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  1. He had made a statement of the strength and prospects of the abolitionists in his State, near the commencement of the session, that was very gratifying to the people of the South.

  2. The abolitionists well understand the effect of such a course of proceeding.

  3. He had been the open and active friend of the South from the beginning, and had encountered the hostility of the abolitionists in every form.

  4. The inevitable tendency of the means to which the abolitionists have resorted to effect their object must, if persisted in, end in completely alienating the two great sections of the Union.

  5. The circulation of such a speech will effect the object of the abolitionists without trenching upon their funds.

  6. But this presumption is still further strengthened by the fact that the basis argument upon which the abolitionists usually rest the claims of the African, is entirely sophistical.

  7. Thus we have invalidated the doctrine, and also the hypothesis, which form the basis on which the abolitionists rest their argument against the justice and policy of the South.

  8. Immediate emancipation is the scheme of the abolitionists proper, whilst gradual emancipation is the favorite plan of the anti-slavery party.

  9. But I agree with the abolitionists that IF the abstract principle be wrong, the institution is wrong in all cases.

  10. Hence, I disagree with the abolitionists on the whole proposition.

  11. If slaves were mere chattels, as abolitionists affirm they are, there might be an apology for this.

  12. It was long a reproach brought by the abolitionists against Henry Ward Beecher that he held entirely aloof from their movement.

  13. To her astonishment, it was the extreme abolitionists who received, and the entire South who rose up against it.

  14. Her expectation was that the professed abolitionists would denounce it as altogether too mild in its dealings with slaveholders.

  15. The Richmond Whig characterised Abolitionists as "hell-hounds," warning the northern merchants that unless these fanatics were hung they would lose the benefit of southern trade.

  16. The Free-soil faction professed to retain its principles; and, by placing several Abolitionists upon the ticket, nine-tenths of that party also joined the combination.

  17. When I was a schoolboy in the Northern States, abolitionists were pelted with rotten eggs.

  18. The Abolitionists understood this, and Fillmore confidently relied upon their aid, although they might vote for Birney instead of Clay.

  19. Hale, made by the Abolitionists in the preceding November, was withdrawn, and John A.

  20. In the Tribune of May 17, Greeley said that Pierce and Douglas had made more Abolitionists in three months than Garrison and Phillips could have made in half a century.

  21. It was evident that the Anti-Renters and Native Americans would draw, perhaps, equally from Whigs and Democrats; but the ranks of Abolitionists could be recruited only from the anti-slavery Whigs.

  22. We had the Abolitionists in a good way," wrote Washington Hunt from Lockport; "but Mr. Clay seems determined that they shall not be allowed to vote for him.

  23. The Abolitionists made nominations, and the Native Americans put up Ogden Edwards, a Whig of some prominence, who had served in the Assembly, in the constitutional convention of 1821, and upon the Supreme bench.

  24. Nor did the coalition of Hunkers, Barnburners, and Abolitionists prove so numerous or so solid that it could sweep the State.

  25. But when it came to an alliance with Whigs and Abolitionists he lost all heart in the movement.

  26. The soul of Virginia, at this period, found eloquent utterance through Jefferson, who, by precocious and immortal words, enrolled himself among the earliest Abolitionists of the country.

  27. By early and precocious efforts for "total emancipation," the author of the Declaration of Independence placed himself foremost among the Abolitionists of the land.

  28. It was found that they originated at a meeting of radical abolitionists with whom Lincoln had never been associated.

  29. Herndon had, for a long time, been in correspondence with the leading abolitionists and had no difficulty in getting interviews.

  30. As to emancipation, both sections of the country and all parties except the ultra-Abolitionists were pro-slavery.

  31. The Abolitionists admitted that under the Federal Constitution there could be no power in the national government to free the slaves.

  32. The Free Soil party, which had assumed the name of Republican for party purposes, secretly encouraged the Abolitionists in their mad crusade and welcomed their votes, but persistently disavowed their aims.

  33. So natural and just was the step of secession that the more enlightened and conscientious Abolitionists conceded the right of South Carolina to withdraw from the Union.

  34. The abolitionists showed by bitter anger the pain, disappointment, and dismay which this speech brought.

  35. In everything he said or wrote he continually recurs to the slavery question and always in a defensive tone, usually with a sneer or a fling at the abolitionists and anti-slavery party.

  36. Now he confounded the extreme separatism of the abolitionists and the constitutional opposition of the Free-Soil party, and involved all opponents of slavery in a common condemnation.

  37. Slavery in the Constitution, which has given so much trouble to the Abolitionists of this century, and indeed to everybody else, gave quite as much in the last century to those who put it there.

  38. The Abolitionists of the North have never liked him, and they wield the power at present.

  39. The emancipation and confiscation measures rendered reconstruction impracticable--unless, indeed, at a future day, the Abolitionists of the United States should be annihilated and Abolitionism abolished.

  40. This is an indication that the Abolitionists are bringing distress upon their own country.

  41. To this there can be no objection; indeed it may be productive of good, by involving the Abolitionists in a new quarrel: but it is due to candor to state that the balls complained of were manufactured in this city.

  42. The Abolitionists are much mortified, and were greatly frightened.

  43. The Abolitionists of the North want McClellan removed--I hope they may have their will.

  44. Our military men apprehend no serious consequences from the army of negroes in process of organization by the Abolitionists at Washington.

  45. I believe he could drive the Abolitionists out of Washington even yet, if he would make a bold dash, and that there would be a universal uprising in all the border States this side of the Susquehanna.

  46. But they prefer death to submission to the terms offered by the Abolitionists at Washington.

  47. I am sure the Abolitionists cannot now get their million men.

  48. He can afford to break with the Abolitionists now.

  49. It will give the Abolitionists trouble in the rear while we assail them in the front.

  50. These are the men against whom Kansas Abolitionists have sworn vengeance--no quarter is to be granted them.

  51. If you should make a list of all the abolitionists of the country, I think that you would find a majority of them in the church--certainly some of the most influential and efficient ones are ministers.

  52. This alliance between the old school (Presbyterians) and slaveholders will make more abolitionists than anything that has been done yet.

  53. The abolitionists could not then even hold a meeting but at the peril of their lives.

  54. This disposition of her mind was diligently fostered by the defenders of slavery, who represented the abolitionists to her as bloodthirsty ruffians who were trying to incite the slaves to the murder of their masters.

  55. The Abolitionists knew, though the politicians did not, that this war would decide the question of slavery.

  56. It was then, even in America, quite a novelty for women to take an active part in public movements, and some of the more old-fashioned of the Abolitionists did not approve of the participation of Lucretia Mott and other women in the work.

  57. Failing to destroy slavery in the courts the abolitionists strove to demolish it by legal enactment.

  58. The first of the abolitionists was William Southeby of Maryland, who went to Pennsylvania.

  59. This the abolitionists denounced as theft, and resolved to get justice by cutting out slavery root and branch.

  60. Our informant deplored this reduction of volunteers, as tending to engender disaffection in the parishes to which they will return, and comfort, when known, to the Abolitionists of the North.

  61. As abolitionists themselves began to express the belief that the slavery issue could not be settled without bloodshed, Garrison disclaimed all responsibility for the growing propensity to espouse violence.

  62. In the North the violent statements of the abolitionists aroused a physically violent response.

  63. And yet you refused to run away when the Abolitionists tempted you, at the North.

  64. The Abolitionists claim it to be a relic of barbarism, and you admit it could not exist with general education among the people.

  65. The Republicans and Abolitionists might do that if they had the power, but nearly one half of the North is on our side, and will not fight us.

  66. The strictest laws were made to keep every slave in the most abject ignorance, to prevent their congregating, and to make it impossible for abolitionists or abolitionist literature or influence to get at them.

  67. In the rougher States of the Southwest abolitionists were tarred and feathered.

  68. Clay complained once that Abolitionists denounced him as a slave-holder, slave-holders as an Abolitionist, while both voted for Van Buren.

  69. The Abolitionists proposed none but moral arms in fighting slavery--papers, pamphlets, public addresses, personal appeals.

  70. Besides sharing the general fanaticism which mixed itself with the movement, the Abolitionists ignored the South's dilemma--the ultras totally, the moderates too much.

  71. The brutal and murderous lawlessness practised against Abolitionists was praised by northern congressmen often as slavery came up in debate.

  72. Southern papers and Legislatures incessantly commanded that Abolitionists be delivered up to southern justice, their societies and their publications suppressed by law, and abolitionist agitation made penal.

  73. It has been left for this day, for this country, for the Abolitionists of Massachusetts, to deify the incarnation of malice, mendacity, and cowardice.

  74. It does not seem to have occurred to the writer that in espousing the smallest and most hated political party in the whole country, the Abolitionists had not taken a very promising step in the direction of office-holding.

  75. We know from past experience what the abolitionists of the free States would do under such a provision as this in the Constitution.

  76. There will always be abolitionists enough to pay for a slave, and this payment will set the slave free, and will constitute the only penalty for this violence.

  77. It is not a divided Democracy--not the existence of a Whig party, but it is the union of all discordant elements combined, which have brought the abolitionists into power, which has produced this sense of insecurity in the South.

  78. When the jury was finally empannelled it consisted of nine abolitionists and three non-slaveholders.

  79. By the most ultra abolitionists of the free States the power of emancipating our slaves has been disclaimed.

  80. For whilst the classical abolitionists almost all assert that the death penalty is inequitable, the positivists are unanimous in declaring it legitimate, and only a few contest its practical efficacy.

  81. On this issue the Abolitionists split into two branches, and those who threw off Garrison's lead maintained that there was power enough under the Constitution to do away with slavery.

  82. The Abolitionists were regarded in the South with the bitterest hatred.

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