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Example sentences for "cableway"

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  1. Then a cableway was erected spanning the entire length of the section and the remainder of the material taken out.

  2. It was found best to deliver the skips of concrete to the cableway on small railway track, although the original plan had been to move the cableways horizontally along the trestle at the same time that the skip was traveling.

  3. At the upper station of this two-mile-long cableway a tramcar pulled by a mule is taken for the journey over three or four miles of practically level narrow-gauge railway.

  4. As this puts a great strain on the cableway the Italians have only resorted to it at a few points where the pressure on the transport is very heavy.

  5. What is evidently needed is some system which shall pay the cableway out or take it in automatically, so as to counterbalance any lengthening or shortening movement of the vessels.

  6. The cableway is much used in the erection of masonry piers for bridges across rivers or valleys.

  7. The suspended cableway neither obstructs anything nor can be obstructed, and is profitably employed when a ton of ore is laid bare for every four tons of over-burden removed.

  8. To prevent confusion, we may at once state that a ropeway is an aerial track used only for the conveyance of material; whereas a cableway hoists as well as conveys.

  9. The cableway generally consists of a single span between two towers, which are either fixed or movable on rails according to the requirements of the work to be done.

  10. The cableway is so economical in its working that it has greatly advanced the process of "open-pit" mining.

  11. In the Temperley Miller Marine Cableway the load is carried on a main cable kept taut by a friction drum, and the hauling is done by an endless rope which has its own separate winches.

  12. Count Piscicelli's electric post is an adaptation of the electric cableway to the needs of parcel and letter distribution.

  13. The Lidgerwood Manufacturing Company of New York, under the direction of Mr. Spencer Miller, have brought out a cableway specially adapted for marine work.

  14. The most practicable method of coaling at sea yet devised is the marine cableway of Spencer Miller, which has been tried with some success in the American navy.

  15. In the coaling of ships at sea the cableway has rendered great service.

  16. The coaling of vessels in this manner seems a success, but it would be desirable to increase the carrying capacity of the cableway or to duplicate the installations.

  17. A telpher ropeway or cableway may be defined as a ropeway or cableway worked and controlled electrically, only a rail rope being required besides the live rail or wire from which the electric current is taken.

  18. The aerial cableway is a development of the ropeway, and is a conveyor capable of hoisting and dumping at any desired point.

  19. The man in the tower rang a hasty signal and the operator of the cableway reversed with a sudden jerk that threw the derrick from the hook.

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