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Example sentences for "diffusive"

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diffuseth; diffusibility; diffusible; diffusing; diffusion; dificultad; dig; diga; digamma; digastric
  1. In the beautiful Aurora borealis, with its trembling diffusive lights, and its many-coloured rays, we have what may be regarded as a natural exhibition of magnetism, and we appear to have within our grasp the explanation we desire.

  2. There are men who appear to be dead to the mild influences of flowers; but these sweet blossoms--the stars of our earth--exert a power as diffusive as their pervading odours.

  3. Catalytic force, or attraction of surface concerned in the diffusive power of gases: an occult energy or power in saturated saline solutions; Prater.

  4. There is another Circumstance in this Design, which gives me hopes of your Favour to it, and that is what Tully advises, to wit, that the Benefit is made as diffusive as possible.

  5. Further, good is diffusive of itself, as appears from Dionysius (Div.

  6. Further, good is diffusive of itself, as stated by Dionysius (Div.

  7. On the contrary, Good is more self-diffusive than evil.

  8. Something of this diffusive longing no doubt came into the world with Christianity.

  9. For Rousseauistic love is also unlimited whether one understands by love either passion or a diffusive sympathy for mankind at large.

  10. We must no longer believe that God is a present, immanent, and diffusive Power and Life in nature.

  11. Thus, the diffusive power of a solution depends on time and on the nature of the substance dissolved, which fact may serve, not only for explaining the process of solution, but also for distinguishing one substance from another.

  12. He observed, that there were other parts of this important and diffusive subject which he might have touched, but he had fatigued himself and the House.

  13. Further, goodness seems to be the greatest principle of procession, since goodness is diffusive of itself.

  14. Goodness is described as self-diffusive in the sense that an end is said to move.

  15. It is known as the diffusive power of gases.

  16. What can you state of the diffusive power of gases?

  17. Let the thirteenth motion be that of impression, which is also a species of motion of assimilation, and the most subtile of diffusive motions.

  18. That the author of this diffusive mischief perpetuated it premeditatedly, wantonly, in the gaiety of his heart.

  19. What could one say to such a wretch as this, whose whole life had been spent in the most diffusive wickedness, and who no doubt has numbers of souls to answer for?

  20. If I were a person who had authority to write, it would be a pleasure to me to be diffusive in speaking most minutely of the graces which this glorious Saint has obtained for me and for others.

  21. For while the cause of the Gordians was embraced with such diffusive ardor, the Gordians themselves were no more.

  22. This operation, the particular effects of which are felt in every society, acted with much more diffusive energy in the Roman world.

  23. As far as it may consist of internal collections, a more diffusive knowledge of the circumstances of the State may be necessary.

  24. The Black Death, which here concerns us immediately, is one of the two great instances of a plague-virus with vast diffusive power, enormous momentum, and centuries of endurance.

  25. The diffusive power of the virus of the Black Death, which has been equalled only by that of the plague in Justinian's reign, may seem to have depended upon the favouring conditions that it met with.

  26. The references to pestilence would in no case suggest more than the typhus fever which has been the usual attendant upon Chinese famines, and has never shown the independent vitality and diffusive properties of plague.

  27. Alps into Liguria, and so gave it that start on Italian soil which the state of war for the next two years raised to the power of a virulent and diffusive epidemic[861].

  28. The great plagues of the 6th and 14th centuries had, on the other hand, a diffusive power which carried them over the whole known world.

  29. The same United Secession journal openly anticipates another and more diffusive result from this great movement; viz.

  30. Of Melinda: The city stands in a beautiful plain, surrounded with a variety of fine gardens; these are stocked with all sorts of trees, especially the orange, the flowers of which yield a most graceful diffusive smell.

  31. A social atmosphere thus concentrated in effect, and diffusive in its nature, brings into contact associations which more intense domestic life and a more formal organization keep apart.

  32. The schism of the Donatists was confined to Africa: the more diffusive mischief of the Trinitarian controversy successively penetrated into every part of the Christian world.

  33. The progress of domestic faction abated the more diffusive sentiment of national animosity; and the officers of Theodosius were instructed to purchase, with liberal gifts and promises, the retreat or service of the discontented party.

  34. On the other side, nothing is to be seen but the most diffusive misery and wretchedness, unrelieved even in thought or wish!

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