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Example sentences for "asymmetric"

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  1. The aldehyde group reacts with hydrocyanic acid to produce two stereo-isomeric cyanhydrins; this isomerism is due to the conversion of an originally non-asymmetric carbon atom into an asymmetric one.

  2. Lowry and Armstrong represent these compounds by the following spatial formulae which postulate a [gamma]-oxidic structure, and 5 asymmetric carbon atoms, i.

  3. This possibility depends upon the existence in the molecule of the substance in question of one or more asymmetric carbon atoms and manifests itself in differences in the optical activity of the compound.

  4. By similar variations in the grouping around the four asymmetric atoms, it is possible to produce the sixteen different space arrangements shown on page 37 for the groups of an aldohexose.

  5. Attention should be called, at this point, to the fact that such formulas as these cannot possibly accurately represent the actual arrangement of the constituent groups of a carbohydrate molecule around an asymmetric carbon atom.

  6. Most of the alkaloids contain asymmetric carbon atoms and are, therefore, optically active, usually levorotatory, although a few are dextrorotatory.

  7. Similarly, for a ketohexose, which contains three asymmetric carbon atoms, there are eight possible arrangements.

  8. Only the living organism, with its asymmetric tissues, or the asymmetric productions of the living organism, or the living intelligence with its conception of asymmetry, can produce this result.

  9. Japp expressed the conclusion that "the production of single asymmetric compounds or their isolation from the mixture of their enantiomorphs [or opposite forms] is, as Pasteur firmly held, the prerogative of life.

  10. Of the tri-derivatives the symmetrical compounds boil at the lowest temperature, the asymmetric next, and the vicinal at the highest.

  11. A somewhat asymmetric though otherwise typical hupf is illustrated in natural colors in plate LVI.

  12. All the specimens are so asymmetric as to indicate the absence of mechanical devices approaching the potter’s wheel, while the necks are of such size as to admit the hand and forearm of an adult female but not of a warrior.

  13. What in the name of all the Caesars does an asymmetric atom of carbon mean?

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