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  1. This has a most salutary tonic effect besides the influence that it exerts upon the bowel movements.

  2. Therefore this small bulk of material, together with certain excretions from the liver and other organs, would be retained in the bowel and undergo fermentation there.

  3. It has been found from investigation of this subject that the cellulose or undigested material of the cereals, vegetables and fruits, is an absolute essential to good bowel action.

  4. The interference is at first slight, but it quickly becomes more pronounced; the pinched bowel in the hernial sac swells as a finger does when a string is tightly wound round its base.

  5. In Strangulated Hernia the bowel or omentum is being nipped at the neck of the sac, and the flow of blood into and from the delicate tissues is stopped.

  6. As a rule, the more rapidly a hernia forms the greater the rapidity of serious change in the conditions of the bowel or omentum, and the more urgent are the symptoms.

  7. In such a case the damaged piece of bowel must be resected and the healthy ends of the bowel joined together by fine suturing.

  8. In catarrh of the bowel due to cold the fever is higher than when indigestion is the cause.

  9. They were carefully dissected off and the bowel cavity (?

  10. If the cause of the obstruction is a volvulus, the bowel should be untwisted.

  11. In catarrh of the bowel the skin is hot and dry, the pulse accelerated, and other indications of a symptomatic fever are presented.

  12. Pressure upon the bowel by a tumor, as an enlarged or retroverted uterus, may cause diarrhoea, the source of which may be overlooked.

  13. There will be a thinning of bowel walls, and here and there a knuckle of adherent intestines may cause some prominence and give some resonance on percussion.

  14. The bowel is atonic and is distended with contained gas; there is great feebleness of peristaltic contractions.

  15. Bands entangling the bowel and causing strangulation may be attached to the fimbriated process of the Fallopian tube or the ovary or uterus.

  16. The Red Sulphur water may be used with the most decided benefit in obstinate cases of bowel complaint, gleet, leucorrhoea, catarrh of the bladder, and uterine derangement.

  17. They are a very useful remedy in cholera infantum, or the summer bowel complaint in children.

  18. The occlusion of the intestinal arteries, especially that arising suddenly, always has for its result a partial or complete paralysis of the portion of bowel which they supply.

  19. It is an error to suppose that the lower bowel or rectum forms their especial habitat, nevertheless the most approved manuals, vade mecums, and general treatises have for a long time supported this erroneous view.

  20. The palsy of the bowel which arises in this way may explain also the frequent ruptures of the digestive canal and the greater number of its changes in position.

  21. For eight or ten days I took no other food or drink, but with this I filled myself twice a day, and a return to perfect health was the result; all trace of bowel trouble had disappeared.

  22. I refer to the bowel complaints so common among children during summer and autumn.

  23. Others, and with better reason, suppose that the latter are intended by the Author of nature to check or prevent the bowel diseases of summer.

  24. The stockings, too, should be wholly laid aside at night, unless in the case of those who are feeble, apt to have their feet cold, or particularly liable to bowel complaints.

  25. It is not to be doubted that many diarrhoeas, as well as, other bowel affections, are produced in this way.

  26. The results are bowel pain and too frequent movements and general weakness.

  27. You will also find in what is called the second stomach, that is, the bowel leading to the gizzard, a large core.

  28. I had a good knowledge of homeopathic remedies, and I started to cure bowel and liver troubles.

  29. They would do well for about six or seven weeks, then grow sick with liver and bowel trouble and fade away.

  30. That was given in order to form a skin and harden the sore and raw place in the bowel after the bird had passed the core.

  31. At any rate, his vital powers have been suddenly lowered, and the micro-organisms teeming in his bowel have seized upon the lining membrane of the appendix.

  32. An extra-peritoneal wound of any of these portions of the bowel is more dangerous than an intra-peritoneal, and more likely to give rise to septicæmia.

  33. No local or constitutional signs indicated either bowel injury or perforation of liver.

  34. In the future I should always feel inclined to enlarge such wounds and bring the bowel to the surface.

  35. With regard to the cases of suspected injury to the bowel which recovered spontaneously, the symptoms were somewhat special in their comparative slightness, and in the limited nature of the local signs.

  36. There was no surrounding ecchymosis of the bowel wall.

  37. On this matter I can only add that, in civil practice, an exploratory abdominal section is often the only means of determination of a rupture of the bowel wall.

  38. Foul pus and gas escaped freely from the pelvis, but no wound of the large bowel could be discovered here.

  39. I operated, there was absolutely no gross escape until the bowel was removed from the abdominal cavity, when the contents spurted out freely.

  40. The chief causes of death were scurvy and its results and bowel affections-chronic and acute diarrhea and dysentery.

  41. The solution, maintained at blood heat, is introduced into the lower bowel with a fountain syringe.

  42. The lower bowel is very receptive of this solution, which by the way, is made by dissolving a teaspoonful of clean common salt in a pint of water.

  43. Laying the patient on his back and examining the ulcerated part of the bowel by means of the rectal speculum' (iii.

  44. In radical cure of hernia Celsus directs us to keep the bowel from prolapsing by means of it: 'For if the piece be small it is to be pushed back over the groin into the abdomen, either with the finger or the back of the specillum.

  45. Since wearing your Bowel and Kidney Band I have had fewer colds and aches than previously, through our severe Iowa winters.

  46. Dear Sir:--I received your Bowel and Kidney Band, which I put on promptly, and wore it until a few days ago.

  47. Dear Sir:--I find that your Kidney and Bowel Bands gave general satisfaction to our men who have used them, and hand you enclosed several testimonials.

  48. The act by which the contents of the bowel are expelled from the body.

  49. In order to keep the digestive system in good condition, the refuse matter which collects in the lower bowel must be evacuated every day.

  50. The bowel injection is best given by means of the single-bulb syringe, known as the eye and ear syringe; the bulb holds about two tablespoonfuls of liquid.

  51. To overcome this, the patient should lie down immediately after the bowel movement, and remain in the recumbent position for ten or fifteen minutes.

  52. The first discharge from the infant's bowel after birth, and which had collected in the intestines during the pregnancy.

  53. And in order to secure this regular bowel movement, regularity in the time of going to the toilet is a prime necessity.

  54. This part of the bowel is known as the rectum.

  55. And it is much better to use an enema than to go to bed without a bowel movement.

  56. The patient should have a full warm tub-bath, fresh night-clothes put on, and an enema should be at once given to unload the bowels, and this even though there may have been a bowel movement only a few hours previously.

  57. Where there is a tendency to bowel disorder, a little gum arabic, rice, or barley may be boiled with the drinking water.

  58. When it is desirable to administer nourishment by the rectum, it is necessary to wash out the lower end of the bowel with a warm-water clyster, before injecting the nutritive medium.

  59. Twenty to 60 drops of laudanum may be added to a couple of tablespoonfuls of tepid boiled starch, then injected into the lower end of the bowel by means of a vulcanite, glass, or ball syringe.

  60. The true nature of these bowel complaints is generally only revealed on after-death examination.

  61. A twisted bowel is certainly not so frequently met with as a telescoped or intussuscepted one.

  62. Some of these tracks run outward; some extend up the bowel beneath the mucous membrane; whilst others travel round the bowel and open in the other buttock, giving rise to the so-called horseshoe fistula.

  63. The operation for a blind internal fistula consists in making it a complete fistula and in dividing the intervening structures between the bowel and the sinus.

  64. The swelling disappears upon the reëstablishment of the communication between the bowel and the sinus, and is attended by the profuse discharge of matter previously mentioned.

  65. The thread is passed through the track, so that one end hangs out of the bowel and the other at the external orifice of the fistula.

  66. It consists in introducing the two thumbs into the bowel, back to back, and then forcibly separating them from each other until the sides of the bowel can be stretched as far out as the tuberosities of the ischia.

  67. This should be subsequent to the passage of the probe, as otherwise the introduction of the finger into the bowel will set up a spasm of the sphincter muscles, which will greatly interfere with the passage of the probe.

  68. In neuralgia the pain caused by pressure with the finger in the anus is not confined to one spot, as it is in fissure, but all portions of the bowel are alike tender.

  69. In these cases the bowel becomes impacted with hardened feces, which when discharged overstretch the delicate mucous membrane, and thus, either by irritation or by direct abrasion, the ulcer is formed.

  70. In using it, remember that it is intended to draw the cord from the bowel out of the external orifice, and not vice versa.

  71. With this instrument, fistulæ running high up in the bowel may be divided, no matter how dense they may be.

  72. They are not only less nutritious, but the large quantity of sugar which they contain not infrequently disagrees with the child, and causes bowel complaint.

  73. Aloes is a purgative which acts chiefly on the large bowel and to some degree also on the liver, and is of most use in the habitual constipation of weakly children.

  74. There is a very obstinate form of chafing, with great redness of the skin, and disposition to crack about the edge of the bowel which depends on constitutional causes, and calls at once for the interference of the doctor.

  75. The diarrhoea and bowel symptoms, when present, may be relieved by the application of hot fomentations to the abdomen, warm or hot enemas and twenty grains of subnitrate of bismuth given every four hours.

  76. Brandy and all foods were stopped; bowel flushings were given, 1-12 of a drop of tincture of aconite was administered every half hour and salicylate of caffeine every two hours.

  77. As the veins of the lining of the bowel become dilated they form definite bulgings within the bowel, and, at last increasing in size, escape through the anus when a motion is being passed.

  78. When this bleeding is spontaneous it comes from the mucous membranes, especially from the nose, but also from the mouth, bowel and bronchial tubes.

  79. Two methods of producing strangulation exist; in the first the bowel passes under an arch or loop formed by some short constricting band and cannot return, or if the band is long it may form a noose in which the bowel is strangled (fig.

  80. Compression of the bowel due to a tumour or bands external to the bowel may occasionally give rise to obstruction.

  81. Treves says: "These are to be condemned, as they may rupture the already moribund bowel and make effective a threatened perforation.

  82. There are two chief varieties: (1) in which the bowel is twisted upon its mesenteric axis (fig.

  83. The causes are due to the state of the contents of the bowel itself, to congenital or acquired weakness and diminished expulsive power of the bowel, or to painful affections of the anus, fissures, piles and painful bladder affections.

  84. If the flatulence, however, should continue, four or five grains of magnesia may be mixed with the last meal at night, and a little warm water thrown up into the bowel as an injection the next morning.

  85. FN#32] A fit of passion in the nurse will frequently be followed by a fit of bowel complain in the child.

  86. Lancing the gum will at once, then, remove the cause, and generally cure the bowel complaint.

  87. Bowel affections are not an infrequent attendant upon hooping-cough, and always aggravate the primary disorder.

  88. Depriving the child at once of the breast, and substituting artificial food, however proper under due regulations such food may be, will invariably cause bowel complaints.

  89. Children brought up on an artificial diet are very liable to indigestion and bowel complaints; indeed none more so: and it is from these affections that so many of these infants perish.

  90. The same observation applies to the bowel also; and if twelve hours pass without any motion, the parts should be examined.

  91. This is the only way effectually to prevent indigestion, and bowel complaints, and the irritable condition of the nervous system, so common in infancy, and secure to the infant healthy nutrition, and consequent strength of constitution.

  92. They are continually suffering from bowel complaints and convulsive disorders; which, under these circumstances, terminate invariably in an early death.

  93. There may also be ataxic symptoms, paretic weakness of bowel and bladder, trembling and spasms.

  94. This little bowel is worse than useless in man, being a source of serious danger.

  95. In addition to its effects directly upon the nervous system, tea tends to check both stomach and bowel digestion, and thus increases the self-poisoning which is so prominent a cause, consequence, and aggravation of these nervous conditions.

  96. Coffee exerts a very similar action to that of tea, albeit the nervous symptoms produced by it are usually secondary to the disturbances of the stomach and bowel digestion.

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