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Example sentences for "pussies"

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  1. I fear; (Some boys and girls Are just like that) And so the pussies now must hear The grown folks say "'Fraid cat!

  2. They had been thoroughly demoralised, she declared, under Quast's maladministration, and had almost degenerated into the unhistrionic pussies of domestic life.

  3. The feats of the mild pussies which the dwarf began forthwith to exhibit provoked in me but a polite counterfeit of enthusiasm.

  4. These thoughts however awakened such pride in my bosom, that I began to look upon Pussies who had not been blessed with the same advantages as myself, as beings so inferior that I would scarce deign to look on them.

  5. A kind lady, who was fond of cats, told her how, and gave her some stuff, and sent all her own pussies to be killed that way.

  6. Marm Webber, and she let 'em pick any kind and color they wanted, and only asked ninepence, she was glad to have her pussies get a good home.

  7. Well, the pussies were last, for they would not begin With the others, but stayed to catch mice and to play; And the rabbits rode off with the food to the woods, So nobody got any dinner that day.

  8. Illustration: The pussies were last] Then up came the greyhounds, and pug Number Two, Though dissatisfied, felt that he could not ask more.

  9. Our last attempt at a home kitten was with a little sprite of so perverse and irreverent a temper that the most liberal theology could hardly hold out to us the hope of finding her again in any Paradise where pious pussies congregate.

  10. Millions of happy pussies fall Into oblivion; still you call From the top of your ancient cater-wall, Call on the centuries to concur In praise of Tabby the Mariner, Who discovered the Catskills, named for her.

  11. Those pussies will be cats before you know it.

  12. On no account let the pussies lie on the bare wood or zinc, but provide each with a cushion of some sort, and have a small box filled with earth or sand, in each pen.

  13. There it lies, the short-haired European pussies on the one hand, and the Asiatic or long-haired on the other.

  14. I consider them but very ordinary pussies in regard to house-hunting.

  15. Well, as a paternal government refuses to protect the people, let the chemists go ahead and poison away; but, if warning of mine will be heard and heeded, they shall not poison our pussies too.

  16. It is seldom, if ever, that a cat is lost, the baskets containing the pussies never being opened, until inside the building, and then only with the greatest care.

  17. I knew a poor old woman in Skye, and this old woman's pussy was as pussies love to be.

  18. In ancient times, these poor, affectionate pussies would doubtless have been condemned to death as being witches in feline form.

  19. From these two alone, if you get them of different colours, you can very easily manufacture all the varieties and various-coloured pussies you are ever likely to meet with, either on the show-benches or in domestic life.

  20. How would you like to find caterpillars walking in your bed, to hear sick pussies mewing in the night, to have beetles clinging to your clothes, or see mice, bugs, and birds tumbling downstairs whenever the door was open?

  21. To-day I said I wanted to go and be a nurse, like Aunt Mercy; but Will laughed, and told me I'd better begin by nursing sick birds and butterflies and pussies before I tried to take care of men.

  22. Did she not instruct her agents to make especial search through the Venetian convents, where might be found the deep-furred pussies of Syria and Thibet?

  23. Yes, but sorrow will hardly give the poor pussies anymore room.

  24. Then she surrounded the whole with a high wire fence, covering in the top as well, so that birds might not come in to eat pussies' food, and be eaten by the pussies in turn.

  25. I had occasion to go down the road that night, and as my hostess handed me the lantern she said warningly, "Look out for the wood-pussies on the way.

  26. Gin a bit dog, wha hands 'is gab, isna seemly, thae pussies are the deil's ain bairns.

  27. And in fulfilment of the cycle, February sees the swelling buds of willow, with their restless pussies eager for the spring, half creeping from their winter cells.

  28. The little pussies on the willows are coaxed from their winter nest, and creep out upon the stem.

  29. Well, the pussies are the willow flowers; and the balm-of-Gilead-tree has pussies too.

  30. Five little pussies Sitting down to tea; Pretty little pussies, Happy as can be!

  31. Five little pussies Dressed all in silk, Waiting for sugar, Waiting for milk.

  32. Taylor Little Pussies Three little pussies, All in a row, Ranged on the table, Two down below.

  33. Illustration: Pussies have Thrown Dolly out of the Cradle.

  34. That's what pussies like to eat, eh, Lydia?

  35. And he stepped straight over to Luley and Lena and put the pussies into their outstretched arms.

  36. Luley and Lena fixed their round eyes upon two white cats peeping slyly side by side over the edge of the pack, and oh, how they hoped that Santa Claus would know that they wanted those pussies more than anything in the world.

  37. It was sad enough to have to leave my dear mistress and my dear old home, which, despite all I had endured, I had learned to love, as only we poor pussies can love our homes.

  38. He hated a pussy more than sour milk, and nobody knew this better than the pussies themselves.

  39. Now, however pleasant cats' music heard at midnight may appear to the pussies themselves, it certainly is not conducive to the sleep of any nervous invalid who may happen to dwell in the neighbouring houses, or very soothing either.

  40. Nurse fed him; then, as the air was mild and the sun warm, she put on his coat and cap and carried him into the garden to watch the pussies at play.

  41. They fly like wind, these pussies gay; Wheel madly round in dizzy game, Then sudden stop in whirling play.

  42. These pastimes, however, were sometimes marred by a vigorous slap, when two strangers came in collision, and once the belligerent pussies had to be separated by friends.

  43. There are fourteen beautiful pussies in the troupe, and the tricks they do are wonderful.

  44. An antique appearance may be given to silver by either exposing it to the fumes of hydrosulphate of ammonia, or immersing it for a very short time in a solution of hydrosulphate of ammonia, or in dilute nitric acid.

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