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Example sentences for "curtseyed"

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curteys; curtilage; curtly; curtness; curtsey; curtseying; curtseys; curtsied; curtsies; curtsy
  1. Of all those I met and, in many instances, spoke to, in the village street and in the neighbouring woods and lanes, not one little girl curtseyed to me.

  2. As they came near they suddenly stopped and curtseyed all together in an exaggerated manner, dropping till their knees touched the ground, then springing to their feet they walked rapidly away.

  3. Old Betty closed the door, curtseyed to the Major and clutching at Sergeant Zebedee's hand, stooped and kissed it, whereupon he glanced apologetically at the Major and saluted.

  4. So Mrs. Agatha dimpled, curtseyed and sped softly away, surreptitiously beckoning to the Sergeant.

  5. She curtseyed again; he bowed smilingly and offered her his arm.

  6. I remember it still: he flushed when I curtseyed to him.

  7. He felt in this woman, who curtseyed so deeply before him with her sphinx-like smile, a world of emotion and knowledge which he did not possess; he had felt poor in comparison with her, small and insignificant.

  8. The duchess chucked Helene under the chin, put Eleonore's veil straight, said that they had curtseyed beautifully, that she had herself even noticed how pleased the Countess of Threma had been with them.

  9. Mrs. Spruce again curtseyed humbly, and was about to withdraw, when Maryllia called her back.

  10. Encouraged by these gracious words, and by my aunt's extending her hand, Barkis came forward, and took the hand, and curtseyed her acknowledgements.

  11. An obsequious tenantry bowed and curtseyed before us, and did their utmost to conciliate my honour and my worship.

  12. I remember our walks and our exercises, our good King and Queen as they walked in Kensington Gardens, and their court following them, whilst we of Miss Hardwood's school curtseyed in a row.

  13. Thank you," said Anne, and as the two little girls politely curtseyed she endeavored to imitate them, and with apparent success.

  14. And then the story of the wonderful trip was told, and Anne showed Mrs. Stoddard how she had curtseyed to the squire.

  15. I was very much surprised indeed; I expressed my sense of her goodness as well as I could; and she curtseyed again, and glided away.

  16. My hand flew out to her again; she took it, and, after a laughing glance, curtseyed low over it, as though in formal farewell.

  17. My sister curtseyed with an ironical smile.

  18. I was smart in my best clothes, a miniature uniform of the Corps of Guards, and my hand flew up to my little helmet when the Countess curtseyed very low and looked at me with merry, sparkling blue eyes.

  19. With a sudden seeming formality she curtseyed and kissed mine.

  20. She curtseyed to me, and went quickly out of the room.

  21. Blushes made her divine; she curtseyed deeply to me; I fell upon my knee; and Count Giraldi rose from his seat and performed a graceful salute.

  22. So she curtseyed low and Alice did the like.

  23. She curtseyed to the Court and kissed the book with a smack, as if she enjoyed it.

  24. Yes, he shook hands with them, and was curtseyed out courteously, the buttoned page opening the door as he would have done for the best canon of them all.

  25. They had sat as equal guests in the presence of bishops and baronets; they had been curtseyed to by Miss Thorne on her own drawing-room carpet; they were about to sit down to table in company with a live countess!

  26. Honoria curtseyed to her benefactor, and left the room in silence.

  27. What irony, thought the girl, as she curtseyed and left the royal the trap into which she had fallen!

  28. I am my lord's kinsman the Duke of Osmonde;" again bowing, and Anne curtseyed low once more.

  29. She curtseyed to him (young ladies made curtseys in those days), with a pretty desire to convey to him that she felt how much older and wiser he was than she.

  30. She curtseyed again, and would have blushed deeper, if she could have blushed deeper than she had blushed all this time.

  31. Of course I was rather late and quite out of breath; and having no voice and being a little excited, I suppose was the reason that I curtseyed to Dr.

  32. I curtseyed to the fat girl, who gave me a little nod.

  33. There a young lady appeared at the further end of the gallery, and curtseyed to my conductress.

  34. Encouraged by these gracious words, and by my aunt's extending her hand, Barkis came forward, and took the hand, and curtseyed her acknowledgments.

  35. Her large eyes, like black cherries--for black eyes and black cherries have a faint tint of red behind them--were immediately bent full on Bevis as she rose and curtseyed to him.

  36. Some stared at them with unchecked rudeness; one or two curtseyed or tugged at their forelocks.

  37. Polly Patch curtseyed solemnly and retreated slowly, murmuring to herself, "and not to put my thumbs in the soup.

  38. Mrs. Courteen as she curtseyed her farewells to the Beau sank to the ground like a deflated balloon.

  39. The widow don't intend to proceed," said Charles, when Mrs. Tabrum had curtseyed her way out.

  40. Everybody bowed or curtseyed very low to Mr. Ripple and Mr. Ripple had a delightfully well-turned sentence for each of his subjects, as if he would reward their energy in rising so early.

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