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Example sentences for "gnaws"

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gnawed; gnaweth; gnawing; gnawings; gnawn; gneiss; gneisses; gneissic; gneissose; gnes
  1. Stags bite it above, At the side it rots, Nidhug gnaws it below.

  2. The snout of the Mantis gnaws and burrows into this undefended spot with a certain persistence, and a large wound is opened in the neck.

  3. The young queen darts at the first she sees, gnaws a hole with her jaws, and, thrusting in her sting through the hole in the cocoon, kills the young bee while it is still a prisoner.

  4. Although the bee does not know this, yet as gnaws away every bit of wax that can be spared she brings the holes into this shape.

  5. Thus said, the bird his swarthy pinions shakes, And hops down from the tree, and gnaws the steaks.

  6. NIDHĂ–G=, name of a frightful dragon that dwells in the marsh of Nastrond, and who continually gnaws the root of the Ash-tree Yggdrassil.

  7. As a still further punishment, he left The traitors life, of all its joys bereft: There haunts them still the ghost of Qvaser slain, And hunger gnaws them with eternal pain.

  8. The squirrel is especially destructive to the pine in Sologne, where he gnaws the bark of trees twenty or twenty-five years old.

  9. Spite gnaws the factions; for thy conquests won Scarce shalt thou be unpunished.

  10. And yet -- and yet -- Wherever there is the smallest loophole, doubt creeps in and gnaws and gnaws and never leaves a poor wretch in peace.

  11. XLI "Thought which now makes me burn, now freeze with hate, Which gnaws my heart and rankles at its root!

  12. I told you I was content, I wanted to persuade myself, but you have seen that fear gnaws at my heart.

  13. No, I can't explain it, but it may be that the thought that another man has possessed you, gnaws and consumes me.

  14. In wet meadows, you may see the crows and storks boring the ground to seize on the white worm (ver blanc) which, for three years before metamorphosing into a cockchafer, gnaws at the roots of our grasses.

  15. She goes to another Bee's dwelling and patiently gnaws the mortar lid or door.

  16. Atom by atom, she drives a hole in the plaster and scoops out a shaft just large enough to let her through; she reaches the lid of the cell and gnaws it till she catches sight of the honey.

  17. He gnaws every thing he comes near, and it was found necessary to line with tin the barrel in which he was brought over.

  18. And if my art, unwearying and discreet, Can make no Moon of Silver for thy feet To have for Footstool, then thy heel shall rest Upon the snake that gnaws within my breast, Victorious Queen of whom our hope is born!

  19. And so, before the Louvre, to vex my soul, The image came of my majestic swan With his mad gestures, foolish and sublime, As of an exile whom one great desire Gnaws with no truce.

  20. The Might-have-been with tooth accursed Gnaws at the piteous souls of men, The deep foundations suffer first, And all the structure crumbles then Beneath the bitter tooth accursed.

  21. With its mandibles it pierces some part of this leaf, and afterwards gradually gnaws a curved line, marking the form of the piece which it wishes to detach.

  22. The successive portions which she gnaws off may be readily ascertained by an observer, as she carries them away from the place.

  23. Meanwhile the worm gnaws incessantly, and all the powers of destruction are at work.

  24. The thought that he did an injury to the princely dignity of his wife gnaws within him, and he is now occupied with the idea that your Highness might under certain circumstances forget your position as princess.

  25. Conscious guilt dyes his face, and remorse gnaws at the roots of his tongue.

  26. This monster is incessantly devouring and preying on all that comes within its reach; nothing satiates it; it gnaws and crunches the bones of the destitute, and laps up their tears.

  27. But the beaver is not to be disappointed; he sets to work and gnaws away a little above the first place, thus giving it a fresh start, in order that the impetus may disengage it from the branches which keep it up.

  28. He gnaws into grain bins and steals the grain.

  29. He gnaws the bark from young fruit trees all the way around as high as he can reach, and of course this kills the trees.

  30. There are poor women who have scabs come upon their noses, and others who have a horrid animal with a hundred claws, which gnaws their tenderest parts.

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