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Example sentences for "abided"

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abhorreth; abhorring; abhors; abidden; abide; abiden; abides; abideth; abiding; abidingly
  1. If that word had abided unquestioned here, the form of reply adopted in the other two Gospels would have inevitably followed.

  2. So Ahuna and I returned to Hiwilani, and to her happiness, lasting to her death the year following, two more of her ancestors abided about her in the jars of her twilight room.

  3. Also behind them were we of the other kindreds, whom Thiodolf had ordered into the wedge-array; and we were all ready to move forward, so that had they abided somewhat, all had been well and better.

  4. Thus then we abided a while again; and again came the horn's voice; for belike they had no mind to come their ways covertly because of their pride.

  5. For high was her courage, and she would in no wise mar that fair day and victory of the kindreds with grief for what was gone, whereas so much of what once was, yet abided and should abide for ever.

  6. So there we abided a while moving nought, and Thiodolf stood with Throng- plough on his shoulder, unhelmed, unbyrnied, as though he trusted to the kindred for all defence.

  7. Nay, to my mind thou art wending toward him, and he to thee; for never had ye come together hadst thou abided in thine old home and he in his.

  8. And then it was all over, and they two were sealed for one another for what yet abided them on the earth.

  9. But for this we can thee thank, that thou hast abided here our bidding and eaten thine heart through the heavy wearing of four days, and made no plaint.

  10. But when they had abided there for a year and a half, then said Amis to his ten fellows "We have done amiss in that we have left seeking of Amile.

  11. A desire had come he knew not whence; and he asked himself if it were a passing weakness of the flesh, or if this passion abided in him, if it had come at last to claim satisfaction?

  12. She asked herself, what was this power which abided in the bottom of her heart, from which she could not rid herself, and which said, 'thou shalt not marry him.

  13. Then rose up the rich one, much warriors around him, Chosen heap of the thanes, but there some abided 400 The war-gear to hold, as the wight one was bidding.

  14. In home have I abided The shapings of whiles, and held mine own well.

  15. That day they brought Sir Gareth to the castle in a litter and Sir Gareth abided at the castle for a fortnight and in that time he was altogether healed of his hurts that he had got in his battle with the Red Knight.

  16. Thus the Lady Elaine the Fair abided with her court there in the forest for nigh a month and by the end of that time Sir Launcelot was healed of his infirmities, though like to a little child for weakness.

  17. So it came about that Sir Ewaine abided at the castle of that widowed chatelaine for a long time, and until he was altogether healed of his wound.

  18. Meantime Sir Launcelot abided at the court of the King, very heavy of heart and very sorrowful of spirit.

  19. So Sir Gareth abided at the castle of Sir Percevant for five days and in all that time he saw nothing whatsoever of the damsel Lynette; for he lay in one part of the castle and she dwelt in another part.

  20. That night Sir Gawaine abided at the Court of Corbin, and there was a great feast prepared for his entertainment and all honor and regard was paid to him that was possible to pay any man, even were that man a king.

  21. Accordingly, that night they abided where they were, and when the early breaking of the day had come they departed thence upon the way that the damsel had pointed out.

  22. Thus it was that Sir Launcelot escaped from the hut of the hermit, and after that he abided in the forest for a long while.

  23. Since that he hath abided at our court but never have we known him by any other name than le Chevalier Malfait.

  24. Had we abided by that determination, some have thought our expedition might have come to a happier issue; but no human helps and means could change what was evidently ordained otherwise.

  25. She foresaw the temptations, the dangers, to which they must be exposed, whether they abandoned, or whether they abided by, the principles their education had instilled.

  26. Every body sympathized with Lady Oranmore, and admired the honest zeal with which she abided by her country, and defended it against unjust aspersions and affected execrations.

  27. So the Bishop and his train abided with Robin for three days, and much sport his lordship had in that time, so that, as Robin had said, when the time had come for him to go he was sorry to leave the greenwood.

  28. Then they told her all of the lusty doings herein spoken of, and among others that concerning the Bishop of Hereford and Sir Richard of the Lea, and how the Bishop had abided three days in Sherwood Forest.

  29. For all the livelong day they abided near this highway.

  30. Here have we abided all day, and no bird worth the shooting, so to speak, hath come within reach of our bolt.

  31. A score or more of stout fellows had abided in the forest, with Friar Tuck, to make ready for the homecoming, but all the rest were gone either with Robin Hood or Little John.

  32. There abided of course the permanent features of life which make pilgrimage as deep-rooted as the love of children, and one of the epidemics of pilgrimage that occur periodically burst out in France about 1585, so Busbecq writes.

  33. Poictiers for law, Montpellier for medicine; and there is an end of the towns that the student-tourist abided in.

  34. And after some days Saint Munis, the devout bearer of many relics of saints, was returning from Rome, and of necessity abided there for one night.

  35. And every year, at the beginning of the fast of the Lent time, he went alone out of the monastery, with five barley loaves mixed with ashes for his support, and abided in the wilderness through all that sacred season.

  36. Then the saint returned unto the house of Dichu, where he abided not a few days, and by preaching the Christian faith, and by working signs and miracles, he profited much people.

  37. Therefore, that he might show the honor and the submission due unto his parents, he abided with them certain days.

  38. And he, undertaking the government of this church rather from obedience than from ambition, abided there only one week, and then quitting it hastened to Saint Patrick.

  39. And Saint Patrick visited the country of the Turturini, where he abided for the space of seven weeks; and in that little space builded he seven churches, one whereof he called the Lord's Church.

  40. Colonel Thornton had chosen to appeal to the Jockey Club, and should have abided by their decision.

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