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Example sentences for "delineated"

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delimit; delimitation; delimited; delimiting; delineate; delineates; delineating; delineation; delineations; delineative
  1. But further, the very basis of the Spiritual Power, as delineated in the testimony of Scripture, is so laid in unity, that if unity be broken the idea itself is utterly destroyed.

  2. The person and character of James are delineated according to our best historians.

  3. James IV, that 'champion of the dames,' and likewise undoubted military leader, is faithfully delineated in accordance with historical records and contemporary estimates.

  4. The admirable characterisation, by which in this and the two following stanzas the King, the Queen, and Lady Heron are individually delineated and vividly contrasted, deserves special attention.

  5. Coroners' inquest procedures were delineated by statute and included describing in detail in the coroner's rolls every wound of a dead body, how many may be culpable, and people claiming to have found treasure who might be suspects.

  6. In the fifth canto of Don Juan, Lord Byron has seized the principal features, and delineated them with sparkling effect.

  7. It was not until he returned from Constantinople in the following autumn, that he saw the climate and country with those delightful aspects which he has delineated with so much felicity in The Giaour and The Corsair.

  8. With these all geometrical figures may be constructed; with them all magnitudes may be delineated and projected.

  9. This spirit of enterprise and intelligence he always preserved: he directed the government botanical establishment at Parramatta, and the French delineated his attainments with more than their usual enthusiasm.

  10. He delineated not less favorably the valley of the Tamar.

  11. Remonstrances so skilfully advanced could not be unnoticed: Collins was at once raised to the rank of colonel, and the intelligence with which he delineated the proper objects and agents of penal government, exalted him still higher.

  12. Yet they drew a brilliant picture of this colony, and delineated in vivid language the riches of its soil, its relative position, and its future destinies.

  13. To which is added a Map of the World, in which is delineated the Voyages of Robinson Crusoe.

  14. The whole scene lay expanded before him in the fulness of light and life, and, down to the minutest particular, everything is delineated with truth and accuracy.

  15. To which is added, a Map of the World, in which is delineated the Voyages of Robinson Crusoe.

  16. They delineated on a stone the course of the Mackenzie, and of the river we had newly discovered, which appears to flow from the Rocky Mountains, and to break through the same ridge of hill that the Mackenzie does at the Narrows.

  17. Certainly if any idea has ever been put forth clearly and definitely, it would seem to be the idea of organic unity here delineated by Cyprian, as necessary not merely to the well-being but to the essence of the Church.

  18. This connection between the Dispensation of the Son and the Giving of the Spirit was delineated by our Lord himself when He first appeared to His assembled disciples after His resurrection.

  19. Such would be the ideal state of simple nature as delineated above.

  20. Hercules was never delineated by the Greek artists as more than an athletic man of the ordinary standard with respect to height and bulk.

  21. The specimens here delineated were gathered in one of the hothouses of the Agricultural Department and first described and figured in Food Products, No.

  22. Such a character could only have been delineated by men possessed of sound discriminating judgment.

  23. But there is a second character which is harmoniously delineated in the Gospels, to which I have not alluded in the work above referred to, that of Simon Peter.

  24. The distinction between poetic and human sensibility has been marked in the character of the Poet delineated in the original preface.

  25. This proves that the feelings there delineated are such as men may sympathise with.

  26. Sensible objects really existing, and felt to exist, are imagery; and they may form the materials of a descriptive poem, where objects are delineated as they are.

  27. Among the accidents of life, as delineated in the stereograph, there is one that rarely fails in any extended view which shows us the details of streets and buildings.

  28. We must keep in mind, that the celestial equator and celestial ecliptic are here understood, and we may imagine them to be two great circles delineated on the face of the sky.

  29. The cardinal must have delineated his own picture; and Artus have exceeded what he was capable of.

  30. The greater part of the machines delineated in this scarce book are engines for raising heavy bodies; but many of them are used in various trades and manufactures, and may serve in some measure to illustrate the history of them.

  31. Never in the whole range of literature have we seen the struggle between these forces for supremacy over the man more powerfully, more realistically delineated than Mr. Caine pictures it.

  32. I have delineated only the rays issuing from two points of an object, and distinguished the two pencils in fig.

  33. Its various parts, are delineated in this figure: (fig.

  34. They are the fixed stars; which the ancients, in order to recognise them, formed into groups, and gave the names of the figures, which you find delineated on the celestial globe.

  35. The dimensions of the planets, in their proportion to each other, you will find delineated in fig.

  36. The respective proportions of the planets cannot, therefore, you see, be conveniently delineated in a diagram.

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