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Example sentences for "could live"

  • We told them it must be 250 miles yet to any part of California where we could live.

  • Kelley staid here as long as he could live on his salary, and left town much in debt, for whiskey and cards got all his money.

  • We were satisfied that even if we could get no further we could live in such a land as this.

  • It only paid six dollars a week, but he could live on that.

  • If he could not sell drawings to the magazines he might get a place on a newspaper and anyhow he felt confident that he could live.

  • If he could get a few commissions he could live.

  • Eugene felt that he could live in Paris if his art would permit him--though he must go back, he knew, for the present anyhow.

  • How well we could live abroad on the interest of thirty thousand pounds?

  • And then we could live at Madrid; and that would be so delightful, because you speak Spanish so beautifully, and I could learn it very quickly.

  • He called Jasper a lucky fellow for having such a place where he could live so quietly away from all bustle and stress of the great outside world.

  • As they walked slowly along the road Jasper told her about David, how he and the girl had taken refuge in his cabin, where the old man was at present, and that he was looking for a suitable place where he could live.

  • How nice it would be if we could live in a place like this, and not go back to Jim Goban's.

  • I think mother looks as if she would be better if we could live in the country," said Margery, her face clouding with anxiety.

  • Do you suppose we could live if motherkins were ill?

  • But to save his mother, and when he didn't know how he could live anywhere!

  • On flour and water I could live like a prince.

  • I knew their size, and that I could live on two a day, though I was not likely to grow fat on the allowance.

  • It would be absurd to spend two hundred a year, the least he could live on at a university, for three years at Oxford which would lead him no nearer to earning his living.

  • He wrote to Miss Wilkinson and asked her how much she thought he could live on in Paris.

  • I don't mind telling you now, Judge, that when I left the West I left it for good, provided you and I could live within a decent proximity.

  • We could live in California, at first--he's always been anxious to go there, he says.

  • I wish I could live in Coniston for a year, anyway, and write a book about you.

  • I could live in two rooms and eat at an Italian restaurant--with the right man.

  • If I could live my life over again, should I be wiser?

  • Having placed the property in a gondola, I went to the Bragadin Palace to deposit it, and then returned to Muran to get Laura to find me a furnished room where I could live as I liked.

  • We could live on the profits of the business, if there were no debts, but as it is everything goes to pay the interest, and our sales are not large enough to cover everything.

  • If I had money enough to pay out of my own pocket all the cost of all the metropolitan gentlemen for whom I act, why, I could live on the interest without any trouble, and go into Parliament myself like a man.

  • Of course he could live on it,--and as during the winter months of the year a home was found for him free of cost, he could keep hunters, and live as rich men live.

  • But he could live like a gentleman if he let his own land, couldn't he?

  • He advised me to stay at Paris, where, with good economy, I could live as cheap as in any other place, and enjoy the conversation and countenance of my friends, among which number he declared himself one of the most faithful.

  • His creatures resemble nothing on earth or in water that has been as far as I know, yet they look like things that could live.

  • I thought at the moment I could live in that cottage contentedly, far away from the world and its worries.

  • And there's smooth roads and walks, and there's hills and great rocks, that we could live inside of as easy as in a rath itself.

  • Oisin could not understand it, but he thought that if he could live so long and not know that the time had passed, the Fenians, too, might be living still, and he begged again to be allowed to go.

  • They could not understand how people could live so close together, nor why they should want to do it, if they could.

  • Of course, if the Fairy King wanted a rock or a hill to open and let him into it, it would open, and he could live in it, if he chose, just as he used to in his own old rath.

  • After I had travelled a few leagues, I thought I would try whether I could live on herbs like the anchorites.

  • Their house was not so full but there was room for him, if he could live in the house with six boys.

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