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Example sentences for "edits"

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editorially; editorials; editors; editorship; editress; edle; edlen; edler; educability; educable
  1. Defn: One who edits or writes for a magazine.

  2. The crawling insect, Buckner, who edits the Hurrah, is braying about his business with his customary imbecility, and imagining that he is talking sense.

  3. He said, "Sir, have I the honor of addressing the poltroon who edits this mangy sheet?

  4. The first (which you have seen,) is a large sheet, is published weekly, and employs almost exclusively the time of the gentleman who edits it.

  5. There is a man who edits The Sunday Age of New York--H.

  6. Elizabeth Boynton Harbert edits "The Woman's Kingdom" in the Inter-Ocean, one of the leading dailies of Chicago.

  7. Miss McDowell continued her paper several years, and has ever since been a faithful correspondent in many journals, and now edits a "Woman's Department" in The Philadelphia Sunday Republic.

  8. Mary Forney Weigley edits a social department in her father's--John W.

  9. Wood, edits the Two Harbor Iron Post, in Lake county.

  10. Loustalot, under the wing of Prudhomme dull-blustering Printer, edits weekly his Revolutions de Paris; in an acrid, emphatic manner.

  11. On a Thomistic basis John Kiss edits a philosophical review (Bolcseleti Folyoirat); on similar lines have been working Akos Mihalyfi, Repassy, Augustin Lubrich and others.

  12. The office edits the Bulletin des Douanes in French, German, English, Italian, and Spanish.

  13. It edits the Journal Telegraphique in French.

  14. That is also the method in which Grave edits the Revolte.

  15. Oh," said our friends, "he edits the leading Government organ, and he is going to pump you of all information in order to use it against your cause and in favour of the Government.

  16. That in brief was our reception by the man who edits "a native paper".

  17. I happen to know Mrs Boston Wright, who edits it.

  18. He edits a trade journal now, and I see very little of him.

  19. An old friend of mine edits the "Herald," and I'm indebted to him for the suggestion.

  20. Peet, who edits this journal, has advanced in one of his papers (vii.

  21. Pinkney Smith edits the "Social Melange" of the States.

  22. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "edits" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.