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  1. Let us apply it to the experiment for the electrolysis of water.

  2. Electrolysis of water is the best mode of preparing this substance in quantity.

  3. Explain these reactions in the electrolysis of that salt.

  4. It is supposed to be a gas, and, as is claimed, has lately been isolated by electrolysis from HF in a Pt U-tube.

  5. For the reasons stated on page 141 care must be taken that the solution does not become alkaline if the electrolysis is long continued.

  6. The production of caustic soda, sodium carbonate, and chlorine by the electrolysis of brine, is carried on upon a large scale, and will probably supersede all other methods.

  7. All metallic sodium and potassium are now obtained by electrolysis of fused hydroxides or chlorides (Pats.

  8. Electrolysis means to dissolve or decompose, by means of electricity, an organic or inorganic substance into its original elements.

  9. These can be eliminated by an oxidizing fusion, and slagging or volatilizing the products resulting from this operation, or by electrolysis (see below).

  10. Such a degree of purity is, however, unattainable unless the conditions of electrolysis are rigidly adhered to.

  11. But it was not until the dynamo was improved as a machine for generating large quantities of electricity at a very low cost that the electrolysis of copper could be practised on a commercial scale.

  12. The positive pole is coated during electrolysis with a film of a dark color in case of selenium, but of a lemon yellow with tellurium.

  13. On the electrolysis of the ammonical solution the sesquioxide appears at the positive pole.

  14. And again electrolysis can also be used for extracting from the body such ions as are injurious, as uric and oxalic acid from a patient suffering from gout.

  15. Strong antiseptics and materials that coagulate albumen cannot be introduced locally by ordinary methods, as the skin is impermeable to them, but by electrolysis they can be introduced to the exact depth required.

  16. In the technical working of medical electrolysis the most minute precautions are required.

  17. Certain menstrual troubles of women and also endometritis yield rapidly to electrolysis with a zinc anode.

  18. The first elaborate attempt to establish electrolysis on a sound basis as a regular procedure was made by C.

  19. Siemens and Halske, essentially consists in the electrolysis of weak solutions with iron or steel plate anodes, and lead cathodes, the latter, when coated with gold, being fused and cupelled.

  20. Gold is also attacked when strong sulphuric acid is submitted to electrolysis with a gold positive pole.

  21. He also noted that the details of metal deposition in electrolysis were still not sufficiently understood to permit its use in an instrument.

  22. Describing his water-electrolysis device in that year, he wrote: The instrument offers the only actual measurer [italics his] of voltaic electricity which we at present possess.

  23. Most of the chlorate of potash is now prepared by electrolysis of potassium chloride (see below).

  24. Many metals, of which copper, silver and nickel are types, can be readily won or purified by the electrolysis of aqueous solutions, and theoretically it may be feasible to treat aluminium in an identical manner.

  25. See ``The Electrolysis of Copper Sulphate in Standardizing Electrical Instruments,'' by A.

  26. This preparation of a chlorine compound suited for electrolysis becomes more costly and more troublesome than that of the oxide, and in addition four times as much raw material must be handled.

  27. Precisely the same can be done in the electrolysis of potassium chloride.

  28. The electrolysis is carried on until about a quarter of the chloride has been transformed; it must be stopped at this stage lest the formation of hypochlorite and chlorate should set in.

  29. The electrolysis takes place in the central compartment of a tripartite trough which can be made to rock slightly either to one side or the other.

  30. Of the simple compounds, only the fluoride is amenable to electrolysis in the fused state, since the chloride begins to volatilize below its melting-point, and the latter is only 5 deg.

  31. As the electrolysis goes on, NaOH is formed at the cathodes and remains at the bottom.

  32. Some of the chlorine manufactured (practically only such as is obtained by the electrolysis of chlorides) is condensed by cold and pressure into liquid chlorine.

  33. SO3-; electrolysis should simply effect the disruption of the positive and negative components, potash passing with the current, and sulphuric acid against the current.

  34. But when the progress of the electrolysis is carefully followed, by consulting the indications of the amperemeter placed in circuit, it is found to be by no means as regular as the preceding formulæ would indicate.

  35. The electrolysis apparatus, a sectional view of which is given in Fig.

  36. The whole electrolysis vessel is then placed under a glass bell jar containing dry air, and kept in a refrigerator until again required for use.

  37. Moissan showed that pure hydrofluoric acid readily dissolves the double fluoride of potassium and hydrogen, and that the liquid thus obtained is a good conductor of electricity, rendering electrolysis possible.

  38. PtCl{4}; and it is only when the liquid contains this double salt that the electrolysis proceeds in a regular manner, yielding free fluorine at the positive pole, and hydrogen and the complex black compound at the negative pole.

  39. During the electrolysis these leaden collars become, where exposed to the gaseous fluorine, rapidly converted into lead fluoride, which being greater in bulk causes the joints to become hermetically sealed.

  40. The apparatus is immersed during the electrolysis in a bath of liquid methyl chloride, maintained in tranquil ebullition at -23°.

  41. It is evident, in view of the corrosion of the positive platinum terminal of the electrolysis apparatus, that nascent fluorine rapidly attacks platinum at a temperature of -23°.

  42. An ampere meter and a commutator are introduced between the battery and the electrolysis apparatus; the former affording an excellent indication of the progress of the electrolysis.

  43. It consists essentially of two parts--the electrolysis apparatus and the purifying vessels.

  44. The object of adding this acid is to dissolve the hydrate of oxide of zinc formed during the electrolysis and deposited in a whitish stratum upon the surface of the copper.

  45. The hydrogen engendered during the electrolysis is disengaged through an aperture in the cover of the pile.

  46. Another quantity of the water which he had used was again distilled in a silver retort, and a little of the distillate was subjected to electrolysis as before.

  47. Davy thus conclusively proved that the alkali produced during the electrolysis (i.

  48. To the mind of Davy, the electrolysis of every chemical compound was a new application of the great law established by Newton--"To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

  49. But in some cases in which the current is used for electrolysis and for the production of extremely high temperatures, for which the calorific intensity of ordinary fuel is insufficient, the electric furnace is employed with advantage.

  50. Electrolysis has in a few instances been applied to processes of manufacture.

  51. The general facts and laws of electrolysis (q.

  52. The isolation of the metals sodium and potassium by Sir Humphry Davy in 1807 by the electrolysis of the fused hydroxides was one of the earliest applications of the electric current to the extraction of metals.

  53. These views were applied to the theory of electrolysis by R.

  54. In the electrolysis of a concentrated solution of sodium acetate, hydrogen is evolved at the cathode and a mixture of ethane and carbon dioxide at the anode.

  55. Thus the hydroxyl mentioned above decomposes into water and oxygen, and the chlorine produced by the electrolysis of a chloride may attack the metal of the anode.

  56. This leads us to examine more closely the part played by water in the electrolysis of aqueous solutions.

  57. He brooded for a time: his experiments on electrolysis had long filled his mind; he looked, as already stated, into the very heart of the electrolyte, endeavouring to render the play of its atoms visible to his mental eye.

  58. The dominant result here is the great law of definite Electro-chemical Decomposition, around which are massed various researches on Electro-chemical Conduction and on Electrolysis both with the Machine and with the Pile.

  59. A month's treatment, with electrolysis and injections into the tumor, arrested the growth and diminished the size more than one-half, and caused the unpleasant symptoms to disappear.

  60. We have obtained wonderful results by a new method of treatment, which consists in the employment of electrolysis in conjunction with other therapeutic means.

  61. Another interesting application of electrolysis is furnished by the use of copper sulphate in industry.

  62. The electrolysis of salt solution appears to be an ideally simple method of obtaining caustic soda and chlorine from sodium chloride.

  63. The origin of electrolysis is said to be with Daniell, who noticed the deposit of copper while experimenting with the battery that bears his name.

  64. Electrolysis is the name of the process by which fluid chemicals are decomposed by the current.

  65. Particles of the substance decomposed are transferred, some to one pole and some to the other; and, therefore, electrolysis is always practiced in a fluid in order that this transference may more readily occur.

  66. A familiar early experiment in electrolysis is the decomposition of water--a chemical composed of oxygen and hydrogen, though always thought of and used as a simple, pure fluid.

  67. Wood's Rustless Coatings: Corrosion and Electrolysis of Iron and Steel.

  68. Rustless Coatings: Corrosion and Electrolysis of Iron and Steel.

  69. After electrolysis has taken place at the junction, it requires a cutting instrument to completely separate the tin and gold.

  70. After exposure to the oral fluids, electrolysis takes place at the junction of the metals.

  71. Tin being the positive element, it is more easily acted on and disintegrated by electrolysis (chemical action of the fluids).

  72. Electrolysis demonstrates to us that no single metal can be decomposed, but when gold and tin are used in the above manner they are united at the line of contact by electrolysis.

  73. The only safe way (excluding electrolysis which is rarely called for) to treat the hairs on moles is to cut them short.

  74. Electrolysis is quite useless for this purpose.

  75. The cylinder must be carefully weighed, and the electrolysis allowed to proceed for 24 hours.

  76. The electrolysed solution should be treated with an excess of ammonia, when a blue coloration will indicate copper, in which case the electrolysis is unsatisfactory.

  77. The electrolysis is allowed to go on overnight, and in the morning the nickel will be deposited as a bright and coherent film.

  78. Beyond the detection of mineral poisons, qualitative electrolysis can only offer attraction to analysts in special cases, and the data on the subject are to be found in the many electrolytic methods already published.

  79. The first application of electrolysis to chemical analysis was made by Gaultier de Claubry, in 1850, who employed the electric current for the detection of metals when in solution.

  80. The application of electrolysis to the detection of poisonous metals in mixtures containing organic matters.

  81. The Application of Electrolysis to Quantitative Analysis.

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