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Example sentences for "abide"

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abhorrest; abhorreth; abhorring; abhors; abidden; abided; abiden; abides; abideth; abiding
  1. I went another way to work with madam Betty, because she had been saucy, and called me skandelus names; and said O Frizzle couldn't abide me, and twenty other odorous falsehoods.

  2. I will abide by that experiment (cried my uncle) and if I could find a place to stand secure, without the vortex of the tumult, which I know will ensue, I would certainly go thither and enjoy the scene.

  3. Maria and Lady Brodie appeared, quite ready, but had to abide for a long time till the Bishop had arrived and arrayed himself.

  4. How shall I be sure,' I said, that the Gods to whom I pray will abide at all?

  5. Give them a large and loud order, and they will abide by it.

  6. His duty was to abide in his father's regiment for the term of his natural life, though the corps was one which most men would have paid heavily to avoid.

  7. Sir Charles adverted to the obligations contracted under the seventh article of the convention, to the opinion of His Majesty's Government that they were binding and its willingness to abide by the award of the arbiter.

  8. They were willing to abide by the Dred Scott decision and the enforcement of the Fugitive Slave law.

  9. Content you, Madam; You must abide my judgment, and my father's, Who deems it a most just and holy war.

  10. I shall respect the opinions of my brethren, no matter how they may decide; but I shall abide by the will of God and my own convictions of duty.

  11. Some loved me and wished me to abide always in their lodges and be one of them.

  12. In life, in death, O Lord, abide with me!

  13. When other helpers fail, and comforts flee, Help of the helpless, O abide with me!

  14. The chiefs wished him to say to the king "how much we desire that traders may be sent to abide among us with such things as we need, that the hearts of our young men, our wives, and children may be made glad.

  15. Then when he comes to talk it over we can see what he says and abide by his judgment.

  16. The ladies are very reserved, and abide by rules and standards, that are, if I may say so, out of date to-day.

  17. Got none of her own, and can't abide other folkses'.

  18. She wears a red-and-white dress, and she has no children of her own and can't abide other folkses'.

  19. Accordingly, she came ofttimes to Rustico and said to him: “Father mine, I came here to serve God and not to abide idle; let us go put the devil in hell.

  20. So saying, he proceeded to put off the few garments he had and abode stark naked, as likewise did the girl, whereupon he fell on his knees, as he would pray, and caused her abide over against himself.

  21. Come now, have pity and abide here upon the tower, lest thou make thy child an orphan and thy wife a widow.

  22. For my part, I find this judgment wise and just, and I am content to abide its issue.

  23. We abide His judgment Who has guided us in the past, and will guide us in the future.

  24. That we will abide by her decision, should she choose either of us, nor seek to alter it by tempting her from her troth, or in any fashion overt or covert.

  25. Here she is, and in my house she must abide until the vision be fulfilled.

  26. It begins: 'Abide with me, fast falls the eventide.

  27. Like the dove in the Song of Solomon, they abide in the clefts of the rocks, in the secret places of the stairs.

  28. He also beheld his brethren in him, and cried: 'Abide in me, and I in you.

  29. In anger having sworn by the Blood of Christ to hang Hugues d'Arques to a certain tree, d'Andreghen had no choice in calm but to abide by his oath.

  30. Ye have been good: therefore enter it to abide therein for ever.

  31. The souls of the godly abide in some better place and the souls of the unrighteous in a worse place expecting the time of judgment.

  32. It is just as natural to sing "Abide with Me" when the family sits together in the evening as it is to start "My Alabama Choo-choo.

  33. As the Polish lords had sixteen horsemen with them, the whole six dollars went for wine at the first sitting; so I had to consider how with care and by borrowing I might provide for those lords who were to abide there for a fortnight.

  34. When aforetime I wished to fly, you bade me remain with you, saying you would abide by me for good or for evil, even unto death; and you said, Shall the shepherd fly from his sheep?

  35. He was willing to abide by that, or to go to the sacrifice at any earlier day of which Parliament would admit.

  36. When confidences have been made, the persons making them must abide the consequences.

  37. Emblem of happiness, Blest is thy dwelling-place-- O to abide in the desert with thee!

  38. And out spake strong Herminius, Of Titian blood was he: “I will abide on thy left side, And keep the bridge with thee.

  39. Souldiours when thei abide at home, are mainteined with feare and punishemente, after when thei ar led to the warre with hope and with rewarde.

  40. In their peace and joy may I abide until God receives me, unworthy, into His inner temple.

  41. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "abide" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.
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