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  1. It must also be borne in mind that, as alcohol boils more readily than does water, it follows that it will evaporate more easily, as well.

  2. As the water boils away, replenish it from a kettle of water that is kept boiling hard.

  3. If the water boils away replenish it with more hot water from a kettle.

  4. As the water boils away, replenish it with some more water, kept boiling hard for this purpose, in a kettle.

  5. Having mixed the sugar with the cream, add it, gradually, to the butter and flour; and when it boils hard stir in the peas, and let them stew till they are all hot through.

  6. Keep at the fire a kettle of hot water, to replenish the pudding-pot, as it boils away.

  7. Repeat the process, giving it three boils in fresh water; or more than three if you find it still gritty.

  8. This is a good plain pudding; but the batter must be perfectly light before it is tied up in the cloth; and if the water boils away, replenish the pudding-pot with boiling water from a kettle.

  9. Turn it several times while boiling, and keep at hand a kettle of hot water to replenish the pot as it boils away.

  10. As the lard boils away, replenish it with more.

  11. As the water in the outside pot boils away, replenish it with more hot water from a tea-kettle that is kept boiling hard.

  12. It should boil hard at least four hours, (five will not be too long,) and if the water boils away so as not entirely to cover the whole of the bag it must be replenished from a boiling kettle.

  13. Therefore they were doomed to suffer with boils that inflamed their flesh, and on account of the itch they could not leave off scratching.

  14. If the milk boils rapidly, the year will be prosperous; but it will be the reverse if the milk boils slowly.

  15. The Elk clan, among the Omaha Indians, believe that even to touch the male elk would be followed by an eruption of boils and white spots on the body.

  16. After that he pours water and medicine into a vessel; if the charm has succeeded, the water boils up and rain follows.

  17. At Neuautz, in Courland, when barley is sown for the first time in the year, the farmer's wife boils the chine of a pig along with the tail, and brings it to the sower on the field.

  18. Amongst the Omaha Indians of North America men whose totem is the elk, believe that if they ate the flesh of the male elk they would break out in boils and white spots in different parts of their bodies.

  19. If he boils gold here, what can he boil in there?

  20. Just as water at that altitude boils at a low temperature, so did it need only a little fiery spirit to give the desired tingle to the blood.

  21. It must be remembered that all these cattle had recently died of the murrain, and their dead bodies had been covered with boils and blains.

  22. How these boils breaking out with blains, upon cattle that were already dead, should affect Pharaoh, is a little hard to understand.

  23. The boils were upon the magicians to that extent that they could not stand before Moses.

  24. It must not be forgotten that all the cattle and all beasts had died with the murrain before the boils had broken out.

  25. The sea boils in about the rocks off these iron shores in a tremendous manner, even when, like to-day, it is quite calm.

  26. What ails ye at the puddin'-broo That boils into the pan, O?

  27. When the air pressure upon the surface of the water is lessened, the water boils at a lower temperature.

  28. Test the temperature of the inner part of the double boiler, when the water boils rapidly below.

  29. In the percolator the water boils within the pot, and passes through the coffee at the boiling temperature.

  30. Stirring the mixture while it boils or before it has cooled sufficiently will result in the formation of cane sugar crystals, and the fondant will be harsh and rough.

  31. So he boils the water, and takes the salt And the pepper in portions true (Which he never forgot), and some chopped shalot, And some sage and parsley too.

  32. And what is friendship but a name, That boils on Etna's breast of flame?

  33. Cowper, who thoroughly enjoyed it) The cosy fire is bright and gay, The merry kettle boils away And hums a cheerful song.

  34. Sitting on the threshold is believed by Indian matrons likely to produce boils in children in that part of the body which touches it, and it is thought most unlucky to sneeze on the threshold.

  35. At the tomb of Pir Jahaniyan in the Muzaffargarh District, people suffering from leprosy and boils get the incumbent to prepare baths of heated sand, in which the diseased part, or the whole body is placed.

  36. He boils the rice, barley, and sesamum in a brass vessel, throws the ghi over them when they are dressed, and eats the whole.

  37. As soon as the water boils add a little cold water and remove from fire.

  38. Others put the water into the vase and when it begins to boil add the powder, but because it is full of spirit at the first contact with the heat it rises and boils over the edge of the vase.

  39. Return it to the fire and when it boils move it back somewhat from the heat and let it simmer for eight minutes.

  40. When alcohol in water is heated, the alcohol boils first.

  41. If your mother wishes to keep fruit all winter she boils it and at once puts it into tight jars.

  42. Boils and carbuncles are almost the only instances in which pus germs can get into the body without some actual cut, tear, or breaking of the skin.

  43. Boils and Carbuncles, their Cause and their Cure.

  44. As it boils down, allow to brown before filling up again, and have the meat covered with the broth when done.

  45. When the water boils on the beef she must pour off half (or it will be too salty), and add an equal amount of milk.

  46. As the water boils away, add enough more to keep from burning, and half an hour before serving, uncover and allow to brown over the top.

  47. Mix flour and sugar, add butter and one cupful cold water, and stir until it boils and thickens.

  48. Begin boiling the mixture upon a fire, and as it boils add gradually 1-1/2 lb.

  49. The capacity of a boiler should be four or five times as much as the water it boils off per hour, and the steam space should be at least ten times as large as the consumption of steam at each stroke.

  50. Water in an open vessel boils at a temperature of 212° Fahr.

  51. In long-continued cases, especially in children, boils and cutaneous abscesses sometimes develop; and it may also develop into a true eczema.

  52. It is not improbable, however, that boils may also be due to other pus-producing organisms.

  53. A saturated solution of boric acid or a lotion of corrosive sublimate (one to three grains to the ounce) applied to the immediate neighborhood of the boil or boils tends to prevent the formation of new lesions.

  54. In these latter, especially among the poorer classes, sluggish boils or subcutaneous abscesses about the scalp in hot weather, are not at all infrequent.

  55. Price's Baking Powder Heat water and shortening in sauce pan until it boils up well; add all at once flour sifted with salt and stir vigorously.

  56. Salt meats should be put over the fire in cold water, which as soon as it boils should be replaced by fresh cold water, repeating until water is fresh enough to give meat a palatable flavor.

  57. Boil slowly 2 hours or until tender; add water from time to time, as it boils away.

  58. When this boils stir in a heaping teaspoonful of flour wet up smoothly with a little cold water to keep it from lumping.

  59. Four minutes boils an egg thoroughly, if one likes the white set and the yolk heated to the centre.

  60. Pour the water into a clean saucepan and when it boils add two full tablespoonfuls of butter cut into bits and rolled over and over in browned flour until no more will adhere to the butter.

  61. Water boils at a temperature of 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

  62. Pour the meal in slowly, and just as soon as it boils remove from the fire and let cool.

  63. Count time when water boils after adding crabs.

  64. Bromine is a deep red liquid which boils at 63° C.

  65. When pure, chlorpicrin is a colorless liquid which boils at a temperature approximately of 112° C.

  66. Keep a tea kettle of boiling water to turn in as the water boils away--cold water makes the crust heavy.

  67. If the water boils away, so as to leave any part of the bag uncovered, more boiling water should be added.

  68. As soon as it boils up, take it from the fire, and turn it into custard cups.

  69. A tea-kettle of boiling water should be kept on the fire, to turn in as the water boils away.

  70. Set it on the fire--when it boils up well, take it from the fire, and skim it clear.

  71. As soon as its boils up well, stir it into the butter and sugar.

  72. Put in a small lump of butter, and turn it as soon as it boils up again on to buttered toast, cut into small pieces.

  73. When a teakettle boils the water turns to bubbles of vapor and goes up in the air to turn to water again when it gets cold.

  74. He is pig-iron until he boils them out of his system.

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