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amico; amicorum; amicos; amicum; amicus; amidde; amiddlemost; amiddleward; amide; amides
  1. The small mountain-islands lay at all distances, blue in a dozen ways, amid the dead calm of this sand archipelago.

  2. We were silent amid the din of triumph now raised by Tucson.

  3. He galloped towards the two officers almost as if to bear them down, and, steering much too close, flashed by yelling, amid a clatter of gravel.

  4. On this occasion the prizes gained at the tournament were distributed, amid the applause and hilarity of all the revellers.

  5. And that unknowing what he did, He leaped amid a murderous band, And saved from outrage worse than death 55 The Lady of the Land!

  6. She leant against the armed man, The statue of the armed knight; She stood and listened to my lay, 15 Amid the lingering light.

  7. Even Wordsworth's long and conscientious labors produced but a small bulk of poetry of this character, amid dreary reaches of uninspired preaching.

  8. They did so, amid the shouts of the populace, the noise whereof rose high above the roar of the sea.

  9. Through the window he pointed to a two-story white-stuccoed house with wide galleries rising amid the deep green tropical foliage on a wooded hill that sloped gently from the sea.

  10. From the country priests fled to the metropolis, seeking to hide themselves amid the multitude of its citizens.

  11. On they came, amid breathless silence and acute suspense; for well both the English and Irish generals knew that the choice of the first regiment would powerfully influence all the rest.

  12. There on the morning appointed, often before day, a multitude was to be seen kneeling, and a priest standing under the canopy of heaven, amid the profound silence of the holy mysteries.

  13. This indeed is wonderful, that this people should have been thus preserved amid so many causes for change and deterioration.

  14. Amid a perfect tornado of thanks, which they would have been glad to dodge, the boys hurried back to the Golden Eagle, and were soon once more in the air.

  15. Both boys scrambled into their craft, and a moment later, amid a roar from the crowd, they shot upward.

  16. With warm handshakings and amid a tornado of cheers and revolver shots, the boys started off once more on their way half an hour later, more determined than ever to win the great prize.

  17. Amid a cheer from the boys it was pulled entirely away, and a few seconds later the road was clear.

  18. In gardens you may note amid the dearth, The crocus breaking earth; And near the snowdrop's tender white and green, The violet in its screen.

  19. Adown enormous ravines slope amain-- Torrents, methinks, that heard a mighty voice, And stopped at once amid their maddest plunge!

  20. Cauld blew the bitter-biting north Upon thy early, humble birth; Yet cheerfully thou glinted forth Amid the storm, Scarce reared above the parent earth Thy tender form.

  21. Methinks what joy 'twere now To go plumb-plunging down, amid the assembly of the whales, And feel the churned sea round me boil beneath their scourging tails!

  22. The land lay steeped in peace of silent dreams; There was no sound amid the sacred boughs.

  23. Amid yon tuft of hazel trees, That twinkle to the gusty breeze, Behold him perched in ecstasies, Yet seeming still to hover; There!

  24. But behold, Peter, who does look tall amid such surroundings, opens the hall door of the Castle, and out step Don Caesar de Bazan and the Hon.

  25. Then the painter was cut, and without food, clothing or provisions, Hudson and his companions floated away amid the ice fields.

  26. Several ballots were taken amid scenes of great excitement, and at last the name of Lincoln was given to the country as the Republican candidate for President.

  27. Thus amid all the modifications of that which is the real physical basis of all matter, we find indissolubly associated with each and all of the varied forms and modifications certain motions which are analogous to each other.

  28. Amid the noise and babble of the crowd they are tranquilly directing a portion of our real life; and, as they are nearer to truth than their self-satisfied sisters, they will often be far more simple, and far more beautiful too.

  29. And finally the frightful, unpardonable Russian campaign, wherein his fortune came at last to utter shipwreck amid the ice of the Berezina and the snow-bound Polish steppes.

  30. Cauld blew the bitter-biting north Upon thy early humble birth; Yet cheerfully thou glinted forth Amid the storm, Scarce rear'd above the parent-earth Thy tender form.

  31. A little patient violence, conducted day after day amid constant mutual suggestion, opened an irregular hole in the wall, large enough to let in a small man, in the exact place where there had been before the tiny ventilation holes.

  32. I am afraid it is impossible to explain this monster amid the exaggerative sects and the eccentric clubs of my country.

  33. They had talked about Mr. Kensit in dim and twinkling pine woods, amid the bewildering monotony of the pines.

  34. Evan seemed startled by the stillness, like one who had been born amid sound and speed.

  35. They all arose from the table amid general laughter, of which Webb and Burt were equally the objects, and on the faces of those not in the secret there was much perplexed curiosity.

  36. Cruising amid such surroundings was anything but pleasant, and I was glad the current was slow here so that, though going up stream, we were able to make good progress, and soon got away from this nauseating sight.

  37. And if, amid this dear delight, My thoughts did home rebound, I well might reckon it a slight To the high cheer I found.

  38. Amid stifled sobbing, even as the pathetic words of the psalter relieved the tension of their hearts, the people around him still wore upon their faces their habitual gleam of joy, of placid satisfaction.

  39. To understand the influence upon him of what follows the reader must remember that it was an experience which came amid a deep sense of vacuity in life.

  40. In the bare sense of having loved he seemed to find, even amid this foundering of the ship, that on which his soul might "assuredly rest and depend.

  41. He died the death of a saint a few years later, amid the blessings of all the people whom he had helped.

  42. Yet, amid all the new suffering which he had to witness and relieve, he was always mindful of his dear poor in Paris, which was still besieged by the troops of Condé.

  43. These poor creatures must be taught at any cost to lift their hearts to God, to bear their anguish patiently, to remember amid what agonies the Son of God had given His life for them.

  44. Again, amid a vagrant party of Indians, the father of the little captive suddenly appeared, and presented the captain of the expedition with tokens of his gratitude for the rescue.

  45. The Author was at school; but inheriting the love of a rifle through so many generations, and nursed amid such scenes, he begged so earnestly of his father that he might be allowed to accompany the expedition, that he prevailed.

  46. But rather famish them amid their plenty.

  47. Amid and amidst are commonly used when the idea of separate or distinguishable objects is not prominent.

  48. The character of the house is therefore essentially provincial, and shows that its occupants have not always lived amid the complex influences of London life--viz.

  49. From the tiny waist trailed yards of white faille, trimmed with tulle ruchings, frecked as a meadow with faintly-tinted daisies; the hips were engarlanded with daisies, and the flowers melted and bloomed amid snows of faille and tulle.

  50. Going over to the toilette-table she sought amid her boots, and, having selected a strong pair, she began to button them.

  51. Amid these specious talkers there were a few who reminded her of Mr. Harding, and she hoped later on to be able to turn her present experiences to account.

  52. Milord had been thrown down amid the hay; and Mrs. Barton and Olive were showering it upon him.

  53. In my little home amid the northern bogs, I used to look forward when I had finished writing, to reading a story.

  54. There was about Barnes a false air of homeliness; but in a few moments it became apparent that her life had been spent amid muslins, confidences, and illicit conversations.

  55. Yes--yet amid the joy And uproar, Let us think of them that sleep Full many a fathom deep All beside thy rocky steep, Elsinore!

  56. When he arrived with the Hamiltons in London after his long absence and victorious record, the mob, as usual, took the horses from the carriage and dragged him along Cheapside amid tumultuous cheers.

  57. He was by profession an ornamental writer, and gained great influence with the old poetaster by gathering up the royal fragments and hiding their lameness amid magnificent curves and flourishes.

  58. As the biographies of many Indian statesmen show, some outsider notices a gleam of common sense amid the gloom, and steers his course by it.

  59. At the faint quiver amid the scorn with which she had replied that he would still want the latter for the mem's hair.

  60. We're about full up, sir," came the warning voice again, as the rest of the Nine fell back amid a desultory rattle of small arms.

  61. Until, about dusk, words came to blows amid a tinkling of anklets and a terrible smell of musk; for valor drifted as a matter of course to the wooden balconies of the Thunbi Bazaar during the month of miracle.

  62. A third lower down, ghastlier still, lying amid dark stains marring the whiteness, and with a gaping cut clearly visible on the shoulder.

  63. So, amid this dropping fire of kindly meant destruction, the night fell soft and warm over the shimmering river and the scented gardens with the town hidden in their midst.

  64. Amid the laugh, Major Erlton found opportunity for an admiring whisper.

  65. The paper just quoted gives us a hint of the frolic and wassail of that old 'Festkneipe' when it says: At 9 o'clock Mark Twain appeared in the salon, and amid a storm of applause took his seat at the head of the table.

  66. The only way to get and keep fixedness of temper and spirit amid change and earthquake is to hold on to God, and then we may be stable with stability derived from the foundations of His throne to which we cling.

  67. There they lie amid the filth, like hogs in a sty.

  68. Our eyes have seen the King in as true a reality, and in better fashion, than ever Isaiah did amid the sanctities of the Temple.

  69. The redemption of man and his establishing amid the felicities of a state correspondent to His God-given glory shall be to all eternity and to all possible creations the highest evidence of what God is, and His token to all beings.

  70. Travellers are unanimous in their raptures over the fertility and beauty of the valley in which Samaria stood, perched on its sunny, fruitful hill, amid its vineyards.

  71. Apart from Him we are but groping amid peradventures.

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