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Example sentences for "clutter"

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  1. I can't seem to remember why we clutter up with so many luxuries," Barbara sighed.

  2. Now don't you let your Irish feelings clutter things up.

  3. A great clutter of goods in bales and sacks and small boxes filled it nearly to overflowing.

  4. Down on the flat, just back from the river bank, I made out a clutter of small log buildings enclosed within a stockade.

  5. The lower, bulky factory buildings squatted under the towers and spreading outward from them, like concentric rings made by a stone hurled into a quiet pool, was the monotonous clutter of the minimum-housing.

  6. Here in gaudy splendor, in the tasteless clutter of objects assembled from every quarter of the cartel empire, was the true index to the infinite ambition of the U.

  7. Then they had found me, alone, a sole survivor, free from the clutter of the other mind-fields.

  8. Far away, I sensed the hazy clutter of many minds, out of range.

  9. You have also been told that slang constantly changes, so that one's accumulations of it today will be a profitless clutter tomorrow.

  10. The student finds a clutter where he expects rationalized order; he finds he must exclude many words which lie in the borders and fringes of the meaning.

  11. O Lord, an't here a clutter and a stir, and a bustle?

  12. So Dingley cannot write, because of the clutter of new company come to Wexford!

  13. They turn all this affair of the Pope- burning into ridicule; and, indeed, they have made too great a clutter about it, if they had no real reason to apprehend some tumults.

  14. He watched in satisfaction as the wood shattered, leaving a clutter of splinters, cords, and skin.

  15. When she had finished with her hair and swirled it into a high bun, Portuguese style, she slowly pushed open the slatted jalousies to study the clutter of the compound.

  16. Despite wistful tendencies to the contrary, he was relieved to be rid of the clutter of recent acquaintances from his thoughts.

  17. Knowing the trail at this point, he rode straight out along the platform, and came in half a minute to the spot where the wall of rock was broken down into a clutter of d├ębris, in width some forty feet.

  18. First there was the clutter of stones around him.

  19. There was a clutter of odds and ends of cargo that had been spilled from an upset surfboat the day before.

  20. The search must go on, notwithstanding the clutter in the kitchen closet.

  21. And this morning, Benson, I'd like you to clear out my study and get that clutter of Shang and Ming bronzes off my writing-desk.

  22. I seemed to brood with lunar aloofness above its teeming plains, depressed by its enormous dimensions, confused by its incomprehensible tangle and clutter of criss-cross destinies.

  23. The youthful trait is to take kindly to a clutter of unfinished tasks.

  24. She pulled out two cans of beer from a cooler and spit out the dark tactile saliva that had been littering her mouth in senseless mass and clutter no differently than planets in the void of space.

  25. A clutter of unwashed dishes were strewed over the red and white tablecloth.

  26. Clutter the whole place up with a lot of feemales.

  27. But he was an artist--and therefore he refused to let the little things clutter up his life and take his attention from the one thing that was important to him--seeing clearly and honestly the world about him.

  28. Don't clutter up any more range with homesteadin' herds.

  29. He picked out the Hankow among the clutter of shipping, anchored not far from shore, and out of reach of the swift current which rushed dangerously down midchannel.

  30. With her gray Quaker dress flapping, and the clutter of white petticoats hindering the rhythm of her knees and ankles, Eileen sped down the middle of the road with the excited sophomore bringing up a mad rear.

  31. If a river is cleaned up and its shoreline protected against clutter and ugliness, its use by fishermen and boatmen and others will be enhanced.

  32. In some places along the estuary and the Potomac main stem and the Shenandoah, the creation of such communities has already led to wholesale, ugly, unsanitary clutter along considerable stretches of once beautiful shoreline.

  33. The clutter of gear over to the left wasn't as much of a clutter as it looked.

  34. After all, I think I'm indebted to Hortense Shepard, for letting you spend most of your allowance on her, and clutter up her front porch on spring evenings.

  35. Another one wouldn't be no good but to clutter up the house.

  36. Likewise,' says Sam, 'they clutter up the barn.

  37. Coffee splashed over the rim of his cup onto the clutter of papers.

  38. He rummaged through the clutter on his desk and came up with a crude chart.

  39. I'm afraid if we don't go home and brush up, we shall have the appearance of a clutter in your boat," said Geof.

  40. You don't want all that clutter going about with you.

  41. I might expect a clutter of bullets to strike me down.

  42. Our troops are now cumbered and rendered unsightly with the clutter of baggage and servants who cannot be from their masters, by reason they carry their arms.

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