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  1. Caries was a pustular disease, in which bristle-like hairs formed a prominent feature.

  2. A pustular eruption upon the scalp, or the beared part of the face, whether due to ringworm, acne, or impetigo.

  3. A morbid state produced by the use of iodine and its compounds, and characterized by palpitation, depression, and general emaciation, with a pustular eruption upon the skin.

  4. A cutaneous, pustular eruption, not attended with fever; usually, a kind of eczema with pustulation.

  5. It appears to have been the scaly tetter, which they sometimes denominated psoriasis, at others lepra, a synonymous affection; but neither pustular nor vesicular.

  6. Celsus, moreover, includes other forms of pustular eruptions among the different species of scabies, not sufficiently distinguishing them from each other.

  7. It shows itself in the form of red pimples or papules, which may become pustular and be attended with considerable surrounding irritation of the skin.

  8. It is characterized by great redness of the nose and cheeks, accompanied by pustular enlargements on the surface of the skin, which produce marked disfigurement.

  9. Of all the diseases of the skin it is the pustular syphilide which most resembles the lesions of smallpox.

  10. While many articles on variola have been illustrated by a few photographs of cases, mostly of the pustular type, this work is believed to be the first which has presented illustrations of the smallpox eruption in each of its successive stages.

  11. Dermatologists and experts in variola are agreed that the pustular syphilide may be absolutely indistinguishable from smallpox so far as the appearance and distribution of the lesions is concerned.

  12. During the pustular stage the affection of the mucous membranes reaches its height.

  13. Furthermore, the pustular syphilide is frequently accompanied by a decided febrile movement.

  14. The ointments, plasters, pastes, and varnishes which have also been advocated are usually unpleasant or troublesome to use, and in the pustular stage are not likely to accomplish any desirable end.

  15. He claims that if the lotion is rubbed over the whole body every four or six hours it will prevent the papules from reaching the pustular stage and thus avert the severe secondary fever.

  16. In general the disease is readily recognized when the case is typical and the eruption has reached the vesicular or pustular stage.

  17. These illustrations show the pustular lesions in the stages of complete distention, when they present a rounded appearance, and of incipient desiccation, when they appear flattened and with a central depression or “secondary umbilication.

  18. The eruption presents successively a macular, papular, vesicular, and pustular stage, the pustules finally drying into crusts, which fall and leave the skin temporarily discolored.

  19. It is also during the pustular stage that the constitutional symptoms become more intense and the fever rises in proportion to the severity of the attack.

  20. A number of large papules, twice the size of a split pea, which subsequently become filled with a pustular fluid, appear on the face.

  21. At this period the young shoots have an exceedingly disgusting look from the dense mass of yellow pustular bodies forming on them, the leaves get shrivelled, and the infected trees become conspicuous in the row.

  22. Rubbed on the skin, it produces a pustular eruption, and frequently purges.

  23. Defn: A pustular eruption upon the scalp, or the beared part of the face, whether due to ringworm, acne, or impetigo.

  24. Of or pertaining to pustules; as, pustular prominences; pustular eruptions.

  25. Defn: A morbid state produced by the use of iodine and its compounds, and characterized by palpitation, depression, and general emaciation, with a pustular eruption upon the skin.

  26. Defn: A cutaneous, pustular eruption, not attended with fever; usually, a kind of eczema with pustulation.

  27. Dogs frequently have a pustular eruption between the toes, either accompanying mange or some other skin disease, or entirely independent of any other affection.

  28. It assumes a pustular and scabby form in the red mange, particularly in white-haired dogs, when there is much and painful inflammation.

  29. In the pointer, hound, and greyhound, there sometimes appears on the whole of the chest and belly a pustular eruption, which peels off in large scales.

  30. It is often connected with, or produced by, distemper, or a dull inflammatory disease of the liver, and it is generally accompanied by pustular eruption on the belly.

  31. He used pills and powders, which were found, by the analysis of Ruston, to be a preparation of antimony and mercury, the drugs supposed to be antidotes to natural smallpox, or the means of preventing its pustular eruption.

  32. The pustular stage of variola might be confounded with the pustular syphiloderm.

  33. In grave and severe cases these pustular lesions may extend deeply into the mucous tracts, involving the trachea, bronchi, or alimentary canal.

  34. Numerous indeed have been the topical applications made to the surface of the skin in the pustular stage of the malady, both with a view to assuage the soreness and pain and to obviate the tendency to pitting.

  35. The two forms of impetigo occur without fever, are usually scantily developed, and are much more apt to be pustular in type, lacking, moreover, the halo of the varicella lesions.

  36. Scattered papulo-vesicular and vesiculo-pustular lesions appearing after a high fever, and pursuing a period of evolution longer than forty-eight hours, should always awaken suspicion.

  37. Furuncles and abscesses occasionally result during or after the pustular stage of the disease has been reached, sometimes of such extent as to give exit to large quantities of an ill-conditioned pus.

  38. In the nose severe destructive effects may follow the pustular involvement of the Schneiderian membrane, including necrosis of the nasal bones and profuse epistaxis.

  39. The resemblance of pustular variola to certain suppurative and other disorders of the sebaceous glands is well attested by the name given by certain French authors to molluscum epitheliale (M.

  40. The parts subjected to pressure in the reclining posture, such as the back, shoulders, and buttocks, are especially liable to this coalescence of the pustular lesions.

  41. As regards the extent of diffusion of the pustular lesions, they occur, according to Wagner, in bronchi of the second and even of the third order, rarely in the stomach and intestines, and in the rectum only in its lowest portion.

  42. Internally has been used to arrest and prevent suppuration especially in boils, carbuncles and pustular acne.

  43. The pustular disease is not of frequent occurrence; and in proportion as it approaches the papular, with desquamation, it becomes milder and more easily removed.

  44. A pustular eruption appears, and terminates in hardened crusts.

  45. Abscess of the surface of the cornea is of more frequent occurrence than one more deeply seated: from its external covering yielding readily to the pressure of the accumulating matter, it generally assumes a pustular form.

  46. The papular and pustular eruptions are sometimes blended; a few pustules appearing amongst numerous papulæ, or vice versâ.

  47. When rubbed on the skin, redness, and a pustular eruption ensue, and in general the bowels are acted on.

  48. When rubbed repeatedly on the skin, it produces redness and a pustular eruption.

  49. The posterior nares and pharynx were covered with holes, formed by ulceration, and of a brownish hue, adjoining injected and apparent pustular parts.

  50. It was no uncommon thing to see the eruption papular on the legs, vesicular on the trunk and arms, and pustular on the face, at the same epoch.

  51. The state of the cutaneous surface, during the vesicular and pustular stages, is such as to prevent its transmitting the usual impressions to the interior.

  52. The affection of the bones of the nose is never joined with the papular eruption, nor with the scaly syphilitic lepra; but in every case with the pustular description, and when scales and ulcers were present.

  53. Same on arms, but no pustular appearance; partly tuberculous, partly vesicular.

  54. We are told that this pustular disease is as common and as destructive as the small pox, (indeed!

  55. The pustular surface extends to the minute ramifications of the bronchiæ, and their cells beyond were highly injected.

  56. A fetid breath and pustular eruption over the belly, and on the skin inside the thighs are commonly observed; in fact, the pustular eruption is the most significant sign one can find.

  57. Chevalier mentions that through contact of the drug workmen in the manufacture of quinin are liable to an affection of the skin which manifests itself in a vesicular, papular, or pustular eruption on different parts of the body.

  58. On the sixth day there was stupor and a semi-delirious state, with an eruption of a pustular character compared to that of the small-pox.

  59. Young subjects, and those with sensitive skins, sometimes exhibit a pustular eruption, and concentrated solutions cause more or less destruction of the skin.

  60. Calx sulphurata in pill form, one-tenth to one-fourth grain four or five times daily, is said, acts well in the pustular variety.

  61. The small acuminated-pustular syphiloderm (miliary pustular syphiloderm) is an early or late secondary eruption, commonly encountered in the first six or eight months of the disease.

  62. Pustular eruptions upon the scalp, especially posteriorly, should always arouse a suspicion of pediculosis.

  63. Dried effete masses of exudation; as, for example, the crusts of impetigo, of eczema, and of the pustular and ulcerating syphilodermata.

  64. The markedly inflammatory and pustular types are produced by the large-spore fungus--trichophyton.

  65. How do vesicular and pustular eczema differ from scabies?

  66. In the pustular and bullous varieties there may be mild or grave systemic symptoms, but even in these types the constitutional involvement is, in most instances, slight in comparison to the intensity of the cutaneous disturbance.

  67. In some cases the lesions may become pustular and, on the other hand, the eruption may be abortive, stopping short of full vesiculation.

  68. In some cases the lesions are distinctly pustular from the beginning.

  69. Acne varioliformis is characterized by lesions of a moderately superficial papulo-pustular type, which in disappearing leave slight or pit-like scars.

  70. It is an important clinical type, usually developing from the vesicular, pustular or other primary variety.

  71. It may be looked on as the first stage of inflammation, and therefore when it becomes aggravated it may merge in part or in whole into a papular, vesicular, or pustular eruption.

  72. These vaccines are composed of several strains of the organisms usually found in these pustular infections of the horse.

  73. It is not at all uncommon for this membrane to attack the nose, producing a bloody, pustular discharge; and when it does attack the nose, it is none the less contagious and must be regarded just as seriously.

  74. A very disagreeable form is the pustular variety.

  75. For the pustular eruption peculiar to distemper, I apply no remedy.

  76. A pustular eruption is often witnessed during the existence of distemper, and I have not seen the same phenomenon distinct from the disease.

  77. The influence of Kali in her threefold form is chiefly felt in connection with other pustular diseases besides small-pox.

  78. Sitala, according to one story, is only the eldest of a band of seven sisters, by whom the pustular group of diseases is supposed to be caused.

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