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  1. These projections are due to the extreme development of the masticatory muscles which move the heavy jaws and of the cervical muscles, ensuring the equilibrium of the head.

  2. In the gorillas, it is the same with the enormous spines of the cervical vertebrae, to which are fixed the muscular masses of the nape of the neck.

  3. Homo--no cervical ligament, and no powerful muscles at the nape of the neck.

  4. The cervical curve only shows itself at the time when the child begins to "hold up its head," in the sitting posture to which it gradually becomes accustomed--that is to say about the third month.

  5. The plexus (d') is the cervical ganglion of M.

  6. The cervical and thoracic vertebrae seem to be biconcave; the cervical ribs are much reduced and were apparently still movable; the thoracic ribs are devoid of uncinate processes.

  7. Cervical vertebrae with extremely short, broad and depressed bodies; the first free, but the second and third, and often several of the others united together both by their bodies and arches.

  8. All the species present the peculiarity of possessing nine cervical vertebrae; but the ninth, and sometimes the eighth, bears a pair of short movable ribs.

  9. Atlas and axis are bones of the neck on which the head turns: the atlas is the first cervical vertebra, the axis is the second cervical vertebra; symphyses, the union of bones with each other.

  10. Cervical vertebra, the first vertebra, supporting the skull.

  11. Cervical groove, the groove dividing the head from the thorax.

  12. The cervical vertebrae are anchylosed; and one of the ribs is abnormal.

  13. The bones of an adult were found in a heap except the vertebrae which lay extended full length; cervical vertebrae to the north.

  14. The bodies of the cervical vertebrae are elongated, strongly keeled, and markedly opisthocoelous, or concave behind and convex in front.

  15. Observe the long cervical vertebrae which support the skull, also the thoracic vertebrae bearing the ribs and sternum.

  16. To any of the vertebrae except the first (the single cervical vertebra) and the last, ribs may be attached and the coecilians have about as many pairs of ribs as vertebrae.

  17. The cephalothorax is covered above and on the sides by the carapace, which is divided into parts corresponding to the head and thorax of the toad by the transverse cervical suture.

  18. The whole shape of the brain, together with the skull, has been modified in Polish fowls; in other breeds of the fowl the number of the vertebrae and the forms of the cervical vertebrae have been changed.

  19. The cervical scutes are arranged in two transverse rows, each of which contains two scutes; and there is no space left between the posterior row and the tergal series.

  20. There are usually six cervical scutes, in two rows, or forming a rhomb, and separated by a distinct interval from the tergal scutes.

  21. The second and third cervical rows in Caiman palpebrosus and trigonatus also contain a median scute, and consequently an odd number of scutes.

  22. His cervical contortions, twitchings, and jerkings were painful to behold.

  23. The great degree of mobility in that portion of the spine which is formed by the superior cervical vertebræ, must render it, and the contained parts, liable to injury from sudden distortions.

  24. The membranes, which, in their continuation, inclose the spinal marrow, were so tough that we found great difficulty in cutting through them, and we observed this to be the cause of the tendinous texture of the cervical nerves.

  25. All that has been ventured to assume here, has been that the disease depends on a disordered state of that part of the medulla which is contained in the cervical vertebræ.

  26. Auvard’s speculum has been inserted, a volsella attached to the anterior cervical lip and a bougie passed.

  27. A Sims’s speculum is passed and the cervix seized and drawn down with a volsella so as to straighten the cervical canal.

  28. The part of the cervical canal which exerts the greatest resistance to the dilating action is the internal os uteri, and after the tent has been removed a well-marked constriction is always to be seen at this point.

  29. If the deep-lying cervical abscess be large, the finger may be passed into the abscess cavity behind the mastoid process, between it and the cut fibres of the sterno-mastoid muscle.

  30. If cervical hypertrophy is present, amputation by Marckwald’s method (see p.

  31. In exposure of the jugular vein there may be difficulty in finding the vessel, especially if the cervical glands are enlarged, or if there be matting together of the tissues in consequence of periphlebitis or cellulitis.

  32. In the subtotal operation the risk arises chiefly in suturing the peritoneal flaps over the cervical stump, for the bladder is liable to be punctured with the needle as it lies close to the anterior flap.

  33. The woman miscarried at the seventh month: delivery was obstructed by a cervical fibroid.

  34. On the dorsal surface of the sixth cervical vertebra in Cochins three prominent points are more strongly developed than in the corresponding vertebra of the Game fowl or G.

  35. No one will say, for instance, that the occipital foramen, or the atlas, or the third cervical vertebra is a part of slight importance.

  36. When we know that the sparrow has only nine, and the swan twenty-three cervical vertebrae (7/72.

  37. We also see that an additional dorsal vertebra bearing a rib is occasionally developed, the number of the cervical and lumbar vertebrae apparently remaining the same as usual.

  38. From the foregoing statements we see that the fifteenth cervical vertebra occasionally becomes modified into a dorsal vertebra, and when this occurs all the adjoining vertebrae are modified.

  39. A change in the shape of the ear in animals born of parents in which such a change was the effect of a division of the cervical sympathetic nerve.

  40. With the increased size of the body the third cervical has assumed characters proper to the fourth cervical vertebra; and the eighth and ninth dorsal vertebrae have similarly assumed characters proper to the tenth and posterior vertebrae.

  41. Variation and selection in the cervical central articulations of living turtles.

  42. The specimens consist of dorsal and cervical vertebrae.

  43. Professor Sedgwick possesses in the Cambridge Museum a mass of anchylosed cervical vertebrae of a whale, which he found in drift clay near Ely, and which he has no doubt was washed out of the Kimmeridge clay, an upper member of the Oolite.

  44. The parts of the uterus permanently infected by chronic gonorrhea are the cervical region, the fundus and the partes interstitiales of the Fallopian tubes.

  45. The uterus was incised near its cervical end.

  46. From these statistics it is evident that the cervical operation in the hands of competent surgeons should be the operation of choice.

  47. This makes 304 cases of cesarean cervical section, not the classic operation, with only three deaths, less than 1 per cent.

  48. The case is not like that of the woman who has an operable cervical cancer while she is bearing an inviable fetus.

  49. In nineteen cases of transperitoneal but cervical section he had no trouble, and six of these were infected cases.

  50. The gynecologist must adjust uterine displacements and heal cervical erosions.

  51. If this infection has been done by a competent obstetrician working in a hospital with sterile instruments, it may be safe to deliver the woman by an extraperitoneal or cervical trans-peritoneal cesarean section.

  52. First to sixth cervical vertebrae and sometimes the seventh also, coalesced.

  53. Accordingly we find that in these whales the whole seven cervical vertebrae are fused into an immovable solid mass, of which the compound elements, with the exception of the first and second, are but little thicker than plates.

  54. The cervical vertebrae are united, and there are only 43 vertebrae altogether.

  55. In a paper on the form and function of the cervical vertebrae published in the Jenaische Zeitschrift for 1905, Dr O.

  56. Bodies of the anterior five or six cervical vertebrae united.

  57. Among the dolphin group the narwhal and the white whale, or beluga, are distinguished from all other cetaceans by the great comparative length of their cervical vertebrae, all of which are completely free.

  58. All the cervical vertebrae united by their bodies and arches.

  59. In all the remaining genera of Delphinidae the cervical region of the vertebral column is very short, and the first two, and usually more, of the vertebrae are firmly united.

  60. Atlas, or first vertebra, free; all the other cervical vertebrae united by their bodies and spines into a single mass.

  61. In the vertebral column, the cervical region is short and immobile, and the vertebrae, always seven in number, are in many species more or less fused together into a solid mass.

  62. The cervical vertebrae are relatively short, an expanded neural platform as far as the sixth.

  63. In Anomalopteryx and Megalapteryx the number of cervical vertebrae is 21, and there are 2 cervico-dorsal and 4 free dorsal vertebrae, so it is fair to assume that this is the correct number throughout the family.

  64. The sting must therefore aim at the cervical ganglia, the seat of innervation on which the rest of the organism depends.

  65. The inference drawn from this sudden inertia is inevitable: the Wasp has stabbed the cervical ganglia.

  66. A sting in the joint of the neck is not admissible: it would injure the cervical ganglia and lead to death, followed by putrefaction.

  67. This should scarcely be attempted by a novice, as a knowledge of the anatomy of the parts is essential to avoid cutting the large artery, vein, and nerve that are closely related to the esophagus in its cervical portion.

  68. In cervical as well as in thoracic choke we must first of all endeavor to soften or lubricate the obstruction by pouring oil or mucilaginous drinks down the gullet.

  69. In cervical choke (where the obstruction is situated at any point between the throatlatch and the shoulder) the protrusion caused by the object can be seen and the object can be felt.

  70. If in the cervical region, it may cause interference in breathing and the action of the heart.

  71. I, N, Q, The inferior, middle, and superior cervical ganglia.

  72. The four lower cervical and upper dorsal pass into each other and then separate to reunite.

  73. Division or complete compression of the cord at or above the level of the fourth cervical vertebra is immediately fatal (as happens in judicial hanging).

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