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Example sentences for "burble"

Lexicographically close words:
buoyantly; buoyed; buoying; buoys; burberry; burbling; burde; burden; burdened; burdening
  1. He wants everything to burble along and burble along and go on as it's going for the next ten thousand years, Eastry after Eastry, one parson down another come, one grocer dead, get another!

  2. As he walked through the Cloisters and heard all about him the burble of jolly and familiar conversation, he shuddered to think what in a minute he must face.

  3. There were only the books and a lingering smell of tobacco smoke, and through the bay-window the burble of the stream swiftly flowing.

  4. From the darkness came a confused burble of sounds as Charley explored and bestowed his affections upon a new friend still too startled to appreciate the gesture.

  5. With a burble of insane, twittering glee, he went into action.

  6. I can see you fling up your head like a warhorse at the smell of powder, Emma Ellis, but he's a meek young thing who likes to burble of his baby.

  7. I even test my burble on poor Sister every week before sending it in.

  8. There was no wind, and except for the burble of the stream and the call of the birds all was still in the forest.

  9. The faint burble of water led me towards my fountain.

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