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Example sentences for "exhumed"

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  1. On the body being exhumed a medical man pronounced life to be extinct.

  2. The grave-digger returned to his toils; and at a depth of scarcely one foot below the coffin thus exhumed and burnt, his shovel was again impeded for a moment--and by another coffin!

  3. Still the cemetery was kept open for interments; and when there was no room for a new-comer, some recently-buried tenant of a grave was exhumed to afford the required space.

  4. I had exhumed the body of her whom a thousand times I had pressed to my sorrowful breast--whom I had clasped to my aching heart.

  5. Her short stories sold for two thousand dollars apiece, and her first novel was exhumed and had a heavy sale.

  6. Skull of ancient Egyptian exhumed at Thebes, with principal craniometrical lines.

  7. He set some of his men to work digging into one of these mounds, and I vividly remember how excited he became when he heard that they had exhumed some human bones, portions of gigantic skeletons, and various relies.

  8. Thus, after the volcano becomes inactive and deeply eroded, the exhumed plug may stand up in bold relief as an irregular, columnar structure.

  9. Dead bodies were buried in a shallow grave and when only the bones remained they were exhumed and thrust into a huge hollowed tree trunk which formed the family “vault.

  10. According to a tablet on the parsonage, the remains of Pauquette were exhumed in 1904.

  11. Not long after the giant was exhumed and still later the fraud was exposed.

  12. The exhumed body was found to be that of Major Murchison, wrongly identified in the first instance as that of Reginald Davis.

  13. The body was exhumed and pronounced by half-a-dozen people, including Guy Spencer, to be that of the Major.

  14. Very perfect skeletons of this species have been exhumed from morasses and swamps, and large individuals attained a length (exclusive of the tusks) of seventeen feet and a height of eleven feet, the tusks being twelve feet in length.

  15. The sands, limestones, and marls of the Department of Gers, near the base of the Pyrenees, rendered famous by the number or Mammalian remains exhumed from them by M.

  16. Place found the arch of the town gateway which he exhumed at Khorsabad to spring from the backs of the two bulls which guarded it on either side.

  17. One of them is further provided with a stone handle, and is characterized as being the "most beautiful and perfect stone implement ever exhumed from the aboriginal remains within the limits of the United States.

  18. It was exhumed on his plantation, ten miles below that city, on the bottom lands of the Oconee River, now covered with almost impassable canebrakes, tall grasses, and briers.

  19. The first of the skulls referred to was exhumed at a depth of 2 1/2 feet.

  20. An historical chain was immediately sought to be established between Dighton Rock, an exhumed skeleton at Fall River, and this tower, of which the inscription at Monhegan Island was believed to be another link.

  21. Another link of the supposed discovery by Northmen was the skeleton exhumed about 1834 at Fall River.

  22. Mummied sacred cats have been exhumed in great numbers in recent years, only to be ruthlessly turned into fertilizers by the unappreciative and practical Westerner.

  23. From the many contract tablets that have been exhumed much fresh light has been thrown upon the social customs of the people in the valleys of the Euphrates and the Tigris.

  24. Exercises and translations of school children have been exhumed from the mounds of ancient Babylonian cities.

  25. Francis] led me to pay a visit to Cobbett at his country seat, within a couple of miles of the city, on the island, on the very day that he had exhumed the bones of Paine, and shipped them for England.

  26. All he sees on this searched and scoured spot is a city's cemetery where old exhumed stones are whitening, and whence rises the intense sadness that envelops dead nations.

  27. From this a great number of terra cotta tablets have been exhumed on which were inscribed in cuneiform characters records of legal contracts, including loans of money, sales of estates and exchanges of other properties.

  28. This statue was recently exhumed from the sands of the desert near the great Sphynx in Egypt, and is of stone so similar to the diorite of the Tel-Loh statues that it is evident they were both obtained from the same source.

  29. This custom accounts for the circumstance urged against the antiquity and artificial origin of these works, that the relics exhumed are found near the surface, and were deposited by the present race.

  30. For the inferences to be drawn from the exhumed remains are equally doubtful whatever views be adopted.

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