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  1. It occupies a large block of buildings in the west of Berlin, for its various schools and hostels require a great deal of room.

  2. The Christian clubs and hostels exclude them, Christian families avoid them, and Christian insults are offered to them from the day of their birth.

  3. Indeed until the college system was well established the hostels greatly exceeded the endowed halls in number, and they continued to supplement the latter until the completion of the large colleges at the renascence.

  4. It is housed in its 17 colleges, the new hostels which are springing up on all sides, and the licensed lodgings in the town.

  5. Newmarket" and "Harleston" hostels must have served for students from these neighbouring towns.

  6. The Greyfriars or the Austinfriars gave hospitality to the university on public occasions, and the only brick and mortar evidence of a university lay in the hostels and colleges.

  7. Pembroke stands opposite Peterhouse and several hostels were destroyed to make room for it.

  8. Hostels and church, facing the Trumpington road, were just without Trumpington gate.

  9. The present kitchen occupies part of the site of Michaelhouse; Physwick stood between the Queen's Gate and Trinity Street; and the other hostels were grouped round these in S.

  10. John and Garret's and Ovyng's hostels were in the same street.

  11. The 8 jurists' hostels housed eighty and a hundred students apiece, and the large hostels of S.

  12. Michaelhouse with Crouched hostel which passed into its possession in the February of this year, and its satellite hostels Ovyng's and Garret's.

  13. In any case the rescript leads us to conclude that the town hostels were in existence in the previous century, and supplies us with a date before which we cannot suppose that any university hostel existed.

  14. The principal collected a rent from the inmates, though in some hostels the accommodation appears to have been free.

  15. There were two such hostels at Cambridge--Ely hostel and Monks' hostel.

  16. This hall, like Peterhouse, originated in two hostels purchased for the university in the street running parallel to the High Street, from the present site of Queen's to the back gate of Trinity.

  17. Punctual to a moment, the guests from the other hostels arrived and took their seats as audience.

  18. There was an old and well-established custom that on the last three evenings of term the three hostels in turn might take possession of the assembly hall, and give some form of entertainment to which they could invite the rest of the school.

  19. At the cross-roads the Andersons found their cousin, Elaine, waiting for them, and were handed over into her charge by their teacher, with strict injunctions that they were to be escorted back to their respective hostels by 6.

  20. Instead of sending Seniors, Intermediates, and Juniors separately, Mrs. Morrison ordered representatives from the three hostels to form each detachment.

  21. The towns of pilgrimage were largely a collection of inns, and churches and hostels for poor pilgrims, the later institutions often being supported by local guilds.

  22. When the journey was made on land, the pilgrims took advantage of the hospitals and hostels which were founded here and there along the regular routes to rest themselves and obtain food.

  23. They had Hostels over the country before the war and have added to these.

  24. Hostels have been built there and all over the country by the Government and by factory owners, and the Hostel Supervisors have a big and useful work to do.

  25. Hostels and Employment Bureaux are established for receiving travellers and for Registry Work at Cape Town, Johannesburg, and Salisbury.

  26. Soldiers ran to and fro, busily seeking hostels for this fair assemblage.

  27. Nor these alone, but in the courtyards and chambers of the hostels you might see the pages and chamberlains go swiftly about their tasks, in divers fashions.

  28. Such is the work of the "American Hostels for Refugees.

  29. Our doctors and nurses of the American Hospital, our workers in the hostels and the Clearing House, our boys in the American Field Service, are not alone saving the lives of broken men of a friendly people.

  30. There is a homeliness about these little hostels which is very delightful; but it is always a puzzle to me how the women get their meals.

  31. The Fondas in the larger towns are generally very tolerable, and even the humbler hostels in Cantabria are presentable after their kind.

  32. To accommodate girls in one of our four Hostels in Canada, should it be necessary to wait a day or two before going to their situations.

  33. Similarly, several foundations of the Order of the Holy Sepulchre were pilgrims’ hostels served by a few canons.

  34. I have visited many of these Hostels in all parts of Germany, and it is impossible to speak too highly of them.

  35. In many places accommodation is provided for the wayfarer at the police stations, at others inns and private houses are used; the number of special Hostels is small.

  36. The managers of travellers' hostels and of relief stations are authorised to confiscate any pass of which an improper use shall have been made.

  37. Lodgings will be found for the wayfarer in neighbouring Hostels where they exist, or else in Poorhouses, hospitals, or private houses.

  38. The entire supplanting of the so-called "model" lodging-houses by travellers' hostels in public hands would be one of the greatest benefits that could be conferred upon the working classes.

  39. This is done by the complementary systems of public and semi-public Relief Stations and Hostels or popular lodging-houses.

  40. According to Pastor von Bodelschwingh, vagabondage has almost disappeared in those districts of Westphalia in which a rational system of Relief Stations and Hostels has been established.

  41. There are four large hostels in London for the accommodation of officers, and one for officer-cadets.

  42. France, many hostels being maintained for that purpose.

  43. The Scottish National Council have up-to-date well-equipped hostels and recreation-rooms in several naval centres, and those at Edinburgh and Glasgow are thronged with bluejackets.

  44. During the whole of the time they are in France, the relatives are entertained as the guests of the Red Triangle in the special hostels that have been established for the purpose in the principal bases.

  45. South of the Border there are many fine hostels and recreation-rooms for sailors, and in scores of centres in England, Wales, and Ireland the Red Triangle is catering successfully for the needs of our bluejackets.

  46. One of the most beautiful of these hostels is 'Les Iris.

  47. At the close of the war we are planning to erect permanent hostels and institutes for sailors in several naval bases at home and in some of the great foreign stations.

  48. The success of these hostels has demonstrated the need.

  49. Eton, he incorporated two small colleges or hostels at Cambridge, one of which he had instituted two years before.

  50. They lived either in private lodgings or in the numerous private Halls, Inns, or Hostels that covered the sites of the present colleges.

  51. The scholars were gathered into hostels in which they lived with their teachers, and were taught to consider themselves very superior persons.

  52. The knights disarm them at their hostels and the King and Messire Gawain at the damsels' tent.

  53. Lancelot hath set him forth again upon his way, and rideth by the high forests and findeth holds and hermitages enough, but the story maketh not remembrance of all the hostels wherein he harboured him.

  54. The boarding arrangements are generally, as in the case of the secondary schools, left to the head teacher, but in some instances municipal hostels have been provided.

  55. For over the doorways of these hostels the half-defaced arms of different monasteries, the griffin of Malmesbury or the Cross of Norwich, still denote their original purpose.

  56. The halls and hostels stood empty; very few degrees were taken.

  57. On the west side of Milne Street, between it and the river, were the hostels of S.

  58. It is plain that these various halls and hostels would sufficiently supply all the early needs of King Henry's new college.

  59. With this sum a considerable area to the west and south of the original hostels was acquired, and a handsome hall (aulam perpulchram) was built.

  60. This he did by transplanting the scholars to the two hostels (hospicia) adjoining the Church of S.

  61. Those tavern suppers in the quaint dark courts where the hostels of the crowded city are situated.

  62. These hostels were equipped with libraries, and the libraries were furnished from the shelves of the mother-houses.

  63. Two: most of the large abbeys maintained hostels at the Universities, singly or jointly, in which some of their younger members studied for degrees.

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