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Example sentences for "doldrums"

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  1. We got clear of the doldrums in time, and by then six more of the crew, including the cook, had been bitten, and things looked bad.

  2. How different Christmas in the Doldrums is," said Captain Smith, "from what we are used to have it at home in old England.

  3. If the boats struck for Albemarle they would be in the doldrums all the way; and that means a watery perdition, with winds which are wholly crazy, and blow from all points of the compass at once and also perpendicularly.

  4. Water will now be a scarce article, for as we get out of the doldrums we shall get showers only now and then in the trades.

  5. They ought to be well out of the doldrums now, but they are not.

  6. When the Doldrums burst through the ring of flame, they found them dead where they had fallen, their arms about each other.

  7. Old Mappy Tantrum stood on the table wetting down the Doldrums with hot whiskey.

  8. The Doldrums and the Tantrums never exchanged calls.

  9. Other Doldrums and Tantrums had joined in and the little cabin was soon filled with flying cards.

  10. The globe-girdling belt called the doldrums is 20 degrees wide, and the thread called the equator lies along the middle of it.

  11. By the time we were calmed in the doldrums we were all seasoned seamen; and I never again saw one of the crew seasick.

  12. We had been forty-five days out of the Sandwich Islands, had not sighted any land or a sail, and were in the uncertain doldrums and not half-way to the Marquesas Islands.

  13. Thunder-storms, frequently of great violence, also occur, especially in the Central American region in summer, when the doldrums migrate northward.

  14. It is not very long since it was found out that, by keeping well out of their way, and sailing round 'em, navigators could escape the Doldrums altogether.

  15. Then the shock of tempest comes, and it's only after we're driven out of them that we realize we've been drifting so long in the doldrums of life.

  16. There was none of the doldrums that trip, dodged 'em fair an' square; a topsail breeze to the Cape, and then the fust of the monsoon to the Hugli.

  17. The rains of the Doldrums were not much in evidence; a short shower, flying over the clay-coloured water, might come towards evening.

  18. The threatened heavy rains of the Doldrums had not come; the heavy heat subdued talk at table.

  19. Jim returned to the doldrums with a new resentment.

  20. Gilfoyle was poet enough to enjoy a little extra doldrums at what might have made a longshoreman peevish.

  21. The region of the doldrums varies in breadth from sixty to several hundred miles, and at different seasons shifts its extreme limits between 5 degrees south and 15 degrees north.

  22. The island was no higher; the force of the sea was as boundless as before; the doldrums of the West Indies still hung over the archipelago in storm-brooding calm.

  23. Twelve hundred miles away is the nesting place of storms--storms that rise out of the dead calm of the doldrums and sweep northward, sometimes with a fury that nothing can withstand.

  24. It is seldom that a storm originating in the doldrums moves so far inland as did this one, but it is not, however, unprecedented.

  25. While rolling about helplessly in the dreary doldrums in the atmosphere of a Turkish bath, there was nothing to interest us save the sunrises and sunsets over the monotonous, oily-looking sea.

  26. One of the characteristics of the atmosphere of the doldrums is the opaque appearance of the lower banks of clouds.

  27. I will profit by this warning, and spare my readers too much log of calms and squalls, doldrums and monsoons, and treat them to as little sawdust as possible.

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