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Example sentences for "burdening"

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burble; burbling; burde; burden; burdened; burdens; burdensome; burdock; burdocks; burds
  1. For it would have been discreditable to insist on burdening with the common regulations so great an ascetic, who prayed day and night (he even dropped asleep on his knees).

  2. Additional facilities were granted by the act passed in 1848 for disentailing estates, and for burdening such as are entailed with the share of the cost of certain specified improvements.

  3. We suffer also from the sense of inadequacy, the sense, that is, of a burdening disproportion between our own powers and the challenge of life.

  4. Stamps or conveyances, or burdening of property, should be the same, and not higher, on personalty or landed estates.

  5. God's testament, and burdening the world more and more heavily with grievous sins of idolatry, to its deeper condemnation.

  6. So is it not enough for me to have killed one Muslim unwittingly, without burdening myself with the death of another wittingly?

  7. Is it not enough for me to have killed a Muslim, without burdening my conscience with the death of a Christian also?

  8. The Popham men, on the other hand, returned to England in penury and disgrace, "burdening the bounds where they had beene with all the aspersions that possibly they could deuise, seeking by that meanes to discourage all others.

  9. You are burdening your conscience without deceiving me," the young girl replied, demurely, "and should not so wrong yourself.

  10. You did mean kindly by Merwyn, and you gave him, without being unwomanly, the best chance he could possibly have to throw off the incubus that is burdening his life.

  11. What is the use of burdening yourselves with all those things at the very beginning of our walk?

  12. As his position becomes more assured, his attentions increase; but he will not make the fatal mistake of burdening himself with a poor wife until there is no possibility of mistake.

  13. The Emersonian adept will pardon me for burdening this beautiful Essay with a commentary which is worse than superfluous for him.

  14. VII There is no use in burdening my table with those letters of inquiry as to where our meetings are held, and what are the names of the persons designated by numbers, or spoken of under the titles of the Professor, the Tutor, and so forth.

  15. And the toxins in the bile are readsorbed, forming a continuous loop, further burdening the liver.

  16. And the die-off of large cancers produces a lot of toxins, burdening the organs of elimination.

  17. Allowed to remain in the bowel, toxic mucus is an irritant while the toxins in it may be reabsorbed, forming yet another closed loop and further burdening the liver.

  18. The case was to be the more lamented from the fact that the reasonable wants of these people could be supplied without burdening the post office revenue.

  19. At night when they visited the theatre or had a dinner they left their precious imaginary offspring in the care of an equally shadowy nurse, burdening her with all manner of instructions.

  20. You fellows look as if you had the affairs of state burdening your souls.

  21. What need is there, for example, of burdening the head of a young student with all the details of botany?

  22. Physics shares with mathematics the advantages of succinct description and of brief, compendious definition, which precludes confusion, even in ideas where, with no apparent burdening of the brain, hosts of others are contained.

  23. A formula of this kind is a complete substitute for a full table of motions of descent, because by means of the formula the data of such a table can be easily constructed at a moment's notice without the least burdening of the memory.

  24. They tied Trug carefully, a needless precaution, for the old dog, with as burdening a sense of responsibility as Miles himself, had no thought of trotting home and leaving those two foolish little bodies to their own protection.

  25. How mournful he looked, what sorrowful thoughts were doubtless again burdening that anxious brain!

  26. If she had been less romantically sentimental in her desire to avoid all semblance of burdening her husband she would have ordered him home at once, and demanded as a right the protection of his dignity and presence.

  27. She had few relatives, and none of them had any intention of burdening themselves with her pennilessness.

  28. But at the last the voice of Alfredo floats in at the window, burdening the air and her heart with an echo of the longing to which she had given expression in her brief moment of thoughtfulness.

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