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Example sentences for "curvature"

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  1. Its molar teeth are of the type of those of the existing African Elephant, the spaces enclosed by the transverse enamel-plates being more or less lozenge-shaped, whilst the curvature of the tusks is simple.

  2. The effects of the curvature of the earth are obviated or exaggerated.

  3. An infinite circle must be bounded by a straight line, because with any degree of curvature the circle would be less than infinite.

  4. These 12 seedlings taken together differed greatly in their degree of curvature from all the many other seedlings in the same pots.

  5. There was in addition a slight lateral curvature directed partly from the card.

  6. In whatever position the branches may be placed, the upper part of the peduncle at first bends vertically upwards through heliotropism; but as soon as the flowers begin to wither the downward curvature of the whole peduncle commences.

  7. This decrease of curvature would naturally follow, if an exposure of only 1 h.

  8. The curvature of the radicle sometimes occurs within from 6 to 8 hours after the tip has been irritated, and almost always within 24 h.

  9. The degree of their curvature within a given time towards a lateral light did not correspond at all strictly with the amount of light which they received; the light not being at any time in excess.

  10. It may, therefore, be concluded that a thin slice removed by a razor from one side of the conical apex of the radicle causes irritation, like that from an attached object, and induces curvature from the injured surface.

  11. Ultimately not a trace of the former curvature is left, except in the case of the leaf-like cotyledons of the onion.

  12. The radicles of some plants are indifferent, as far as curvature is concerned, to the action of light; whilst others bend towards and others from it.

  13. From what we know of the impermeability of this sand to light, the upper illuminated part in these several cases must have determined the curvature of the lower buried portions.

  14. The first and most obvious explanation of the curvature is, that it results merely from the mechanical resistance to the growth of the radicle in its original direction.

  15. My captain is off the coast not far away.

  16. I didn't understand; but I tell yew that there is about a mile of rich syle there which if I had I could make it projuice a fortune.

  17. You might show me your skipper, and we could talk to him about what we're going to do.

  18. When a conductor is electrified, the density of the electricity is greatest where the curvature is greatest.

  19. Of course, this does not prove the possibility of direct action at a distance, but only shows that the curvature of the lines is as much a consequence of the one hypothesis as of the other.

  20. The chief source of the gracefulness of these curves consists in the almost imperceptible manner in which they pass in their course from one degree of curvature into another.

  21. In man the nose is much more prominent than in most monkeys; but we may trace the commencement of an aquiline curvature in the nose of the Hoolock Gibbon; and this in the Semnopithecus nasica is carried to a ridiculous extreme.

  22. The windows of the choir aisles are low, the arches are depressed, and the curvature of each side of the arch is so slight that they appear almost straight lines.

  23. The height of the crown of the inner arch above the capitals from which it springs is somewhat less than half the width at the bottom, and the radius of the curvature of the arches is greater than the width.

  24. Also it seems as though it is incorrect to refer to the strange effects it (rotation) produces on the curvature of the path, for it is the rotation itself which produces the curvature.

  25. He said: "The existence of rotation is manifested at once by the strange effects it produces on the curvature of the path.

  26. They are astigmatism and curvature of field.

  27. From the curvature of the horizon, he must be far up, several hundred miles, he guessed.

  28. And he could see that the curvature was increasing as he watched.

  29. There was little curvature perceptible; the edges of the appendage ran parallel, forming a nebulous causeway from star to star; and the comparison to an auroral beam was appropriately used.

  30. If the mean curvature is convex towards the axis the film will move from the axis.

  31. Let us examine the case in which the particle m is placed at a distance z from a curved stratum of the substance, whose principal radii of curvature are R1 and R2.

  32. We know that the radius of curvature of a surface of revolution in the plane normal to the meridian plane is the portion of the normal intercepted by the axis of revolution.

  33. Hence a catenoid whose directrix coincides with the axis of revolution has at every point its principal radii of curvature equal and opposite, so that the mean curvature of the surface is zero.

  34. The mean curvature of these surfaces is, therefore, concave towards the axis.

  35. Thomson (afterwards Lord Kelvin) investigated the effect of the curvature of the surface of a liquid on the thermal equilibrium between the liquid and the vapour in contact with it.

  36. The catenaries which lie beyond the two generate surfaces whose radius of curvature convex towards the axis in the meridian plane is greater than the radius of concave curvature.

  37. The radius of curvature of a catenary is equal and opposite to the portion of the normal intercepted by the directrix of the catenary.

  38. When the internal pressure is equal to the external, the film forms a surface of which the mean curvature at every point is zero.

  39. She has, moreover, an outward curvature of the spine.

  40. The curvature of the spine said to exist was a deceptive appearance, produced by her excessive leanness, and the consequent unnatural prominence of the spinous processes of the vertebræ.

  41. They are also more compressed in their curvature than the others, and so the tip to tip measurement is less.

  42. In young males, the horns at first resemble in direction and slight curvature those of the female, but they are always thicker at the base and distinctly triangular.

  43. This curvature should conform to the curvature of the finished road.

  44. A shouldering of firm earth or gravel should be left or made on each side to hold the material in place, and should extend to the gutters at the same curvature as the finished road.

  45. Every wheel track on an inclined roadway becomes a channel for carrying down the water, and unless the curvature is sufficient these tracks are quickly deepened into water courses which cut into and sometimes destroy the best improved road.

  46. The classification into Arches, Loops, and Whorls is based on the degree of curvature of the ridges, and enables almost any pattern to be sorted under one or other of those three heads.

  47. After numberless observations, I have thus far met with nine principal varieties of curvature according to which the tactile furrows are disposed upon the inner surface of the last phalanx of the fingers.

  48. A curvature not only injures a child's appearance and thus handicaps him in later life, but it brings strains and pressure upon the organs of the chest and abdomen which may seriously impair his health.

  49. One of the serious deformities caused by habitual faulty posture is curvature of the spine.

  50. Every cavity, apophysis, and curvature was imitated, and each bone executed its proper movements.

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