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  1. It would be a help to that study if from time to time he would publish some of his findings, because such publication would put him in touch with a phase of Judaism which mere complimentary editorials could not.

  2. So all gave him a puff, and two of the better sort wrote really fine editorials about him.

  3. In imagination he could already see the editorials that would be printed in the newspapers, praising him for his stand, and this, he reflected, would be beneficial to him in his campaign for renomination and reelection.

  4. XXII Those persons in the community who called themselves the good were gratified by Archie's conviction, and there were at once editorials and even sermons to express this gratification.

  5. By the way, I have become scientific--I write nearly all the scientific editorials for our paper, which you sometimes see, no doubt.

  6. Well, he came one day to our office to protest about some of my editorials on Indian questions.

  7. Even my editorials upon Sanscrit literature called out abuse of the paper from various N.

  8. On my word, such editorials as this will do more good than all the preaching in Christendom.

  9. He had sent her copies of his new paper, with his editorials proudly marked in blue pencil.

  10. No wonder his editorials have stirred up the reading public; he means what he says.

  11. Mr. Brown was one of the old school newspapermen, who were writers of editorials worthy of the greatest papers of the United States.

  12. And in this same state the larger dailies in the cities took it on themselves to drum up the smaller country papers and get them to write editorials opposed to the formula bill.

  13. The press had commented extensively and favorably upon such a choice and there had appeared many articles and editorials giving consideration to my name.

  14. I pointed out that not only were these editorials untrue and unjust, but they did not reflect his policy and yet were so interpreted.

  15. Surely they understand their business much better than does a Texas maverick-brander who writes economic editorials while astride a mustang.

  16. The editorials of all such sheets as the Advertiser are but a stale re-hash of Eastern utterances.

  17. I can see nothing in his editorials at which to take offense.

  18. On the second morning after the riot, all three newspapers published double-headed editorials calling upon the authorities to safeguard the community against another such degrading and dangerous upheaval.

  19. In the columns of the Atlas are many editorials which came seething hot from Carleton's brain, during the campaign which elevated Mr. James Buchanan to the presidency.

  20. It seems to me that editorials are not conned as attentively as they once were; and I am sure they have not so much influence as formerly.

  21. In a series of editorials in The Revolution there was a decided expression of hostility towards the Fifteenth Amendment during all the time it was pending in Congress.

  22. They looked confidently for encouragement, and inspiring editorials in certain Eastern journals.

  23. His editorials have been marked by an almost prophetic spirit; and the profoundness of their thought will be more justly appreciated as there is a larger development and a higher demand for unqualified justice.

  24. His daily editorials are one of the outstanding reasons why nearly half of all the people in Metropolitan New York, who buy any New York evening paper, buy the New York Evening Journal every day.

  25. The editorials in the Philanthropist, which swiftly followed Lundy's visit, began to throw off more heat as the revolving wheels of an electrical machine throw off sparks.

  26. Other editorials laughed at Luke's habit of hitting at vast conspiracies of which he never produced proof, and some charged him with flagrant dishonesty.

  27. You consider me incompetent to write editorials for the Post?

  28. In addition the Colonel wrote three columns of editorials every day.

  29. Mr. Boggs admitted that the ability to write editorials of the first order was not all that should be required of the editor of the Post.

  30. So this is why you are interested in having editorials written about reformatories.

  31. The Senator reads the editorials in the Post with marked attention, has asked me the name of the writer, and has commended some of his utterances most highly.

  32. Also he hunted up one or two stray cuttings which proved to be editorials he had written on assignment, for a New York newspaper.

  33. They averred that they had made a point of reading the Post editorials during the Colonel's absence, with a view to sizing up the assistant, and had been highly pleased with the character of his work.

  34. May I say that I have read some of your editorials in the Post with--ah--pleasure and profit?

  35. To write editorials that have a relation with everyday life, it gradually became clear to him that the writer must himself have some such relation.

  36. If you continue to think this difference all in your own favor, I urge you to abandon any idea of writing editorials for the Post.

  37. Day after day, night after night, Queed sat at his tiny table poring over back files of the Post, examining Colonel Cowles's editorials as a geologist examines a Silurian deposit.

  38. And who writes the editorials on the Post now?

  39. Of these editorials it is enough to say at this point that there were people who liked them.

  40. With nothing to do but to digest my subjects, I could write editorials that would establish me as a party leader.

  41. I wrote editorials in his behalf, and even left my sanctum and made speeches for him.

  42. The letter was at the time regarded by railroad men as a very strong document, and the railroad journals were filled with lengthy editorials in praise of the soundness of the doctrines and arguments which it contained.

  43. Whenever the editorials of reputable papers work toward a specific goal, they usually achieve it.

  44. He could get a fat sum for such editorials as he writes for us if he wanted to sell them.

  45. Throughout the magnificent series of letters and editorials which illuminated the pages of The Spirit this was the text which Mr. Wilkes enforced.

  46. His editorials during the War were regularly reprinted in the Tribune and some of them were read in Congress.

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