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Example sentences for "abominably"

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  1. The cubby under the sink was abominably dirty.

  2. He wore no vest, and the old cutaway coat, fastened by the single remaining button, exposed his shirt to view, abominably filthy, bulging at the waist like a blouse.

  3. Toedt kicked him in the stomach and made him abominably sick.

  4. It was abominably cold; the rain fell continually, and the wind blew in long gusts, piercing, cutting.

  5. Rickman, although at the moment dining with Jewdwine, was so abominably direct.

  6. He had such an abominably clear vision of it that he writhed and shuddered with shame and disgust; he could hardly have suffered more if he had gone down into it bodily himself.

  7. Edith had no patience with people who were so abominably sensitive.

  8. In rush times, in such places, I have positively waded through the muck and mess that covered the floor, and I have managed to eat because I was abominably hungry and capable of eating anything.

  9. He would rather work for those two shillings than for the charity of the casual ward; for he knows that he would not have to work so hard, and that he would not be so abominably treated.

  10. He did ride, it is true, and he went to Queen's Club, where he caught an occasional glimpse of Cambridge three-quarters running abominably fast.

  11. The journey took some time, for the motor bicycle behaved abominably on Hinksey hill.

  12. During the previous evening Galer, after explaining to Martin the ways, the abominably expensive ways of the Oxford world, had gone on to elaborate his favourite theme.

  13. Since we had actually left towns and trams behind us we found the roadways good, but abominably circuitous and narrow, not to say dangerous because of it.

  14. Triel possesses an imposing thirteenth-century Gothic church and an abominably ugly suspension-bridge of wire rope.

  15. I am sorry if your medicinal orders have not been carried out, but you must know that it is a difficult matter to introduce that abominably smelling stuff into the inside of a squirming child.

  16. How should I ever have dreamed all those months that you were caring for me when you acted so abominably S C O T C H?

  17. Bretlands are so abominably explicit in their requirements.

  18. The rest is wise," said Jack, "but that is abominably foolish.

  19. If the house had not been insured my father has wealth enough in those abominably unpicturesque stores in Tooley Street to rebuild the whole of Beverly Square if it were burnt down.

  20. It is that we are so abominably wealthy," she concluded.

  21. He was himself well frosted, and the cold bit abominably into his shoulder wounded by the leopard; but a better constitution and better general care of him enabled him to survive.

  22. He vacillates abominably and forever between two irreconcilable desires.

  23. But though the effects of comstockery are thus abominably insane and irritating, the fact is not to be forgotten that, after all, the thing is no more than an effect itself.

  24. You've been behaving abominably lately, and I'm thoroughly ashamed of you.

  25. I'm very disappointed and disgusted and abominably cross.

  26. I'd like it better if it didn't smell so abominably of new paint," objected Noelle Kennedy.

  27. As I read over at present your generous letter I feel a special horror and dismay at having failed so long and so abominably to give you the promised word of introduction to Fanny Stevenson.

  28. The wheels of the coupe suddenly began to rattle abominably over the cobbles of a narrow street.

  29. I did not answer; the illustration was too abominably just.

  30. I must have done it abominably badly, for the notes that brought Polehampton's cheques were accompanied by the bravos of that gentleman and the assurances that Miss Polehampton liked my work--liked it very much.

  31. The curate is unmeaning, and abominably slow.

  32. No doubt it was abominably stupid of me, but until that moment I had never considered the practical means of getting her out of Berlin.

  33. He had certainly made that good, and I was beginning to be abominably troubled about the run of things when he started in again.

  34. Was she so abominably mean a thing in my eyes?

  35. The inns are so far apart and so abominably bad down here that there might almost as well be none at all, and my baggage-wagon, stocked with edibles, is stuck fast in a quagmire a long way from this.

  36. It was abominably windy and cold, although the corn was beginning to ripen; but he did not complain.

  37. It smelt abominably of an untrimmed wick, Juliette thought, and the next minute she was kissing her father, who lay full length on a locker in the little cabin.

  38. She was noisy and hilarious and enthusiastic, and her hair was always abominably done.

  39. It dawned upon him that he had been abominably used by Ann Veronica.

  40. Could anything be more abominably unnatural?

  41. The beef up there is monstrously tough, and the rats are abominably noisy, but the mountain air is said to be very healthy.

  42. She had been duped, she had been made a cat's-paw, she had been abominably deceived by Del Ferice, who had made use of this worthless bribe in order to extort from her a promise of marriage.

  43. The rock wall was abominably straight and holeless.

  44. He chaffed me in the most generous fashion over my abominably unfair report of the luncheon gathering.

  45. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "abominably" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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