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  1. Genefay has described, as existing near Rouen, a curious oblique echo which is not heard by the person who emits the sound.

  2. The sulphuric volcano from which the island takes its name is on the north-west side; it emits white smoke, and the smell of sulphur is very strong on the lee side of the crater.

  3. The coral is exceedingly hard, and though at many places it sticks up in sharp points, it requires a hammer of considerable weight to break it, and emits sparks like flint when struck; in a short time it entirely defaces the hammer.

  4. The Musk Mallow (Malva moschata) is another common variety of this plant, which emits from its leaves a faint musky odour, especially in warm weather, or when they are drawn lightly through the hand.

  5. Garlic emits the most acrimonious smell of all the onion tribe.

  6. If struck by another hard body it emits sparks, and exhales a very penetrating smell of sulphur.

  7. When Vesuvius casts out lava Solfatera emits flames, and when the one ceases the other is extinguished.

  8. The whole plant is covered with long and viscous hairs, and emits a very agreeable resinous smell.

  9. The mould, which has covered for thousands of years the soil of the caverns of Gaylenreuth and Muggendorf in Franconia, emits even now choke-damps, or gaseous mixtures of hydrogen and nitrogen, which rise to the roof of the caves.

  10. When first taken from the animal it is of a soft texture, and is offensive to the smell; but after a brief exposure to the air it rapidly hardens, and then emits a sweet, earthy odor, and is used in manufacturing choice perfumery.

  11. If a bucketful is drawn and deposited upon deck, while it remains still it appears dark and like any other water, but when agitated it emits scintillations of light like the stars.

  12. In a short time the water becomes greenish, and emits a strong pungent smell, while carbonic acid gas is freely evolved.

  13. A plant of the first of these species, when gently rubbed, emits an odour like that of lemon-peel; and when bruised emits a balsamic scent, which is strongest in the pedicles of the flowers.

  14. The idea of a post-office performing its distributing duties on a railway, going at the rate of thirty miles an hour, is one of those scintillations of genius which only emits light once in a century,—that century the present.

  15. A cancerous tumor which is hard, translucent, of a gray or bluish color, and emits a creaking sound when incised.

  16. Mexican species (Thelyphonus giganteus) popularly supposed to be very venomous; -- from the odor that it emits when alarmed.

  17. Mediterranean octopod (Eledone moschata) which emits a strong odor of musk.

  18. It emits only alpha rays and is perhaps identical with radium F.

  19. Defn: A kind of fungus of the genus Phallus, which emits a fetid odor.

  20. A substance that emits an agreeable odor.

  21. Like the Grass Snake this species emits an objectionable odour when captured, and at first attempts to bite, but this unfriendly phase passes quickly, and it becomes perfectly tame and exhibits a considerable amount of intelligence.

  22. Then he emits spermatophores in the form of a mushroom-shaped gelatinous mass whose head consists largely of sperms.

  23. Self--as constituting the Self of all things and having all things for its body--has all things for its outward form and emits all things from itself.

  24. His note is simple and short; in fact the sounds that he emits in his journeys are scarcely worth being called a song.

  25. Its weapon of defense against its would-be enemies is a sweat venom of a most nauseous odor, which it emits when any one approaches it.

  26. Common machine oil as used for engines also emits greenish rays when excited by the ultra-violet rays, and a very beautiful colour it is.

  27. This tissue emits prolongations or filaments which admit of easy extension, sometimes simple, sometimes branching.

  28. One of the most remarkable of these minute mollusks is a species of Pyrosoma, a sort of mucous sac of an inch long, which, thrown upon the deck of a ship, emits a light like a rod of iron heated to a white heat.

  29. During the night, this species emits a brilliant phosphoric light, and living individuals, which Lesson succeeded in preserving, exhibited great luminosity in the dark.

  30. As a rule, meat should not be used so long as it appears red or on cutting emits a bloody liquid.

  31. The posterior portions of the lobes often present evidences of hypostatic congestion, or even of gangrene, and in the latter case the tissue is easily friable and emits a disagreeable odor.

  32. The tongue may be coated, the breath is usually foul, and some have said the body emits an acid odor.

  33. This slug, when disturbed, emits a very fine purplish-red fluid, which stains the water for the space of a foot around.

  34. The first to employ the prism in the examination of various flames (for it is only in a state of vapour that matter emits distinctive light) was a young Scotchman named Thomas Melvill, who died in 1753, at the age of twenty-seven.

  35. The deep growl is not without variety; for by the feeling of the animal that emits it the note is always modulated.

  36. The brain of the dog is seldom in repose, for even when asleep the twitching of the legs and the suppressed sounds which it emits inform us that it is dreaming.

  37. The cathode, together with the cathode rays charged with negative electricity, emits canal rays charged with positive electricity.

  38. Radium likewise emits rays analogous to the canal rays, and relatively very absorbable, called [alpha] rays.

  39. The African hunter Cummings tells us that the skin of the eland, as well as that of most other antelopes just killed, emits the most delicious perfume of trees and grass.

  40. I feel no disposition to be satirical, when the trapper's coat emits the odor of musquash even; it is a sweeter scent to me than that which commonly exhales from the merchant's or the scholar's garments.

  41. It is cool and habitable, and emits no light.

  42. ZÖLLNER, however, states that "The black umbra of a spot emits four thousand times as much light as that derived from an equal area of the moon.

  43. Fuses and emits dense white fumes of SbO^{3}, which pass off and redden blue litmus paper.

  44. Emits arsenical fume and in the reducing flame fuses to a magnetic mass having a metallic lustre.

  45. Fuses to an opaque bead and emits a strong smell of arsenic.

  46. Emits a slight smell of arsenic, but does not fuse.

  47. By Ignition is meant the exposure of a substance to such a degree of heat, that it glows or emits light, or becomes red-hot.

  48. Gives off water, and emits an arsenical odor.

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