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Example sentences for "hostesses"

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hostels; hostem; hostes; hostess; hostesse; hosti; hostia; hostibus; hostile; hostilely
  1. I was omitted from the many dinners and dances which all the hostesses in Hilton began to give in Miss Oliphant's honor.

  2. We found ourselves receiving invitations from hostesses who before had been impregnable.

  3. She did not, as is a common practice with hostesses occupying a prominent position in society, issue an invitation to a celebrated writer or artist or scholar only when a big entertainment was toward.

  4. Disraeli in Sybil ironically summed up the general rules by which political hostesses were guided when he wrote: “Ask them (i.

  5. There were women received in the best Society, who lived as adventuresses pure and simple, upon their skill at the game; hostesses would invite rich guests and fleece them.

  6. I've known guests to sit down and write gossip about their hostesses in their own homes.

  7. The world she adorned agreed that John Arment was "impossible," and hostesses gave a sigh of relief at the thought that it would no longer be necessary to ask him to dine.

  8. Harassed hostesses were grateful to them for bridging over a social difficulty, and Mrs. Waythorn was held up as a miracle of good taste.

  9. One of the young men, catching sight of Judith, gave only a hurried handshake to his hostesses and then sauntered towards the end of the platform where the girl in blue cotton was standing.

  10. All of the elements of pleasure and gaiety were present but to the anxious hostesses the affair seemed to drag somewhat.

  11. The hostess or hostesses stand near the entrance to the ball-room, and should see that the guests receive a fair amount of attention.

  12. No two "showers" are alike, hostesses vieing with each other in the endeavor to present something original and attractive.

  13. Dinner and subscription dances are much favored by the younger set, as the hostesses act in the capacity of chaperons, and the company is gayer.

  14. Some careful and painstaking hostesses include a small writing desk, well stocked with paper, pens and ink, postage stamps, even picture postal cards already stamped and ready to be addressed.

  15. At the dinner dance, the cotillion is preceded by a dinner, given by the hostess at her own house, or by several hostesses at some restaurant, where each presides over a table.

  16. One of our hostesses turned, as though she would fetch the volume.

  17. The host and hostesses were thanked, the parting guests sped.

  18. Also there are hostesses who seem born with the "smile of cordiality" fixed on to their mouths.

  19. That is why hostesses are usually so harassed over their menus.

  20. Also there are some hostesses who cannot let their guests alone; who must always be asking them "What are they going to do to-day," or telling them not to forget that Lady Sploshykins is coming to tea especially to meet them!

  21. If vegetarians ate vegetables all might be well, but they don't; they want made dishes of an exotic nature, or hostesses think they do, and then the cook gives notice.

  22. Many hostesses prefer to have their ingredients on the table in bowls which will not break and on Japanese trays and use wooden spoons for stirring as they do not become hot, and do not scratch the dishes.

  23. Have the chafing dish or dishes at one end of the table and some hostesses have a higher chair in which to sit while they preside over the chafing dish.

  24. The hostesses took in the condition of the starved and exhausted heroes at a glance and busied themselves with preparations for a feast, while the men stretched themselves on the sofas in the dining-room.

  25. It was felt that it would be too bad if the hostesses of the occasion were out of the finals.

  26. Some hostesses have a tent provided on the lawn for the purpose of serving the refreshments--a custom which earns the approbation of fastidious guests who search the food for imaginary specks of dust when it is served in the open.

  27. But whatever its origin, the word means a game of such utter interest and delight, that it should be well understood and frequently indulged in by hostesses and their guests.

  28. But hostesses who do not favor "gambling" in any form, had better choose chess as their popular game, for it is the only game from which the element of chance is entirely absent.

  29. Such is the hospitality of our American hostesses that they will concede to every whim and desire of their guests.

  30. Hostesses no longer feel overburdened with a sense of obligation.

  31. These cannot rival a successful dinner at home but often they are much easier to arrange and even the most conservative of hostesses may entertain dinner guests at a hotel.

  32. And yet it is done so often, by hostesses who think that they are following the dictates of etiquette to the highest letter of its law!

  33. Hostesses often provide linen dusters and goggles for those of their guests who desire them.

  34. Some-times a course of fish follows, but it is really not essential to the luncheon and most hostesses prefer to omit it.

  35. If one is present at an afternoon tea or reception, it is not always necessary to call afterwards; yet, many hostesses expect such a call if the affair has been formal.

  36. If some moralist better educated and more far-seeing than Perry Blackwood (for Perry had become a moralist) had told these hostesses that Hambleton Durrett was a victim of our new civilization, they would have raised their eyebrows.

  37. Hostesses lamented the fact that Ham was "wild," but they asked him to dinners and dances to meet their daughters.

  38. You girls are so different from myself," she suddenly blurted out, as though anxious to bare her diffident soul to her dainty hostesses and have it over with.

  39. Meanwhile the prospective hostesses of Saturday's outing were spending the evening in Leslie Cairns' room squabbling over their plans for the picnic.

  40. Grizel Dundas was already twenty-eight, an age at which the sentimental period might be supposed to be outlived; she would accept the goods which the gods had given, and become one of the great hostesses of society.

  41. You will be one of the great hostesses of the day.

  42. If they did not know the way about, one of the hostesses conducted them to the libraries or museums as she went her own way to her daily occupation.

  43. The hostesses spent little money or thought or time on their guests, except so far as they really wanted to do so, and yet they entertained great numbers of people most satisfactorily.

  44. There was never a dull moment, for Sir Henry's wife was one of those born hostesses who always gauge accurately the tastes of her guests, and was constantly making arrangements for their pleasure.

  45. The fourth paragraph then continues:-- "My hostesses both and their children salute you.

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