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Example sentences for "curtsy"

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curtseyed; curtseying; curtseys; curtsied; curtsies; curtsying; curule; curus; curvature; curvatures
  1. Dear me, thought Dame Brinker as she bobbed up and down like a churn dasher, it's lucky I learned to curtsy at Heidelberg!

  2. Camilla hath as good a curtsy perhaps, and Thalestris much such another look; but the glance and the curtsy together belong to Jocasta of all the English beauties alone.

  3. And with a curtsy and a smile she would end this sort of colloquy.

  4. As for her mother, Lady Castlewood made a curtsy at the door, as she would have done to the altar on entering a church, and owned that she considered the chamber in a manner sacred.

  5. She made him a saucy curtsy in reply to his own dismal bow.

  6. She made a curtsy to Gud and said: "I perceive that you are a wise magician, for who ever heard of a stupid one that could make a hen lay two fresh eggs in one day?

  7. Mason watched him down the avenue, saw the lodge keeper come out to open the gate, and curtsy as her ladyship's sister passed through it.

  8. In the huge kitchen itself, an elderly woman, rolling pastry, paused to curtsy to them, with stolid curiosity in her heavy-featured face.

  9. A little later Miss Vanderpoel made her curtsy to the exalted guest, and was commented upon again by those who looked on.

  10. She could not wave her hand or even nod in return, but she made a sort of little curtsy and went on her way.

  11. She finished it, and dropped the straight little curtsy she had been taught at school.

  12. Then Lilac advanced, and dropping her little curtsy stood silently in front of Miss Ellen and Miss Alice holding out her pinafore to its widest extent.

  13. And then they all rose, the servants turning to curtsy and bow as they went out.

  14. O perilous mouths That bear in them one and the self-same tongue Either of condemnation or approof, Bidding the law make curtsy to their will; Hooking both right and wrong to th' appetite, To follow as it draws!

  15. You call honourable boldness impudent sauciness; if a man will make curtsy and say nothing, he is virtuous.

  16. Lena Curtsy went by, dressed up in black-and-white, with a long veil.

  17. Lena Curtsy would have talked with him in a minute.

  18. If ever he had come to Katytown, Lena Curtsy would have met him before he got half-way from the depot to the post-office.

  19. That was the most fun--that I could think of things to say, just the way Lena Curtsy used to--only now they were never the kind that made anybody look shocked.

  20. Now, though she stood with face grave, pensive, almost melancholy, to give him curtsy as he passed, there was not weakness nor faltering in her mien or speech.

  21. She dropped him a curtsy which was grace itself, her dark eyes looking straight into his face.

  22. Moreover, when we compare the curtsy of a lady with the awkward one a peasant girl makes, which, if continued, would bring her down on both knees, we may see in this last a remnant of that greater reverence required of serfs.

  23. To curtsy is not gracefully consistent with locomotion.

  24. When you leave a party before the others, do so quietly and as little seen as possible; first making your parting curtsy to the ladies of the house, if convenient.

  25. To know that Miss Tasker was waiting there ready to fix a keen grey eye on her deficiencies, and that she would probably say when the curtsy was done: "Once again, Bridget, and remember to round the elbows.

  26. Miss Tasker sat at her desk ready to receive each pupil with a gracious smile and bow; then one by one they entered with a solemn bow or curtsy and said, "Good morning, Miss Tasker.

  27. In fact, the younger of her teachers soon triumphantly announced that not a pupil at High Cliff Seminary could make a more graceful curtsy than Muriel.

  28. To her surprise, the child had made the prettiest curtsy and had said, "Thank you, Miss Muriel.

  29. A sudden flush of joy, rather than maidenly bashfulness, crimsoned the girl's cheeks as she rose hastily, and with a deep curtsy welcomed her visitor.

  30. Marie, my child, thy best curtsy to monsieur, the high chief executioner and hangman of Mereac.

  31. As they turned to face her, Diane dropped the tapestry and with a deep curtsy towards her young hostess advanced with outstretched hands.

  32. She dropped him the most amusing curtsy with an upward glance like that of the one-eyed scrub woman who had been cleaning the corridor.

  33. She was taught to curtsy and to dance because it pleased him to have a woman walk well and he believed dancing kept the figure supple.

  34. But she could only stay in the garden with the thin visaged old French woman who taught her to read and to write and to embroider and to play upon an old lute and to curtsy and to dance.

  35. From the places where the ships curtsy at their creaking tiers, to the splendid stretch where the sea-breeze blows shrill, chilly with flecks of foam, every yard is vivid with interest.

  36. As the tide gains, the little yachts rise from their bed of mud and curtsy at their moorings, the fishing-boats glide in, and the curve of the beach is full of animation.

  37. I made a curtsy and blushed, but said nothing.

  38. I could not refuse it, if I had a mind to do so, for he put it upon my finger; so I made him a curtsy and accepted it.

  39. If Mr. Vandaleur happened to be standing in the room, he always returned my curtsy by a low bow.

  40. The lady swept a proud curtsy backward, bridled her beautiful neck, and signed for them to pass.

  41. She made a very solemn curtsy to the gentlemen, and sat down on the chair which somebody placed for her.

  42. She made him a low curtsy in response to his stately bow, and ran off as lightly as a fawn, her white gown flashing amidst the trees as she melted from Herrick's vision.

  43. The little old lady in gray satinet made a curtsy which bespoke Parisian elegance of the highest water, and to which Herrick responded with one of his French bows.

  44. Susan made him a small leisurely curtsy and sat down.

  45. Oh, and he has brought with him Solomon in all his glory," she made a wonderful curtsy to the splendours of Colonel Boyce.

  46. And with one furtive glance of her black, bead-like eyes at Lady Winsleigh's face, she made a respectful sort of half-curtsy and went her way.

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    Other words:
    accost; address; bend; bow; cringe; crouch; curtsy; duck; embrace; greet; greeting; grovel; hail; handshake; homage; hug; inclination; kiss; kneel; kowtow; nod; obeisance; prostration; reverence; salaam; salutation; salute; scrape; servility; shake; smile; squat; stoop; submission; uncover; wave