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  1. Even at this time cancer had been observed and recognized in the male breast.

  2. Cancer he declares to be almost incurable.

  3. The paragraph from Leonides quoted by Aëtius gives a description of operation for cancer of the breast, in which he insists particularly on the extensive removal of tissue and the free use of the cautery.

  4. For instance, in his discussion of cancer he says that there are two forms of the affection.

  5. His description of ulcerative cancer of the breast is very striking.

  6. This form of cancer is especially made worse by drugs and by all manner of manipulation.

  7. He meant to cure this world-cancer with a steady eye that had never glared with hunger, and a hand that neither poverty nor strychnine-whiskey had taught to shake.

  8. He held up Humanity in its grand total; showed the great world-cancer to his people.

  9. It's the cancer that gnaws like that at her.

  10. You asked my sister if there was cancer in the family.

  11. Not one cancer case in twenty thousand is being properly described and reported.

  12. And yet, in comparison with other diseases, cancer is being particularly well attended to.

  13. One hears a lot of the rigorous research into the problem of cancer that is now going on.

  14. Cancer of the cervix also seldom appears--once in about 2000 cases.

  15. The fourth case supposes the cancer is inoperable but the child viable.

  16. In the myoma case the woman has practically every chance for her life through operation; in this cancer case the woman has only one chance in four, as 75 per cent.

  17. In the second case the cancer is operable and the child is viable.

  18. In cancer of the cervix operability does not mean curability always.

  19. In the cancer the uterus is directly removed, the fetus is indirectly killed; in the ectopic case the fetus is directly killed, and the danger to the woman's life is removed as a direct effect of the killing.

  20. Trousseau emptied the uterus of a woman to stop her pernicious vomit, but she died, and at the autopsy he found a cancer of the stomach.

  21. Pregnancy hastens the growth and spread of cancer very much.

  22. One patient with complete heart block was operated upon at the Mayo Clinic three times in eleven years for appendicitis, cancer of the breast, and the excision of recurring skin nodules, and is still alive and reasonably well.

  23. The case is not like that of the woman who has an operable cervical cancer while she is bearing an inviable fetus.

  24. The child has about one chance in two of going on to viability, owing to the tendency to abortion, if no operation is done; but the mother loses her chance for life if the operation is not done at once, as the cancer will spread beyond cure.

  25. The third case is that of an inoperable cancer and an inviable child.

  26. In the last analysis it was not overthrown; it was destroyed from within by a cancer that had been eating at its vitals for eighty years.

  27. The cancer was Socialism, or Social-Democracy, as it is termed in Germany.

  28. Thus the cancer ate its way into the vitals of the Empire.

  29. No, no, the poisonous cancer must be cut out.

  30. He was one of the many who determined to cut out the great cancer of Europe.

  31. Let the nation be true to itself now, and we shall for ever cut out this cancer of German militarism, and bring in the time of universal peace.

  32. That is worse; yes, and it is worse than war to allow a cancer like the German war-spirit to live in the very heart of a continent, making peace and goodwill impossible.

  33. This war caste in Germany was like a great cancer growing in the heart of Europe.

  34. It seems that nothing but war will cut out this poisonous cancer of militarism, and it is the call of God to cut it out.

  35. All this killing was hellish, but the cancer had to be cut out.

  36. She had never been treated for cancer of the stomach, which Ritter says he thinks she may have had, although she had a valvular affection of the heart which had existed for some time.

  37. She had been treated previously for catarrh of the stomach, and it is probable that a cancer afflicted her.

  38. He also suspected a cancer of the stomach, but was not sure.

  39. Mind you, all the time the cancer was eating his body, this other cancer was at his mind.

  40. A great big man, as irritable as a child, slowly rotting away inside with cancer and two helpless little children, one a baby.

  41. Old Blore, the cancer doctor, lived in a room in the front.

  42. She had cancer and came there to be cured of it by the nature treatment.

  43. The engraved inscription on the Tropic of Cancer reads "Caspar Vopel Me.

  44. On the circle representing the Tropic of Cancer is engraved the legend "Caspar Vopell Medebach hanc sphaeram faciebat Coloniae 1543.

  45. On the circle representing the Tropic of Cancer is the inscription "Caspar Vopel arti[=v] profes.

  46. The growth of the cancer was permanently checked, but was not healed.

  47. He found it useful in haemorrhage with severe uterine colic, with clots of blood, in that following miscarriage, in the metrorrhagias at the menopause, and in those associated with cancer of the neck of the uterus.

  48. To one suffering much pain from cancer it afforded ease and comfortable sleep.

  49. He distilled it (as it is now prepared, by sun exposure), and for a short time bathed the cancer with the oil.

  50. Upon strict inquiry, no history of cancer or tuberculosis was given.

  51. About that time I was called to see a hopeless case of uterine cancer with severe general dropsy.

  52. It is only found in egg and sperm cells, and in cancer cells.

  53. Cancer was surely terrified to go near her.

  54. The only other cells with that immortal characteristic were cancer cells.

  55. One way of drumming up trade in the “cancer cure” business!

  56. Grief is the portion of the Kellam Cancer Hospital, of Richmond, Virginia, because in these editorials it has been grouped with other exemplars of the Great American Fraud.

  57. They have not even the excuse of the fanatical among the Christian Scientists who, denying the existence of pain, refuse to take measures to ease the cancer victim’s suffering even at the last.

  58. The Medical Times apologizes for the advertisement of the Kellam Cancer Cure Hospital but ignores altogether the fact that the hospital advertisement was but one of many equally discreditable.

  59. She died from cancer in the stomach in 1839, and was buried in the Campo Santo, Bologna.

  60. On opening it it was found that the liver was not affected, but that there was that cancer of the stomach which he had himself suspected, and of which his father and two of his sisters died.

  61. And Panaurov began to explain what cancer was.

  62. Ask them, for instance, what cancer is--what it is, what it comes from.

  63. Abscess of the stomach sometimes manifests a circumscribed tumor, and accordingly, probably includes cancer of that organ.

  64. If fistula or cancer develops, this complication is to be first cured and then the primary wound.

  65. After six years of unspeakable treatment he is said to have died of cancer in the stomach.

  66. Jupiter has his exaltation in Cancer and his fall in Capricornus.

  67. Thus, Saturn would receive detriment in Cancer and Leo, which are the signs opposite to his houses, Capricornus and Aquarius.

  68. Those born under the second part of the sign Cancer have the mark lower down on the breast and when the third part of Cancer is rising at a birth, the sign is nearly under the breast.

  69. Venus governs the lower parts of the body, and the illnesses she gives are cancer and all affections of the womb.

  70. When the sign Cancer is in the ascendant, the mark is on the upper part of the right breast in the form of a flower or a hare's foot, of a whitish colour, and commonly having a hair or two springing from it.

  71. Then, too, it has a very strong resemblance to the cancer on Mrs. Miller's lip.

  72. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "cancer" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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