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cancel; cancelation; canceled; canceling; cancellated; cancellations; cancelled; cancelling; cancellous; cancels
  1. Minister to United States protests against cancellation of consular exequaturs by Germany.

  2. The railroads have suffered greatly through the cancellation of registered orders and by the stoppage of further orders from Poland, also by the military mobilization.

  3. This shows that the cancellation of the original contract, by which the surgeon was appointed to give free medical treatment to all the inhabitants, was a consequence of the new order of things.

  4. In addition, the spirit of enterprise and initiative was encouraged by the cancellation of their contracts made with the Company in France for mostly all now were independent workers, anxious to make good for their own interests.

  5. But the degree to which one cares is not measured by reaction time or cancellation tests.

  6. A series of cancellation and reaction-time tests showed that the simple sensory reactions were slower and more regular than those of the average person, but the motor reactions were much quicker.

  7. It often is reserved, and if exercised, this must be done before a loss occurs, and a cancellation made afterwards, though without knowledge of it, is void.

  8. A surrender or cancellation of a policy may be avoided on the ground of mutual mistake.

  9. If, as a condition of cancellation, the unearned portion of the premium is to be returned, the failure to return it renders the cancellation worthless.

  10. But the insured cannot seek cancellation on the ground that he thought it was something else when his mistake was simply his own in not reading the release.

  11. The sale of a homestead claim by the settler to another is not recognized, and vests no titles or equities in the purchaser, and would be prima facie evidence of abandonment, and sufficient cause for cancellation of the entry.

  12. Another entry of the land will not be made in case of relinquishment or contest, until the cancellation is ordered by the Commissioner of the General Land Office.

  13. There is no possibility of securing the cancellation of the manufacturing requirement unless, or until, the book manufacturing unions can be persuaded to give their assent.

  14. I think I do not err, if I conclude that the first part of the pending measure is inadequate, while the cancellation of the three per cent.

  15. The proposition of the Committee is further embarrassed by the provision for the cancellation each month of the three per cent.

  16. Gowan, I told the Mayor that I considered him morally responsible for all the ill-feeling that had caused the cancellation of the first Esplanade contract, and for the loss to the city which followed.

  17. By 1855, at least, a modified form of the concentric ring cancellation was introduced.

  18. No name occurs in the cancellation and it was applied with a roller, thus making a universal style which is more convenient in application than the type set form, varying for every post office.

  19. Postmarks were supposed to be used only on the cover, where they would plainly exhibit the story they were to tell, while the cancellation marks were intended to deface the stamp.

  20. But 21 more names were needed, according to the cancellation numbers, to fill out the latter series.

  21. Also it appears that it is found in a used condition, though this cannot be taken as an absolute test, because of the uncertainty that may lurk in a cancellation on a detached specimen of a stamp.

  22. A good illustration of this cancellation is seen on the cover numbered 90 on Plate VI.

  23. After Confederation this postmark lingered at some of the offices in the provinces named, when it was used for general cancellation purposes, if not for its primary purpose.

  24. A notable cancellation is one in the shape of a large maple leaf.

  25. The cancellation should not so deface the stamp as to prevent its denomination and genuineness from being readily determined.

  26. And I have no right to ask Bill to sacrifice the profit on this job which your father is willing to pay him, in return for a cancellation of the contract; I have no right to ask or expect Bill Conway to risk a penniless old age for me.

  27. I expect, of course, to settle with you for the abrupt cancellation of the contract, but I believe we are both reasonable men and that no difficulty will arise in that direction.

  28. Did you receive that postcard in due course or about the cancellation date appearing on the face of the card?

  29. He should at once begin to cancel and prove by checking that errorless cancellation always gives the right answer.

  30. A mere protest neither constitutes a cancellation nor reserves the right of cancellation.

  31. If a woman is pregnant at the time of the dissolution or cancellation of her former marriage this provision does not apply after the day of her delivery.

  32. A woman cannot contract another marriage within six months from the dissolution or cancellation of her former marriage.

  33. I am opposed to the cancellation of these debts and believe it for the best welfare of the world that they should be liquidated and paid as fast as possible.

  34. The war authorizations will also be reduced 3'7 billion dollars by carrying receipts of revolving accounts to surplus, by lapses, and by cancellation and repayment of commitments of the Government war corporations.

  35. This will require cancellation of the 1/2 cent decrease which otherwise will become effective April 1st, and will maintain revenues so that an expanded highway program can be undertaken.

  36. I do not favor the cancellation of this debt, but I see no objection to adjusting it in accordance with the principle adopted for the British debt.

  37. To insist on integration in this instance, The Adjutant General argued, would mean cancellation of these dances to the detriment of the soldiers' morale.

  38. Because of the cancellation his division wanted to reduce the number of black marines to 1,500.

  39. GDP, and Gabon failed to settle arrears on its bilateral debt, leading to a cancellation of rescheduling agreements with official and private creditors.

  40. Mozambique has received a formal cancellation of a large portion of its external debt through an IMF initiative and is scheduled to receive additional relief.

  41. Our money was dwindling, the newspaper would not become a paying proposition for some time, and the only revenue from the post office was the meager cancellation of stamps.

  42. All we got out of the post-office job was the cancellation of stamps, as it was a fourth-class office in which the government furnished the stamps and we kept the money for all stamps canceled in our office.

  43. One element which disturbs the cataloging work in these libraries is that the withdrawal and cancellation of the records of lost and worn-out books is done by the cataloging departments.

  44. Do you give the receipt to the borrower to be returned with card for cancellation of date or do you keep file of such receipts at the library?

  45. Hanael, together with the lawyer Adolf Chaymov and Mr. Menachem Moshonov, decided to go to Metropolitan Stephan, who had called for them, in order to beg his intervention for the cancellation of the deportation decision.

  46. It is, in my opinion, undeniable that the protests of the Churches and Church" leaders contributed to alleviating the measures against the refugees and their ultimate cancellation in practice.

  47. Both the intent and the actual destruction or cancellation must coexist.

  48. As has been said by a writer on the subject of wills, "No amount of cancellation or destruction without the intent to revoke, and no amount of intent without the actual destruction, will suffice to revoke a will.

  49. Suit was brought in a court of equity to compel the cancellation of the deed to the corporation.

  50. Meanwhile General Huerta protested against the cancellation of the embargo on arms, and relations with the United States became more strained.

  51. It was made from the cancellation stamp in use in the post office, the usual date being replaced by the value.

  52. The method of cancellation used in that country is crude but effective.

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