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Example sentences for "frisk"

Lexicographically close words:
fringy; fripperies; frippery; frisch; frise; frisked; frisket; frisking; frisks; frisky
  1. Don't forget to frisk that while you're at it!

  2. I had ter take a chance on de light," said Larry the Bat plaintively; "'cause I had ter frisk youse.

  3. Frisk in a sad tone, "will you speak to me now I am so poor?

  4. Poor Frisk ate as if he was not used to such fine fare, and the good dog Mop, who gave up his own meal to feed Frisk, felt as glad as if he had had it all him-self.

  5. There was a small gate near the large one, the latch of which Mop could lift with his nose, for Frisk and him-self to pass; and then the dogs ran round to the back of the house.

  6. You may be sure the two went hard to work to kiss and coax pa-pa to let Jack or Frisk stay.

  7. Just then there came up, at a smart pace, Frisk the pie-man's dog.

  8. When Frisk had made an end of the bones, he and Mop laid down in the dog-house; and as Frisk had asked him to do so, Mop told his tale, as you shall hear.

  9. The ham-bone got quite dry; and Dash was sure poor Frisk must be ill or dead.

  10. Dash, when he found Frisk was to act, scarce drew a breath for fear he should lose a bit of the play, and sat so still that not a hair moved.

  11. The run-a-way, who was Frisk to be sure, wore a coat and cap like the guard, and made a sad noise at his hard fate.

  12. They slept in the cold weather like dormice; in the daytime they lay very still, but would come out, and gambol and frisk about at night.

  13. Downy was rejoiced when she saw the daisies in the orchard begin to shew their white heads above the grass, and she took many a frisk out to enjoy the sunshine, and was quite happy and content.

  14. They make a great fuss about gathering food in the fall, and frisk and chatter and scold if anybody else comes where they are busy.

  15. The older Fireflies told the younger ones that they should get all the sleep they could during the daytime if they were to flutter and frisk all night.

  16. So fares it with those merry blades, That frisk it under Pindus' shades.

  17. It wears a plume That loves to frisk around My ear.

  18. Come, my fair lily, shine graciously out, While we thy leal subjects will frisk all about.

  19. Over him the April clouds were fetterless vagabonds whose gaiety made him shrug with excitement and take a curb with a frisk as gambolsome as a Central Park lamb.

  20. One little Sickness in slippers, a dressing-gown and a cotton nightcap escapes from the cavern and begins to frisk about the hall.

  21. Then Benedict fancied he saw a dog like Frisk in the throng, and he remembered that Frisk had followed Karl.

  22. Savagely, he hurled himself upon the surprised Frisk Fagan, wresting the steering wheel from him.

  23. Dan asked him if he knew any sailor by the name of Frisk Fagan.

  24. After freeing Dan, Jacques watched anxiously while police picked up his uncle, Frisk Fagan and Joe Matt.

  25. Dan also had been discouraged to learn that Frisk Fagan, the motorboat operator, had been released from jail on bond.

  26. We'll make the island," Frisk repeated with more confidence.

  27. Keep your shirt on," Frisk advised, hunching lower over the steering wheel.

  28. But however great his loneliness might have been, it was all forgotten at the sight of her, and his delight was unbounded when the hamper was unstrapped and Bob came tumbling out to frisk over his bare toes.

  29. Your heifer's sole inclination is about verdant fields, one while in running streams soothing the grievous heat; at another, highly delighted to frisk with the steerlings in the moist willow ground.

  30. The love of Nothus makes her frisk about like a wanton she-goat.

  31. Who still frisk on with feats so vastly low 'Tis strange Earl Grosvenor suffers such a show'.

  32. And there we'll whisk it, frisk it, whisk it, Skip it, and trip it along!

  33. Or else I watch the squirrels frisk And chaffer in the grassy lane; And all the while I mark your voice Breaking with love and pain.

  34. Frisk was barking and jumping about her with great animation, not having grown, as Freda foretold, a useless and fat London dog.

  35. Frisk jumped, and barked, and twirled about in a very affirmative way.

  36. Freda and her dog to the gate that led into the road, and the road soon led them to the farm, where Frisk began at once to run after all the poultry, to the no small annoyance of Shanno.

  37. Frisk was a fine, little Scotch terrier, his mistress's especial favourite, and he bounded after her with great satisfaction.

  38. Them Flics has went to get the Commissaire for to frisk me,' sez he.

  39. I see this here Quintana come outen the bush, I do, and walk up to Jake and frisk him, and Jake still a-kickin' the moss to slivers.

  40. Illustration] Day scarcely begins, scarcely does the stable-bell ring out for the herds, but the wagtail appears to conduct, and frisk and hover around them.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "frisk" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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