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Example sentences for "curved"

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curule; curus; curvature; curvatures; curve; curves; curvet; curveting; curvetting; curvilinear
  1. A laugh curved Jerry's lips as she thought of Tommy.

  2. Her laughing eyes and mischievously curved lips robbed the words of their sting.

  3. Her eyes shone, her lips curved in a faint smile as she looked about her.

  4. Her hazel eyes were brilliant with laughter, her lips curved tormentingly as she flouted the two at the table.

  5. Where the carriage attained the level of the plateau, the main road curved away inland to the right, while upon the left hand, under the wall of encircling brown cliffs, a small brigade of all arms was assembled to do honour to their ruler.

  6. To the right of the keep a wing, curved like the fluke of an anchor, slopes down to a lower level.

  7. On the delicate palm was stamped the curved stain of his boot-heel.

  8. However, a careful survey of the curved landscape in all directions failed to reveal a glimpse of anything remotely threatening.

  9. Then again there was silence almost absolute, Herb's oars moving with the softest swish imaginable, as the boat skimmed along the lonely, curved bay which he had chosen for a calling-place.

  10. They had caught glimpses of its curved line of peaks before.

  11. He pointed to a curved bank of brushwood, mostly alder branches, piled together in curious topsyturvy fashion, which formed a dam across the stream.

  12. And as he trod, up and down, up and down the rich apartments, a slow, grim smile curved his mouth.

  13. And as Flint gazed on this marvel, all created and maintained by human toil, by sweat and skill and tireless patience of the workers, a hard smile curved his lips.

  14. Mr Maplestone wheeled round and beheld Charmion standing just outside the opening of the screen, one hand raised to rest lightly on the curved wood coping.

  15. She looked at me dumbly, while the colour faded out of her cheeks, and the pretty curved lips twitched and trembled.

  16. Don Agostino looked at him hard, and his finely moulded lips curved in an ironical smile.

  17. To turn to more important characters: the niata cattle of the Pampas are remarkable from their short foreheads, upturned muzzles, and curved lower jaws.

  18. One great dark braid curved forward over her shoulder.

  19. Tonia dropped the lariat, twisted herself around, and curved a lemon-tinted arm over the ranger's shoulder.

  20. This word denotes any thing with a curved outline (cf.

  21. Sinus refers particularly to the curved border on this side the aestuaries.

  22. His chin was in both hands, the brim of his slouch hat was curved crescent-wise over his forehead, and his eyes were on the sweeping bend of the river below him.

  23. A loop of black hair curved over his forehead, down almost to his left eye.

  24. He began to charge the china bowl of his pipe, a pipe with a long cherry stem and a curved mouthpiece, pressing the tobacco down with his thumb and thinking: No.

  25. The monster appeared with dripping fangs and gaping jaws, approached Coyote, who retreated farther and farther away, until the thong stretched taut and the pine curved like a bow.

  26. Yet, as they descended the hill and plunged into the wild wooded valley, untenanted and uncivilised, where the road wound and curved among giant boulders and twisted through ravines and gorges, her heart fell within her.

  27. This slender, curved portion is almost colorless, and is soon shut off from the rest of the branch.

  28. D, section of the seed, showing the curved embryo (em.

  29. The Murray wriggles through its two colonies like a length of waved dress braid, and here it curved between hilly banks and woods whose fringes dipped into the stream.

  30. They curved in and right up to the thresholds of our doors--that is one of the features of this harbour which few others can match.

  31. Part of his own costume consisted of a short, curved scimitar attached to an embroidered belt-- the sort of thing that Arabs wear for ornament rather than use.

  32. The best form of spike I have seen is the curved safety railroad spike; this spike takes in the tie a position which enables it to resist the thrust of the rail against it much more effectually than the ordinary spike can possibly do.

  33. The skin is first spread upon this, and the broad, curved beam of the knife glides across it from end to end, scraping and removing all the loosened hair, the scarf skin, and the small portion of animal matter adhering to the skin.

  34. The cost of the curved safety spike is more than that of the ordinary spike, but it is better made, holds the track better, and, I believe, is worth more than the difference asked for it.

  35. I have seen in good condition, one of these curved spikes which was said to have been driven eight times.

  36. The other was vacant, and furnished with arm-chairs and a round table, more like a room on shore, except for the long curved settee following the shape of the ship's stern.

  37. The valley curved sharply, and the road followed and ran over a shoulder of the ridge and down on to a little plateau, where the out-station buildings and horse paddocks were set.

  38. The north side of the lake is curved in a great arc, so symmetrical in appearance that it seems mathematically perfect, and the eye sweeps along several miles of shore at a single glance as though this were some bay on the sea-coast.

  39. The next moment a curious smile curved his lips.

  40. The hair, dark, and still damp from the outdoor air, lay in loose waves about the forehead and curved back over the ears in wonderfully becoming lines, with softening little curls here and there.

  41. One of the reporters whose "job" it was to watch her hands, noted that they curved rigidly.

  42. Black Rifle stopped a moment or two at a stump, and then curved swiftly about it.

  43. The above list will hopefully give you a few useful examples demonstrating the appropriate usage of "curved" in a variety of sentences. We hope that you will now be able to make sentences using this word.

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