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Example sentences for "hopelessness"

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hopefulness; hopeing; hopeless; hopelesse; hopelessly; hopen; hoper; hopes; hopeth; hoping
  1. And then, just as the hopelessness and the helplessness were getting to be almost more than they could bear, the two children suddenly felt that extraordinary shrinking feeling that you always have when you are just going to vanish.

  2. There was that in her tone which showed Cyril, all too plainly, the hopelessness of persuasion.

  3. He struck at Russen with the cutlass, missed him, and, seeing the hopelessness of the attack, was fain to retreat.

  4. This speech from the lips of a man who, but a few minutes before, would have risked his life to obey orders of his officer, did more than an hour's reasoning to convince Maurice Frere of the hopelessness of resistance.

  5. The Campaign of '48 assumes another important aspect, in that Mr. Lincoln took an active part in it; it fixed his ideas on slavery, and impressed him with the utter hopelessness of reconciling the North and South on this question.

  6. On the morning after the final passage of the Kansas-Nebraska Bill, a meeting of the Anti-Nebraska members of Congress was held in Washington, and the general political situation and its hopelessness was fully discussed.

  7. None will be more active than he in labouring for the good, even though he is absolutely free from the feeling of helplessness and hopelessness which so often oppresses those who are striving to help their fellow-men.

  8. So while he sympathizes deeply with all who suffer, he yet realizes what will be the end of that suffering, and so for him despair or hopelessness is impossible.

  9. The rank and file themselves knew the hopelessness of the attack, and yet bravely made three more charges after the first had been nearly annihilated.

  10. This brought General Meade to make a personal examination, after which he agreed with General Warren as to the hopelessness of the attempt.

  11. Therefore his hopelessness took the form of silent submission to the inevitable.

  12. For an instant the outlaw gathered himself up for a rush, with a view to sell his life dearly, and he had even begun to draw one of his hands out of the manacles, when the folly and hopelessness of the attempt struck him.

  13. He continued to load and fire; his condition of hopelessness and gloom was pitiable; death seemed to him long in coming.

  14. It was an utter breakdown of the nervous system, sweeping everything before it, one of those sudden lapses into hopelessness to which he was so subject, in which he despised himself and all the world.

  15. The timid counsel is enforced by two considerations: the danger of remaining a mark for the stealthy foe and the nobler thought of the hopelessness of resistance, and therefore the quixotism of sacrificing one's self in a prolongation of it.

  16. I confess, I had thought of attempting to persuade Lucy to receive my own necklace as the memorial of Grace, but, a little reflection satisfied me of the hopelessness of success, and nothing had been said on the subject.

  17. Tears, as large as heavy drops of rain, too, were trembling on the long silken eye-lashes, while the very attitude of the precious girl denoted hopelessness and grief!

  18. Yet it all seemed to me so futile, despite the wonder of his personality, that I could make nothing of him, and though always fascinated by his character I was held back from exploiting it, because of the hopelessness of it all.

  19. But his eyes had the look of the not-wanted; there was a hopelessness in them which would have spoken volumes to an acute observer.

  20. But the citizens were no longer disinterested, no longer wrapped in hopelessness and dull misery.

  21. The interest of the recent interview and the excitement of the night slowly died away, leaving Laodice in the dead hopelessness of weary despair.

  22. Antonio looked wistfully at his companion, but when he had ceased he shook his head mournfully, as if to express the hopelessness of relief from that quarter.

  23. Separation, and hopelessness of ever seeing them again, are a torment I find unendurable.

  24. Who has not experienced that feeling of hopelessness and despair that comes at these successive levels of the long process of acquiring skill in a complicated art?

  25. And above his despair, the utter hopelessness of his situation, there rose in him an intense hatred and loathing of the man.

  26. It was a look which sent a sudden hopelessness through Curtis--a stinging pang of jealousy.

  27. He looked upon the other's strength, his bronzed face and the glory of achievement in his eyes, and a great and yearning hopelessness burned like a dull fire in his heart.

  28. Until this minute she had not felt the terror of utter hopelessness upon her.

  29. He was accustomed to signs of hopelessness when his case was discussed, and was unmoved by them.

  30. The question stirred the heart of Elijah, but did not yet dispel his sense of hopelessness and frustration, nor did it restore his confidence that God would govern the world aright.

  31. They would see more clearly the hopelessness of attempting to cope with that colossal host under its five-and-thirty kings.

  32. In those dark hours, when sorrow and hopelessness took away all feeling of His presence, and of my own strength, life, time, eternity whirled about in my giddy brain just like the helpless logs of wood tossed by the waves.

  33. They seemed to intensify the hopelessness of his own situation.

  34. Twelve eternities of unendurable hopelessness and loneliness, such as the damned might know.

  35. Only luck could help him there, and it was part of the hopelessness of the situation that he dared not invoke the aid of any of those agencies or organizations which make it their business to find persons who have disappeared in London.

  36. Wilson was an old plainsman, and once he saw the hopelessness of recovering the cattle, he and Yankee Bill began a cautious retreat.

  37. Nothing but my poverty and the hopelessness of it kept me from falling desperately in love.

  38. Wilson reached camp after midnight and reported the hopelessness of the situation; but morning came, and with it no Yankee Bill in camp.

  39. At times his voice broke, and he was forced to stop reading for the pitiful hopelessness that spoke between the lines.

  40. Almost simultaneously Clayton regained his feet, and without thought of the utter hopelessness of it, he rushed forward to drag the ape from his wife's prostrate form.

  41. Si'Wren shook her head in mute denial, her look of hopelessness as of one who is utterly doomed to destruction, an enemy to be permanently removed from all civilized human society, as one hated and despised by all.

  42. Then she screamed out in hopelessness and despair, "Habrunt!

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