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ferm; ferma; ferme; ferment; fermentable; fermentations; fermentative; fermented; fermenting; ferments
  1. A ferment is a substance containing nitrogen in a state of decomposition, which is able to excite fermentation in solutions of sugar; old cheese, putrefying flesh, blood, etc.

  2. Can you explain why it is that a body in a state of fermentation or putrefaction should cause unlimited quantities of similar matter to pass into the same state?

  3. Whenever the leaf assumes a bright copper color it must be fired; over-fermentation is a fatal error.

  4. Hops are added to the malt, liquor, or wort before fermentation and give a bitter flavor to malt liquors.

  5. In the small islands of Ninafou, in the Pacific, another bird has a somewhat similar habit, in so far as it also abandons its eggs, but in place of obtaining the necessary heat from fermentation it gets it from the warm sand.

  6. Notwithstanding the intense fermentation occasioned by this unseemly dispute, the public peace was not disturbed.

  7. Put into a jug or small keg, leaving the top open until fermentation ceases and it looks clear.

  8. A glass of brandy added to each gallon of wine after fermentation ceases is generally considered an improvement.

  9. In three days, fermentation will have progressed sufficiently to permit the koumiss to be in good condition.

  10. Leave it open until fermentation ceases, then bung up.

  11. Cork and tie securely, set in a warm place until fermentation is well under way, and lay the bottles on their sides in a cool cellar.

  12. But in this and Oat-meal the nebbe is broken away, which makes them the milder food, and lesse apt to raise fermentation in Decoctions.

  13. But it should be understood, that vegetables may undergo a certain degree of fermentation without producing alcohol; or, if suffered to produce it, another stage of fermentation will radically destroy it, and produce an acid.

  14. If the fermentation be carried on still farther, another new substance is produced, viz.

  15. They were able to empty their bladders much better than before, the residual urine was decreased, the tendency to fermentation was diminished and, above all, the patients' general symptoms were much improved.

  16. In its digestion, a certain amount of fermentation takes place, and the gas from this stimulates peristalsis.

  17. She was warned about eating red meat, about taking acid fruits, and about the acid fermentation of starchy vegetables.

  18. Do you know," she pursued earnestly, "I heard a lecture the other day in which it was said that life is a sort of fermentation in the body.

  19. Thus the light of truth destroys the fermentation which is supposed to constitute the human mind and body.

  20. And that fermentation is outwardly manifested in its concept of body, and its material environment.

  21. In a few days fermentation will make the heap hot all through, and then it must be taken to pieces and remade, putting all the outside portions into the interior, with the object of insuring equal fermentation of the entire bulk.

  22. A smaller quantity increases the difficulty of maintaining the requisite temperature when fermentation begins to flag.

  23. In the majority of cases it arises from an obstructed colon, a fermentation being generated there from the long retained faecal matter, consequently a positive and sure cure is to thoroughly cleanse that organ.

  24. A peculiar secretion from the colon, mixed with the faecal matter of long standing, induces a fermentation that generates a putrid smelling gas.

  25. It has been demonstrated that food that has been subjected to the action of the gastric juice decomposes far more rapidly than that which has not--hence, with imperfect digestion, fermentation quickly takes place.

  26. In this fermentation a peculiar worm is bred, which is the cause of ulceration in the bowels of typhoid patients.

  27. When the sugar of the grape is wholly or nearly converted by fermentation into natural vinous spirits or alcohol, the result is a STILL or DRY WINE.

  28. Vinegar may be obtained by fermentation from the juice of any starchy or sweet fruit or vegetable, from beer, or even from sweetened water, to which “mother” or other vinegar is added.

  29. YEAST is a true fungous plant, which has the power of establishing fermentation and changing starch into sugar, and the escaping gas makes the loaf light and spongy.

  30. When a cask of molasses is bought, draw off a few quarts, else the fermentation produced by moving it will burst the cask.

  31. Preserves keep best in glass jars, which have also this advantage, that you can see whether or not fermentation has commenced, without opening them.

  32. After a while he went to seek for a refreshing draught; then fermentation was in progress; and he found his juice abominably nasty.

  33. This is argued, with a variety of illustrations, from the character of the education of the scholar, as combining theory and practice, and from the peculiar tendencies of American society, now in a state of rapid fermentation and development.

  34. Wherever there is a crowding of humanity, there is human fermentation and putrefaction.

  35. We are in a state of partial fermentation and general disgust.

  36. Sir James was in Paris about two or three years before the Great Revolution began, but the fermentation was beginning.

  37. The most important is isobutyl carbinol, this being the chief constituent of fermentation amyl alcohol, and consequently a constituent of fusel (q.

  38. In the United States, however, it is customary to confine the designation beer to the article obtained by the bottom fermentation process.

  39. Vinegar ought to be the product obtained by the successive alcoholic and acetous fermentation of a sugary liquor.

  40. Transition and reform There will ensue a fermentation over this as over many 65:21 other reforms, until we get at last the clear straining of truth, and impurity and error are left among the lees.

  41. This mental fermentation has begun, and will continue until all errors of belief yield to understanding.

  42. The fermentation even of fluids is 65:24 not pleasant.

  43. A soul is but the last bubble of a long fermentation in the world.

  44. Our senses can represent at all adequately only such objects as the solar system or a work of human architecture, where the unit's inner structure and fermentation may be provisionally neglected in mastering the total.

  45. He tells us that "Every fermentation has its specific ferment.

  46. Footnote: What we call spontaneous fermentation often occurs, as when apple juice turns to hard cider by simple exposure to the air.

  47. Ethyl Alcohol, which is that which we have described as obtained from fermentation of fruits and grains, is the ordinary alcohol of commerce.

  48. Nicander calls the venomous mushrooms the "evil fermentation of the earth," and prescribes the identical antidotes which we would perhaps give at the present time--viz.

  49. Then pour it into a fit very clean Barrel, and put to it some Mother of Wine, that is in it's best fermentation or working, and this will make the Liquor work also.

  50. Wort, an infusion of malt which after fermentation becomes beer.

  51. An acid fermentation sets in, which after a few days is complete, when the vessel is tightly covered over and the product kept for use with animal food.

  52. It is ordinarily prepared by the fermentation of sugar or starch, brought about by the addition of putrefying cheese, calcium carbonate being added to neutralize the acids formed in the process.

  53. The chemical process of fermentation converts this sugar into spirit, converts food into poison!

  54. During milking these sources had supplied the infection, and the peculiar fermentation was distinctly shown to be microbial in origin.

  55. Fermentation begins almost immediately, by which the sugar is converted in carbonic acid gas and alcohol; the gas escapes and the spirit remains in the liquor.

  56. Where cider is made for sale, much greater care is necessary; only the soundest fruit is used, and the vinous fermentation is allowed to begin in open vessels before the pulp is pressed.

  57. The temperature is high at the time of the harvest, and it retards fermentation in the cellars.

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