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Example sentences for "curtsying"

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curtseying; curtseys; curtsied; curtsies; curtsy; curule; curus; curvature; curvatures; curve
  1. Mrs. Poyser advanced to the door to meet them, curtsying low and trembling between anger with Dinah and anxiety to conduct herself with perfect propriety on the occasion.

  2. Therefore, having paid her parting compliments to Mrs. Potts and the Montagues, she walked all round the room, curtsying to every body and shaking hands, and telling them she had come to take French leave.

  3. Therefore Mrs. Allerton suppressed her resentment, and made no reply.

  4. With a sob she passed up the corridor, curtsying to the king as she passed him.

  5. Since he had come to Lustadt that day he had had no word with her, and now he crossed toward her, amused as the throng parted to form an aisle for him, the men saluting and the women curtsying low.

  6. They came through the shop, and stood curtsying when they came into the little sitting room.

  7. As I left the farm-gate, female hay-makers who had worked till dark, passed, curtsying as they recognized me.

  8. Then, curtsying to the audience, she said, "I entreat your forgiveness for a movement of vanity which has made me encroach on your patience for half an hour.

  9. I saw a quantity of lace on a table and proceeded to examine it without paying any attention to a girl who was standing near the table and curtsying to me.

  10. A very decent-looking woman, followed by a servant girl, came in a few minutes after, and curtsying very low, she proceeded to make my bed.

  11. She ran to him, curtsying and smiling, and slipped one slim arm round his caressingly.

  12. She did not reply, but turned, curtsying gravely to her father as she quitted the hall.

  13. Mistress Stagg looked, started up, and, without waiting to raise from the floor the armful of delicate silk which she had dropped, was presently curtsying upon the doorstep.

  14. The orchard through which she ran was fair with its rosy trees, like gayly dressed curtsying dames; the slow, clear creek that held the double of the sky enticed, but she passed it by.

  15. Now and again the Virginian must stop to bow profoundly to curtsying ladies, or to take snuff with some portly Councilor or less stately Burgess who, coming from the Capitol, chanced to overtake them.

  16. She would not ask him to do anything so difficult as give up curtsying to horses and dogs, but surely he could not be afraid of a little cat.

  17. It was not necessary for her to see him standing curtsying and curtsying to recognise him.

  18. Those who were coming to the funeral feast laughed at the Goat, who hastened away, curtsying and curtsying to every horse he met.

  19. One day she said to him that now he must promise her something: he must give over curtsying to the cat.

  20. To see that woman bowing and scraping and curtsying to Father Barney, and she his own mother's brother's daughter, was the best thing in the world.

  21. With hurried deference, Luise Ivanovna fell to curtsying in all directions, and so curtsied herself to the door.

  22. The small lady positively skipped from her seat on seeing him, and fell to curtsying in a sort of ecstasy; but the officer took not the smallest notice of her, and she did not venture to sit down again in his presence.

  23. I was not mad at that time," curtsying low and smiling between every little sentence.

  24. We looked at one another, half laughing at our being like the children in the wood, when a curious little old woman in a squeezed bonnet and carrying a reticule came curtsying and smiling up to us with an air of great ceremony.

  25. Now it was the little mad woman worn out with curtsying and smiling, now some one in authority at Bleak House.

  26. I will let you know when I expect her," said Mrs. Graham, curtsying herself from the room.

  27. As he passed through the bowing and curtsying crowd, the Emperor caught sight of his former hostess.

  28. And the President was adding a pretty little speech of compliment, in his gallant way, and the marquis was bowing solemnly and profoundly, and the comtesse was curtsying and smiling, and I was left entirely out in the cold.

  29. Presently I saw the wren curtsying and gesticulating beneath an old log.

  30. A day of gently rustling and curtsying leaves, when the breeze almost seems to blow upward.

  31. With cream for the top," lisped the little maid, curtsying again.

  32. Heaven bless Your Majesties," said Rafe and Meg, bowing and curtsying low.

  33. Curtsying low she so told him, and he at once went into the sitting-room where he found it lying on his table.

  34. And then, curtsying to her husband's client, she prepared to withdraw.

  35. But what was my surprise to perceive her familiarly afterwards whispering to one, curtsying to another, telling a third how unfortunate she had been in not being at home when she did her the honor of calling on her!

  36. This reserve compelled Miss Ring to advance a step or two, when Eve was obliged to stop Curtsying to her partner, she thanked him for his attention, relinquished his arm, and turned to meet the lady.

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