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  1. The characteristic lesions are certain late eruptions on the skin, periostitis and nodes on the bones, and growths in the subcutaneous tissue, muscle, and viscera, especially the liver and spleen.

  2. At this period, the temperature of the ocean seems to have been not much higher than it is at present, and the changes produced by occasional eruptions of it have left no consolidated rocks.

  3. It is almost the rule that in great eruptions Vesuvius suffers loss of height, while the cone is piled up by smaller ones.

  4. Sir William Hamilton distinguished the debris of no less than six eruptions besides that which destroyed it.

  5. Their jets are smaller, but to compensate this deficiency, they are more frequent in their ascent; so that travellers who are too impatient to await the eruptions of the Great Geyser, content themselves with visiting the little ones.

  6. Nearly in a right line to the eastward of Java lies the Island of Sumbáwa, in which stands the volcano of Tomboro, the most violent in its eruptions of any in the world.

  7. So frequent are the eruptions of the volcano, however, and so much do they change the aspect of the crater, that any description remains correct for only a limited time.

  8. In all great eruptions the flow of the lava is preceded by the ejection of vast quantities of volcanic dust, ashes, dross, slag, and loose stones.

  9. New Zealand--Boiling Fountains and Lakes In the eruptions of mud volcanoes, described in the foregoing chapter, a frequent ingredient is boiling water.

  10. The eruptions of this mountain are accompanied by loud explosions, which are heard at great distances, and they succeed each other with immense rapidity.

  11. Etna has been a volcano from time immemorial; but of its more ancient eruptions only vague traditions have survived.

  12. Ten eruptions of this kind succeeded each other at intervals of about a quarter of an hour; and after they had ceased for a time, they began again during the night.

  13. The eruptions of lava are sometimes attended by peculiarities which impart to them much additional grandeur.

  14. Last year their number was increased by a series of eruptions similar in their attendant circumstances to those which accompanied the upheaval of Julia.

  15. Since then there have been between twenty and thirty considerable eruptions of this mountain, and it has sometimes remained in a state of activity for upwards of six years with little intermission.

  16. The eruptions of this central volcano continued till February 1760 with extreme violence--the crater throwing out large quantities of lava; but in the succeeding years it became less turbulent in its activity.

  17. Now, understanding that the curate and your sweet self are good at such eruptions and sudden breaking-out of mirth, as it were, I have acquainted you withal, to the end to crave your assistance.

  18. In volcanic archipelagoes, the orifices are seldom in activity on more than one island at a time; and the greater eruptions usually recur only after long intervals.

  19. Most of these masses, if not all of them, have been injected subsequently to the last volcanic eruptions from the central crater.

  20. Eruptions on parallel lines of fissure within the same geological period.

  21. The infusion may be profitably applied for healing skin eruptions of various characters.

  22. A decoction of the herb makes a curative lotion for the milk-crust which disfigures the scalp of an infant, and for grown up persons troubled with chronic eruptions on the face, or freckles.

  23. Also stress is laid on the healing of skin eruptions in children, by a decoction of the purple and white meadow trefoils.

  24. The bark of the Evening Primrose is mucilaginous, and a decoction made therefrom is of service for bathing the skin eruptions of infants and young children.

  25. An infusion of the herb is useful for skin eruptions connected with gout.

  26. Eruptions of volcanoes supposed to be caused by incest, ii.

  27. Volcanic eruptions supposed to be caused by incest, ii.

  28. It is plain that a long period of time was consumed in the making of that great volcanic pile, and that the eruptions were by no means continuous.

  29. The distribution of the volcanic rocks, as determined in the study of reconnaissance collections, indicates that the cone has been built up by eruptions of lava and of fragmental material.

  30. Successive feeble eruptions added to their height until at last they formed together a low, rounded dome--the eminence that now constitutes the mountain's summit.

  31. A black, loose-textured andesite is most abundant, and from its occurrence on the edge of this well-defined crater may be regarded as representing the later eruptions of Rainier.

  32. It may be said in general that as the volcano grew in years it changed more and more from eruptions of the quiet type to those of the explosive character.

  33. The eyes and cheeks are red with the corrosive tears, and the ichor of some herpetic eruptions erodes far and wide the contiguous parts, and is pungently salt to the taste, as some patients have informed me.

  34. Physicians are often consulted about eruptions on the face.

  35. With some children, owing to a peculiarity of constitution, flannel will produce eruptions on the skin, which are very troublesome.

  36. I know not whether the eruptions so common on the faces of young people in this country, and especially of young men, are in every instance either produced or aggravated by pastry; but I am very sure of one thing, viz.

  37. A healthy sympathy of this kind, duly kept up, does much towards preserving the stomach in a good state, and the skin from eruptions and sores.

  38. Produces, among other evils, eruptions on the face.

  39. Whenever this is the case, the flannel should be immediately laid aside; upon which the eruptions usually disappear.

  40. There have been many eruptions of Vesuvius since the great eruption of A.

  41. There have been in Central America, since the time of the Spanish conquest, some fifty volcanic eruptions sufficiently great to have been recorded.

  42. But passing by these very early eruptions of Etna we come to the great eruption of 1669.

  43. There was a circular pit or crater on the summit of the mountain, but there had been no traditions of any eruptions prior to 1822.

  44. The recorded eruptions of Fuego are nearly all of the explosive type.

  45. We must also remember the immense lava streams that are known to have come from the interior during the great fissure eruptions of the geological past.

  46. Whymper says, that as far as records are concerned, there have been no eruptions of Chimborazo, which has apparently been an extinct volcano for many years.

  47. The eruptions are said to be in general more violent during a north or west wind than when it blows from the south or east, and on this occasion more matter was thrown out in mild than in stormy weather.

  48. Doubtless many eruptions have broken forth from the various fissures on this summit, but only here and there can insignificant traces of such catastrophes be definitely distinguished.

  49. The volcanic eruptions of Iceland belong for the greater part to the fissure type.

  50. Another evidence of submarine volcanic eruptions is to be found in great quantities of ashes, scoriae, or pumice stone, that are seen spread out over the surface of the ocean after the commotions referred to in the preceding paragraph.

  51. Such is the case at present in the eruptions of terrestrial volcanoes.

  52. Various eruptions are caused by the employment of impure soaps, and even by the excessive application of the best kind.

  53. By proper attention to the skin in the manner pointed out, many of the eruptions with which children are afflicted might be prevented.

  54. In the sudden retrocession of cutaneous diseases, it restores the eruptions to the surface and gives speedy relief.

  55. We have occasionally observed cutaneous eruptions and erysipelas, when evidently they were distinct signs of internal disorder.

  56. By its use, eruptions of all kinds vanish and the skin is rendered clear and soft, almost as an infants.

  57. These eruptions vary in size from one line to two inches in diameter, and may be scattered over the entire surface of the body, although they most frequently appear upon the elbows and knees.

  58. There is a shortness of breath, palpitation after even moderate exercise, trembling of the knees, and eruptions on the skin.

  59. Favorable symptoms are a natural and soft state of the skin, eruptions on the surface, a natural expression of the countenance, moist tongue, free action of the kidneys, and regular sleep.

  60. To a lesser degree similar phenomena followed the West Indian eruptions of 1902.

  61. The unusual sunlessness of the summer of 1912 was attributed to dust expelled in the preceding great eruptions at Katmai, Alaska.

  62. After the great Krakatoan eruptions of 1883, dust was carried in the upper atmosphere several times round the earth, and caused extraordinary colour effects.

  63. Mount Euler alone was an exception to this general law, and it must have taken several successive eruptions to form it, for the volume of its cavity is double that of its inclosure.

  64. Measuring the ancient craters formed by the first eruptions of Vesuvius and Etna, they are found to be scarcely 6,000 metres wide.

  65. Now this he found to be generally the case, and he hence concluded that a single eruption of volcanic matter had sufficed to form these ramparts, for successive eruptions would have destroyed the connection.

  66. The eruptions of Etna have been numerous, and many of them destructive.

  67. These great eruptions of the central volcano continued till the month of February, 1760.

  68. So violent were the eruptions of this mountain, that the roofs of houses in Queretaro, though at a distance of more than forty-eight leagues, in a straight line from the scene of explosion, were sometimes covered with ashes.

  69. Eruptions of mud, and other substances, indicated that subterraneous water had no small share in producing this extraordinary revolution.

  70. These eruptions should not be neglected, as they sometimes indicate a serious condition of the blood or circulation.

  71. Any eruptions on the face show a defect in the circulation.

  72. Eruptions which in normal individuals are simply macular or papular, assume a hemorrhagic character when occurring in a scorbutic individual.

  73. He remarks upon a fact, noted in our Civil War and other wars, that under these conditions eruptions assume a hemorrhagic character in typhoid fever, cerebrospinal fever, rheumatism and other infections.

  74. Persons are likewise subject in different periods of their life afterwards to habitual rheumatism, pains and stiffness in their joints; and sometimes eruptions on the skin.

  75. The seismic cataclysms which followed the volcanic eruptions caused such wide-spread damage that by the second map period a large portion of the southern part of the continent had been submerged.

  76. A few eruptions shewed themselves on the forehead, but they very soon disappeared without advancing to maturation.

  77. The great eruptions of the volcano continued till the following year, but have gradually become rarer, and at present have ceased.

  78. The flesh of the viper is also eaten roasted, as a remedy against eruptions of the skin.

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