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  1. It was thoroughly overhauled at the yard, boilers and machinery, and I have examined it down to the minutest details.

  2. When the Arkansas reached the fleet her smoke-stack had been so often perforated by the Carondelet's shot that her boilers could scarcely supply any steam.

  3. The tug received a shot in her boilers and sunk.

  4. Not only so; in case of injury to the boilers or engines of one, it was hoped that those of her consort might pull her through.

  5. Good Mother Earth supplies us with all the fuel we can use and more, and only asks us to lead it under our boilers and into our heating and puddling furnaces, and apply the match.

  6. Stop valves are left open, the reversing lever is not fixed in mid-gear, steam is got up in the boilers at a time when no one is in the engine house, and the engines run away.

  7. Boilers will last longer, and there will be fewer explosions from unequal expansion and contraction, due from cold draughts of air being let in on hot plates.

  8. But she was now in salt water, and her boilers were beginning to "prime" furiously.

  9. If the war be not ended, my ship will need to go into dock, to have much of her copper replaced, now nearly destroyed by such constant cruising, and to have her boilers overhauled and repaired; and this can only be properly done in Europe.

  10. I got steam up to go alongside of her for the purpose, when, with a very low pressure, my boilers gave way in so serious a manner as to extinguish the fires in one of the furnaces.

  11. Then gradually the foaming in the Sumter's boilers ceased, and she was again put to her speed.

  12. He had a secret hankering to mess around some real engines again, and gave it as his opinion that fortune was more likely to lurk in a solid stern-wheel steamer with good engines and boilers than in a battered hulk at sea.

  13. She was also given a dash of black paint, had her engines and boilers thoroughly overhauled and repaired, and shipped a new propeller that would add at least a knot to her speed.

  14. Two classes of boilers are chiefly used in hot-water heating installations, viz.

  15. In boilers working at a higher pressure, or supplied with water at a lower temperature, appropriate corrections are applied to deduce the quantity evaporated in terms of this unit.

  16. Independent boilers are made in every conceivable size and form of construction, and many of them are capable of doing excellent work.

  17. Cylinders, tanks and independent boilers should be encased in a non-conducting material such as silicate cotton, thick felt or asbestos composition.

  18. Boilers set in brickwork are sometimes used in domestic work, although they are more favoured for horticultural heating.

  19. Soon after leaving the Humber the boilers began to leak, and on Thursday morning the weather became very tempestuous, while a thick mist enveloped the vessel.

  20. An hour after the arrival of four prows all the men were at work ashore cooking them in boilers placed over roughly- constructed stone furnaces, after which they were dried on hurdled roofs.

  21. A great deal of secret manoeuvring by the custom-house officials and the police resulted in both boilers being seized in London and those responsible for them being secured.

  22. Detective officers were accordingly despatched to Rotterdam, to watch the proceedings there, and duly observed the packing of two large marine boilers with tobacco, by hydraulic pressure.

  23. The only connection I can see is that there is a "b" in boilers and a "b" in butterflies.

  24. He talked to me about boilers and engines and machinery of all sorts, and I did my best to appear interested and understanding.

  25. But though boilers and engines are undoubtedly important things, I can never feel any enthusiasm about them.

  26. I do not recall what it was; but it led from boilers to butterflies.

  27. They got more out of life, after all, than the brewers and soap-boilers and traffickers in money, and traffickers in blood, who have nothing left from those occupations to hallow its memory.

  28. Boilers and engines, I know, are important things.

  29. But we steamed on, and the boilers themselves were not a whit hotter than we were.

  30. Many of the furnaces are covered in at the top, and this gas is led away to heat boilers for the steam-engines or to drive large gas-engines, but in a large works there is more of this waste gas than they know what to do with.

  31. Many efforts have been made in times gone by to use kerosene for firing the boilers of steam-engines.

  32. In these boilers the heat is made to play directly on a great many tubes, and a full head of steam is generated in a few minutes.

  33. Mosher, who has built many fast yachts, that enabled him to build engines and boilers of great power in proportion to their weight.

  34. The boilers save weight also by producing steam at the enormous pressure of 400 pounds to the square inch.

  35. The correspondent of this paper also said that the ten-inch and six-inch magazines were upset and hurled from their places in opposite directions, and added that the forward boilers were overturned and wrecked.

  36. There were no fires under these boilers at the time of the explosion.

  37. The heads of two of the boilers are to be seen on the left of the view.

  38. The view below represents the interior of one of the great boiler rooms where the boilers are put together by riveting the plates to each other at their edges.

  39. The manner in which the boilers are made will be presently explained.

  40. The steam generated in the boilers is conveyed to the engine, where it is to do its work, by what is called the steam pipe.

  41. In fact, placed upon end, one of these boilers would form a tower with a very good sized room on each floor, and four stories high.

  42. They had eight or ten boilers full of meats, in the middle of this cabin, separated some six feet from each other, each one having its own fire.

  43. Before their meat was cooked, one of them arose, took a dog and hopped around these boilers from one end of the cabin to the other.

  44. With a view to giving still further safety in the event of collision or stranding, the boilers are arranged in two boiler rooms, entirely separated from each other by means of a water tight iron bulkhead.

  45. Steam is supplied by eight cylindrical tubular boilers, fired from both ends, each of the boilers being 19 feet long and having 14 feet mean diameter.

  46. There are seven boilers and thirty-nine furnaces.

  47. Our prospect of starting to-day is somewhat doubtful, as the hammering at the boilers still reaches my ears.

  48. A plate of one of our boilers was found to be burned out, and we were obliged to stop on the west side of the river, about ten miles below the mouth of the Vermilion River.

  49. These works turn out two locomotive boilers every three days.

  50. Of all tools that take part in the construction of boilers none are more important, or have more to do, than the machine for punching rivet holes.

  51. In regard to steel plates for boilers Mr. F.

  52. The boilers are about twelve per cent larger, and it is estimated that upward of ten thousand horse power will be realized under the usual conditions, as against sixty-five hundred with reciprocating engines.

  53. Patent Portable Steam Boilers and Radiators for Heating Stores and Dwelling-Houses.

  54. Galvanoscope, a means of detecting the failure of water in steam boilers by, C.

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