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Example sentences for "cygnets"

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  1. While she sat there, the Crow used to help Mr. Swan to find food for his wife; and when the cygnets came out of their shells, the Crow helped to feed them also.

  2. Some years ago a splendid brood of six jolly little nigger cygnets were hatched out by the black swans at Kew.

  3. A word from Prince Florentine, the goshawk, and they all rose into the air, herons beneath, cygnets above, and goshawk circling above all.

  4. Then the herons gathered themselves together into one feather bed and the cygnets placed their mother upon them, and suddenly they all rose in the air bearing the bride away with them in safety towards Prince Florentine's home.

  5. Shakespeare:-- "So doth the swan her downy cygnets save, Keeping them prisoner underneath her wings.

  6. This I have witnessed on the Thames, and have seen the female, by raising her leg, assist the cygnets in getting upon her back.

  7. They have been known also to attack people who have ventured nearer their cygnets than they liked.

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