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Example sentences for "curvatures"

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curtsy; curtsying; curule; curus; curvature; curve; curved; curves; curvet; curveting
  1. After some time, as the state of the patient’s health improves, the bones in some degree regain their original firmness, and the curvatures are rendered permanent.

  2. No treatment can be effectual, unless the other curvatures are corrected; for the head is placed so to preserve the equilibrium of the body.

  3. At the western extremity of the Pyrenees, great curvatures of the strata are seen in the sea cliffs, where the rocks consist of marl, grit, and chert.

  4. The sentiment of Beauty appears to be attached from our cradles to the easy curvatures of lines, and smooth surfaces of visible objects, and to have been derived from the form of the female bosom; as spoken of in Zoonomia, Vol.

  5. The product of these maximum and minimum curvatures is called the measure of curvature of the surface at the point under consideration.

  6. In these types, as in e and f, the only general condition is, that their line shall be composed of three curves of different lengths and different arrangements (the depth of arcs and radius of curvatures being unconsidered).

  7. These facts will be found to offer full explanation of various tropic curvatures to be described in the subsequent series of Papers.

  8. Rachitical curvatures are very apt to become less marked while growth is increasing and the limbs extending.

  9. In all cases of rachitis, however, the curvatures of the extremities will not disappear altogether, while mild ones, it is true, are hardly recognizable in advanced age.

  10. Particularly are there no curvatures in syphilis and no infractions.

  11. During all this time the epiphysial swellings and the diaphysial curvatures develop but very slowly; but at a very early time chronic bronchial catarrh, with a loose cough, begins to be troublesome.

  12. Mere straightening of the curvatures is indicated, and successful with children under two years.

  13. Of the aqueous curvatures of this crest, we shall have more to say presently; meantime let us especially observe how the providential laws of beauty, acting with reversed data, arrive at similar results in the aiguilles and crests.

  14. Curvatures worn by water over the back of the crest towards the valley, in the direction g i.

  15. In the aiguilles, which are of such hard rock that the fall of snow and trickling of streams do not affect them, the inner structure is so disposed as to bring out the curvatures by the mere fracture.

  16. A rooted plant obviously cannot rotate on its axis, but the regular series of curvatures of which its growth consists correspond to the aberrations of Paramoecium distributed regularly about its course by means of rotation.

  17. We must now pass on to a consideration of the central thesis of the book,--the relation of circumnutation to the adaptive curvatures of plants.

  18. Piccard's results showed that both curvatures occurred and he concluded that the sensitive region is not confined to the tip.

  19. He then points out that curvatures such as those towards the light or towards the centre of the earth can be shown to be exaggerations of circumnutation in the given directions.

  20. The curvatures are really very well done, for the workmen have good models to copy from, and long practice gives them accuracy of hand and eye.

  21. Whatever forces are applied to bend the plate, these couples are always expressible, at least approximately in terms of the principal curvatures produced in the surface which, before strain, was the middle plane of the plate.

  22. In addition to positive or negative curvatures light induces a responsive torsion.

  23. Nastic movements, on the other hand, are curvatures which bring about a particular position in relation to the plant, and not to the direction of the stimulus".

  24. The intensity of light was increased in successive experiments, in arithmetical progression 1:2:3 by suitably diminishing the distance between the plant and the source of light, and the resulting tropic curvatures recorded.

  25. There is no necessity for postulating two different irritabilities for the shoot and the root, since tissues in general exhibit positive or negative curvatures according as the stimulus is direct or indirect.

  26. Unilateral stimulus induces curvature, and there is no essential difference in the production of such curvatures in pulvinated, growing, and fully grown organs.

  27. If not, we have to find the true explanation of the opposite curvatures exhibited by the two types of organs.

  28. Tropic curvatures in general are brought about by the differential effect of stimulus on two sides of the organ.

  29. In describing thermonastic curvatures Pfeffer says that "a special power of thermonastic response has been developed by various flowers, in which low temperatures produce closing movements, and high temperatures, opening ones.

  30. I shall presently show that these tropic curvatures are determined by the definite effects of direct and indirect stimulations.

  31. Series of tropic curvatures of growing bud of Crinum to alternate stimulation by light at 45 deg.

  32. Unilateral application of anode and cathode thus induces appropriate curvatures in pulvinated and in growing organs.

  33. The positive and negative phototropic curvatures of an identical organ at different temperatures is seen in the two records given in figure 145.

  34. In these four cases the radius of the upward curvatures (according to Sachs' cyclometer) was 5 mm.

  35. Tools for grinding and polishing lenses of various curvatures were exhibited, together with a collection of glass disks obtained from the factory of Messrs.

  36. The fissures also determine the curvatures of the long undulating zones of concretionary action.

  37. In some persons there are exaggerated curvatures of the spine.

  38. The correction for this condition is glasses that are not equally curved in all directions, but so selected that their less curvatures shall fit in with the greater curvatures of the cornea.

  39. In fact, glasses that are curved only in one direction are usually used, this curvature being just enough to bring up the total curvature in that direction to equal the other curvatures of the cornea.

  40. In the part composed by the curvatures into which the points of the angles run out, let the holes be situated, and let the breadth be reduced by one sixth; moreover, let the hole be longer than it is broad by the thickness of the bolt.

  41. The natural curvatures of the spinal column diminish the shock produced by falling, running or leaping, which would otherwise be more directly transmitted to the brain.

  42. There are other curvatures crossing these main ones, to keep them from being too conspicuous.

  43. Thus another essential difference between good and bad drawing, or good and bad sculpture, depends on the quantity and refinement of minor curvatures carried, by good work, into the great lines.

  44. Through the darkness I could see white curvatures of piling sea-ice.

  45. The truth seems to be, that the curvatures are so numerous and varied, that machine-sawing would scarcely be applicable.

  46. These lines represent the actual sizes and shapes of the different parts of the ship, with curvatures and taperings of singularly varied character.

  47. At the western extremity of the Pyrenees, great curvatures of the strata are seen in the sea-cliffs, where the rocks consist of marl, grit, and chert.

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