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Example sentences for "cancelling"

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canceling; cancellated; cancellation; cancellations; cancelled; cancellous; cancels; cancer; cancerous; cancers
  1. The electrons were so light, they wouldn’t affect the mass much, and they would succeed in cancelling some of the positive charge.

  2. Could it be that something was cancelling part of the positive electric charge?

  3. Well, I made my first bad break when I carried on a correspondence with him which Simon had begun, not knowing they had had a talk between whiles cancelling the whole thing.

  4. That's weeks ago, and not a word does he say about our conversation cancelling the whole instructions!

  5. It is this, that there is the shadow of a Presidential Election looming ahead, and the cancelling of the debts guaranteed by Britain would be unpopular.

  6. The first step towards the rehabilitation of the world would be the mutual cancelling of the nations' debts to each other.

  7. On July 18 the cabinet met and resolved to recommend the cancelling of the old warrant regulating purchase, by a new warrant abolishing purchase.

  8. If that were secure, there was nothing to hinder the crown, in the discretion committed to it by the statute, from cancelling the old warrant.

  9. This was the formal way among the Swiss of cancelling a treaty.

  10. In case of wholesale taking and cancelling of life-long claims to service, a fair construction of the Constitution may be held to require, as a general rule, that just compensation should be made to the claimants.

  11. And if Congress can properly allege, as motive for taking and cancelling a multitude of life-long claims to service, the preservation of the national existence, can a consideration of greater magnitude be imagined for any legislative act?

  12. Dear Sir, The resolutions of Congress for calling in and cancelling the two hundred millions of dollars emitted by them, have in general been well received.

  13. On the 22nd March the Emperor-elect issued the mandate categorically cancelling the entire monarchy scheme, it being declared that he would now form a Responsible Cabinet.

  14. Once again it was whispered that so great an impression did this fateful warning produce on the Emperor-elect that he was within an ace of cancelling the disastrous scheme which now enmeshed him.

  15. The examination of dead-letters discloses much carelessness on the part of postmasters in post-marking letters, and also in cancelling postage-stamps.

  16. I then asked my good friend the skipper of the Jessie if he would run me down to the staff ship, as I hoped to be able to get a written order from somebody there, to the Captain of the Dundrennon, cancelling the sailing at 5 A.

  17. I shouted up to him: "I have an order cancelling your sailing until eight o'clock.

  18. Sulla and Paetus were to be proclaimed as consuls after the cancelling of the judicial sentence which excluded them.

  19. Though a despot, his Majesty, before cancelling his law, has to consult the eight Egbos, or heads of secret societies, whose magical powers give the sacred sanction to legislation.

  20. The king proclaims the cancelling of the law.

  21. Simply this, that he had thus succeeded in cancelling and counteracting a determinate scheme of divine discipline and training for man.

  22. The public will no doubt have noticed the new cancelling marks on the postage stamps, as the die and long horizontal lines are very striking.

  23. Supposing that she were to allow herself to be persuaded into cancelling the will, had she not arranged for the contingency?

  24. He could not and would not be ordered thus to part with Algae; and yet he was sorely anxious for the cancelling of the hateful document.

  25. In interfering with and actually cancelling the acts of the commissary, the audiencia was exceeding its authority, for the laws prescribed that his decisions could be reversed only by his immediate superior, the tribunal of Mexico.

  26. The Council modified this sentence, however, approving the fine, but cancelling the other provisions.

  27. This was the problem which flew open by the cancelling of the Romish credentials: and the various answers to it constitute the body of Protestant theology.

  28. If the cancelling has been omitted on the mailing of the Letter, the Post Master delivering it will cancel the stamp in the manner directed, and immediately report the Post Master who may have been delinquent, to the Department.

  29. This is where the payments to the engravers of the stamps appear, as well as items for cancelling stamps, post-marks, etc.

  30. This invoicing back, takes the place of the cancelling of a contract, according to law.

  31. Through the vale of years Sophia never forgot the grudge, and when she made herself an influence in the highest circles of reform, she turned with grim persistence to the agitation for the cancelling of the tavern license.

  32. Twas a short time after this that ugly rumors of rowdyism were spread over the countryside, and while matters were at white heat the question of cancelling Nancy McVeigh's tavern license was again brought before the Commissioners.

  33. But he was grateful to the Post for being so coercive and superseding and cancelling all considerations of--of what?

  34. He must have no suspicion that she would lend herself to a scheme that would take advantage of a wretched legal shuffle--one of the most wretched that even Themis has scheduled as a shift for the cancelling of a solemn contract.

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