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Example sentences for "concatenations"

Lexicographically close words:
conation; conative; conatus; concatenated; concatenation; concave; concaved; concavities; concavity; conceal
  1. It strongly resembles Rembrandt as Educator, but is far beyond that book in the utter senselessness of its concatenations of words.

  2. The social insects especially show us highly developed results of the adjustment of adjacent interests and life acts into concatenations and concretions.

  3. But in the material of number-dreams we no longer discover conscious puzzles of symbolic concatenations of numbers but the unconscious roots of the symbolism of numbers.

  4. But absolute truth could be accessible only to omniscience, aware of all possible concatenations and combinations; that is not possible, for the concatenations and their combinations are infinite.

  5. This case also presented similar bizarre and grotesque concatenations of ideas to the one I have described.

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