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Example sentences for "erupted"

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erudition; eruditionis; eruditorum; erunt; erupt; erupting; eruption; eruptions; eruptive; erway
  1. Westward of this main range, the metamorphic schists are foliated, though less plainly, in the same direction, which is likewise common to the zone of old erupted trappean rocks, forming the outermost islets.

  2. At that instant a din of kettledrums erupted from galleries at the sides of the square.

  3. Their disordered ranks erupted in tangled steel and blood.

  4. A riot in the Hindu quarter had erupted soon after, forcing Mukarrab Khan to remove the English seamen outside the town walls, in tents erected by the "tank," the city reservoir.

  5. A shout of alarm erupted from behind, and he looked to see the remaining Rajputs charging in formation, bows already drawn.

  6. The crowd erupted again, the mullahs and many others urging his death, the young followers decrying it.

  7. The crowd, which had held a spellbound silence, erupted into cheers.

  8. The courtyard erupted with a sudden blare of trumpets and kettledrums, and Hawksworth turned to see Arangbar being carried in on an open palanquin, supported by uniformed eunuchs.

  9. Then the world around erupted in smoke and flying splinters of wood.

  10. He teased her slowly, languorously, until she erupted with cries of pleasure.

  11. This time flames and smoke erupted from the Discovery's portside battery, but now it spewed knife-edged chunks of metal and twisting crossbars.

  12. Almost at that moment the drummers erupted with a dense rhythmic cycle and the sarangi took up a single repetitive phrase.

  13. A mountain that's erupted is erupted till kingdom come, and a man that's did a deed, has did it till the stars fall.

  14. Even now we have seen that at Flagstaff Hill the lower extremity and most distant portion of one sheet of the erupted matter has been upheaved to as great a height as the crater down which it flowed, and probably even to a greater height.

  15. As there is no reason to suppose, that the craters formed of scoriae and lava were erupted whilst standing in the sea, we can see why the rule does not apply to them.

  16. Still more recent streams of lava have been erupted from the scattered cones, such as Red and Signal Post Hills.

  17. The interior parts of the island chiefly consist, as far as is known, of recently erupted matter.

  18. At the same instant a blast of intolerable flame erupted from the Boise's flank and the whole enormous fabric of her shook and quivered under the force of a terrific detonation.

  19. Into the cold waters the space-ship dove, and even before they could close over her, furious geysers of steam and boiling water erupted as the stubborn alloy gave up its heat to the cooling liquid.

  20. For minutes a host of robots toiled mightily, then a portion of the shield bulged out, extended into a tube beyond the attacking layers of force, and from it there erupted a beam of violence incredible.

  21. After that, electrical fires erupted down below, and the linoleum squares beneath our feet proceeded to heat and buckle.

  22. I sat mesmerized as a second ball of fire erupted where it had crashed.

  23. Tensions between the Sinhalese majority and Tamil separatists erupted into war in 1983.

  24. East and west of this mighty tract of broken-up lava come extensive moors also quite desert, covered with inky-black sand which has been erupted by volcanoes, burying and destroying what vegetation there was.

  25. Although we have no proof of volcanic rocks erupted in England during the deposition of the chalk and greensand, it would be an error to suppose that no theatres of igneous action existed in the cretaceous period.

  26. They appear to have been erupted while the sedimentary strata were in a horizontal position, and to have suffered the same dislocations which those strata have subsequently undergone.

  27. The technicians watched the dials and verified that a stream of highly charged, invisible particles had erupted from the beamer tubes.

  28. Red and orange flashes and a clatter erupted through the doorway, followed by silence.

  29. An uneasy cackle, strident and jarring, erupted from a corner, accompanied by the flat slap of a hard hand against the bar's rough counter.

  30. Todtliegende' of the Thuringian flotz formation) and the coal measures must be regarded as produced by erupted porphyry.

  31. The existence of these friction 'conglomerates', which are met with in enormous masses in both hemispheres, testifies the intensity of the force with which the erupted rocks have been propelled from the interior through the earth's crust.

  32. If we pass from these general considerations to individual examples, we find that schist is converted, by the vicinity of Plutonic erupted rocks, into a bluish-black, glistening roofing slate.

  33. Observations made with extreme accuracy over large tracts of land, show that erupted rocks have not been produced in an irregular and unsystematic manner.

  34. Five space-suited figures erupted from it, holding hand propulsion units, tubes of rocket fuel used for hand combat in empty space.

  35. Then, suddenly, it erupted a dozen fiery streaks.

  36. Let those who have the opportunity to examine, say, what arc to be found in proper lavas, that is, those of the erupted kind.

  37. In the erupted lavas, those substances which are subject to calcine and vitrify in our fires, suffer similar changes, when delivered from a compression which had rendered them fixed, though in an extremely heated state.

  38. Davis would have intervened, but the chubby skipper erupted into wilder and more theatrical accusations still.

  39. A three-hundred-foot fountain erupted from the surface.

  40. Then the entire floor of the valley erupted into little fumaroles, or volcanic potholes, that spewed out molten sand.

  41. Before Mount Katmai erupted in 1912 it was a fertile farm region.

  42. A mistake which I know, from observation, to be frequently made is the confusing of the normal serrations of the cutting edges of recently-erupted normal incisors with the peculiar crescentic edges of the syphilitic teeth.

  43. A cuspid partially erupted needs severance of the fibrous ring on the anterior and posterior as well as on the lateral surfaces (Fig.

  44. Erupted in 1903 and killed two geologists.

  45. Erupted in 1888 after a long period of quiescence.

  46. The stones came clattering down the flanks of the mountain and some of them rolled very near us; had we been within the radius formed by the erupted stones we probably should have been killed.

  47. In other districts the lava-streams are so fresh and unweathered as to suggest that they had been erupted only a few hundred years ago; but no active vent or crater is to be found over the whole of this wide region.

  48. The streams also brought down sand and gravel from the uprising domes of trachyte, and deposited them over the lake-bed along with the erupted ashes.

  49. They consist of porphyrites, felstones and tuffs, or breccias, contemporaneously erupted during the Wenlock and Ludlow stages.

  50. Newer lavas, erupted (with a) before origin of the Val del Bove; c.

  51. Those of the moon may be composed of similar material, or otherwise; but in either case we may suppose they are built up of lava, erupted from vents connected with the molten reservoirs of the interior.

  52. The earliest forerunners of the more recent lavas seem to have been erupted in Jurassic times, in the form of sheets of contemporaneous basalt or dolerite amongst the Antola limestones which are of this period.

  53. Some of the deposits are largely formed of glassy erupted materials, which have been converted into palagonite.

  54. Then followed a period of volcanism during which masses of volcanic materials were erupted along the axis of elevation.

  55. An ugly, yellow-red blossom of smoke and fire erupted from the front of the Travelaire and it burst into flames.

  56. A curtain of thick chemical foam burst from the poised nozzles atop Beulah's hull and a split-second later, another stream of foam erupted from the other patrol car.

  57. The nose, hands, feet, ears and tail are pinkish; P4 and M1 are already erupted and the second molars are included in the bony alveoli.

  58. With an explosive hiss, gray jets of live steam erupted from pipes around the edge of the room.

  59. Illustration: Gray jets of live steam erupted from pipes around the edge of the room which threatened to boil BLACK HOOD alive.

  60. Another, smaller halo erupted suddenly, and three stars passed through it as they fell from the sky, all in the same direction, and each within a breath of the other.

  61. She bolted toward the slope even as a rush of movement erupted there.

  62. His back was toward the sea when the second burst of black smoke erupted from the gun deck of the Marsten Moor.

  63. Startled, de Fontenay edged backward, and Jacques erupted with laughter, then turned back to Winston.

  64. Never had a fire in the fields erupted so suddenly.

  65. Suddenly a fistfight erupted between two members of the Assembly, one for and the other opposing the monarchy.

  66. Bartholomew stared at Winston a moment, then a smile erupted across his hard face.

  67. That was when the plume of spray erupted in front of him.

  68. That was the message in the gunfire that had erupted the moment the cowries were cast.

  69. Moments later, several rounds of musket fire erupted from the roadway below.

  70. Moments later a plume erupted off the bow of the English man-of-war.

  71. A series of musket shots erupted from the window of the Assembly Room, causing Briggs and the other planters to duck down behind the log barricade.

  72. The men erupted with a cheer and whipped their hats into the air.

  73. The yard erupted as the copestone of the turret at the corner exploded, raining chips of hard limestone around them.

  74. The fumes hovering over the dish billowed into a huge yellow blossom, and the table erupted with a cheer.

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