of safety, to shame; which I nevertheless relate.

  36. I am in hopes that I have taken a turn for the better, and that there may yet be the making of something better than a growling hypochondriacal old invalid about me.

  37. I do not know which hypochondriacal possession was the most depressing.

  38. I have been in rather a hypochondriacal state of mind, and I will see if this course of medicine will drive the seven devils out.

  39. But the old Freiherr declared that it was all hypochondriacal nonsense, and that when the bustle of the outfit and the wedding were over at Tannhagen, the same thing should be begun at Doenninghausen.

  40. Let us have no hypochondriacal complaints,--no morbid self-examinations.

  41. Now hypochondriacal fancies began to torment me, as if I attracted the attention of the people, as if their eyes were turned on my demeanor, to fix it on their memories, to scan and to find fault.

  42. He did not conceal his wish that they would be expeditious with my cure; but one was forced to be specially on one's guard in his presence against hypochondriacal expressions, because he could then become passionate and bitter.

  43. This was [the pleasantest] evening I had spent since my tour; for Wordsworth's hypochondriacal feelings keep him silent and self-centred.

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