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Example sentences for "cemented"

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  1. If they could only have resurrected the famous Irish architect Gobhan Saer, he would have advised making a well- cemented bottom for the canal considering that a subterraneous river runs from one lake to the other under it.

  2. On the inside of the arch run along ribs of hewn stone cemented into their places, running up to meet in a carved point at the extreme top.

  3. The roof is made in the same way as all arched roofs of old castles which I have yet seen, of thin stones laid edge-wise to form the arch and cemented together.

  4. In some cases the skeleton seems to be more or less replaced by sand, the small grains of which are cemented together by the "spongin.

  5. The circular wall is made of rude stone work, cemented together with gypsum.

  6. In order to strengthen the galleries sterile rock is piled upon each side and cemented with gypsum.

  7. For the next subdivision several of the blocks of the second subdivision cemented together in certain shapes would form building-stones, and so on to the lowest.

  8. All castes now eat the rice cooked at the temple of Jagannath together without defilement, and friendships are cemented by eating a little of this rice together as a sacred bond.

  9. The betrothal is cemented by an exchange of betel-leaves and areca-nuts between the fathers of the engaged couple.

  10. Above these strata the stream bed was formed chiefly of large cemented limestone blocks and smaller conglomerate.

  11. The river valleys are formed of masses of limestone conglomerate and coarse gravels, re-cemented in many cases by the lime deposits of the flowing waters.

  12. Indeed, it appreciates the flavour of this viand so highly that it often disposes of the whole of its little home, with the exception of the small circular patch by which it was cemented to the plant.

  13. He tells us the well was dug through loess deposits; and from the top down was as smooth, and almost as hard, as a cemented cistern.

  14. II Naturally this visit to Switzerland cemented our intimacy, and it was on our return home that he suggested my accompanying him on one of his 'rubbing expeditions.

  15. An intimacy was cemented between us at once.

  16. The good understanding between the princes was cemented by the marriage of Kazimir with Mariya, sister of Yaroslav.

  17. Preserve the Union of the States, cemented as it was by our prayers, our tears, and our blood.

  18. Friable sandstone, composed of grayish-white quartz, in smooth, rounded grains, cemented by a brownish basis.

  19. Limestone, apparently composed of crystalline fragments, highly charged with bitumen, cemented by a whitish carbonate of lime in minute crystals.

  20. Defn: To separate, as things cemented or luted; to take the lute or the clay from.

  21. To become one; to be cemented or consolidated; to combine, as by adhesion or mixture; to coalesce; to grow together.

  22. Stick chimney, a chimney made of sticks laid crosswise, and cemented with clay or mud, as in some log houses.

  23. The materials are cemented together in accordance with a symmetrical design, the interior being lined with a transparent substance, which, when dry, is readily separable from the casing!

  24. A portion of the contents of this mound were cemented together by a tufa-like substance of a gray color, resembling the scoriæ of a furnace, and of great hardness.

  25. Owing to the great heat to which they have been subjected, and subsequent oxydation, nearly all of them are so cemented together that they cannot be separated without breaking them into fragments.

  26. The slight wall along the terrace bank is composed chiefly of smooth, water-worn stones, taken from the creek, and cemented together by tough, clayey earth.

  27. The outside was of hewn stone cemented with mortar of extraordinary strength.

  28. This sand had a marked ferruginous appearance, and seemed to be cemented together, breaking up into large fragments a foot or two square.

  29. Jacques turned away from this renegade and threw both arms around one of the cemented pillars.

  30. The house is of rock cemented together and built against a rock.

  31. Here were sleeping-cells for the seignior’s servants, and a huge kitchen having pillars of cemented rock across its center, and a fire-place like a cave.

  32. He lingered stupidly looking at the magician fire while it rose and crackled and cast long oblique shadows with the cemented posts.

  33. Sandstones, which are stratified rocks consisting mainly of rounded quartz grains cemented together, are widely used in building operations.

  34. A rock composed of closely fitting mineral crystals that have formed in the rock substance, as contrasted with one made up of cemented grains of sand or other materials, or with a volcanic glass.

  35. The rocks containing the ore are steeply tilted lava sheets and conglomerate (cemented gravel) strata of Proterozoic Age.

  36. A sedimentary rock consisting of consolidated or cemented gravel.

  37. A sedimentary rock consisting of consolidated or cemented sand.

  38. A metamorphic rock composed of sand grains cemented by silica into an extremely hard mass.

  39. They may be of mechanical origin such as clay or mud which hardens to shale; sand, which consolidates into sandstone; and gravel, which when cemented becomes conglomerate.

  40. If we would seek for analogous objects on the earth, we must look to some of the volcanic rocks, where we have multitudes of irregular angular fragments cemented together by a matrix in which they are imbedded.

  41. These fragments have been cemented together again by irregular veins of mineral substances.

  42. The delicate fibres are stretched with nice skill across the field of view of the telescope, and cemented in their proper places.

  43. It has eyes of green felspar cemented in with resin.

  44. A more elaborate drill-socket; a pebble cemented with gum in a wooden holder.

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